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Best Practice To Rank Youtube Videos in 2020
Best Practice To Rank Youtube Videos in 2020

Rank YouTube Videos: Best Practice (2019)

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to rank your videos on Youtube or google.

Also, you will see how other people are growing their Youtube channel using such techniques.

If you are here to get more views, subscribers and even sales then you are going to like this guide.

No time to read the article? Watch the Youtube version:

In order to get more views and grow your youtube channel.

You need to follow each step respectively.

So let’s dive right in!

Step #1. Optimize your Video for watch time

The Youtube itself made this clear that the more watch time your video gets the more it ranks for the search terms. Now you can see that it actually has started from the point when you’re creating the video.

Here is what you have to take care of while you’re creating the video content.

Technique #1:

Hook in your users’ interest within the first 15 seconds and you’re good to go. Youtube stated the first 15 seconds of your video is Huge when it comes to hook your viewers interest.

Technique #2:

Now look, It doesn’t matter how useful and valuable your video is. People tend to lose their interest and when this happens, they leave the video in between and bounce away.


There is a way you can keep your viewers interested to keep watching your video. All you have to do is to keep a few or more pattern interrupts in your video.

Pattern interrupts are the moments in your video which in general interrupts the user’s flow. It could be a humour or change in camera angle, anything that interrupts the flow.

Jeff Rose literally slashes his watch time with the pattern interrupts. You can easily spot them in his videos.

Step #2. Optimize CTR on your Video

After you’re done creating the video and have uploaded the video, you will have to optimize it for better CTR right away.

Here is how you can do it.

Technique #1:

  1. Use a power word in the title.
  2. Use number, brackets and parentheses in your title.
Rank youtube Videos : Title for CTR

It always helps your video with better ctr if when it’s not blending in with rest of the videos.

Technique #2:

Now here is the trick,

The video title has to do only 10% when it comes to get the better organic ctr. Your youtube thumbnail is the one to bring most of the viewers.

Here is what your youtube thumbnail must have in order to generate the better CTR.

  1. Create an eye-catching Custom thumbnail.
  2. The youtube thumbnail must display what’s inside the video.
  3. Always use the color which contrasts with text and the background.
  4. Background color should always blend out from the rest of the videos.
  5. Avoid being Clickbait at any cost !

Clearly the youtube thumbnail can either make or break your CTR.

Step #3. Generate more Engagement

User engagement with your video is huge not for it to rank but to appear on the suggested column as well.

In fact, Brian Dean of Backlinko found a direct correlation between audience interaction and rankings in their study.

Here is what you must consider while creating the video.

  1. Always tell them to like the video several times.
  2. Leave few questions for them to answer in the comments.
  3. Always reply to their comments (No matter if you get a few or ton of comments).
  4. Ask them clearly that why and how to subscribe your youtube channel.
  5. Tell them to share your video with their circle.

Pro tip: Use pattern Interrupters while calling them to engage.

Step #4. Gain more subscribers

It’s uncertain that the subscriber count actually helps to boost your video ranking or views.

More or less to say, The video performs better on youtube if the channel has more subscribers. It’s so certain that the more popular channel it is, the more view it gets.

Let’s dive into the ways you can generate more subscribers.

Technique #1:

Use the channel trailer to convert users into subscribers.

The channel trailer is visible to only those who haven’t subscribed to your youtube channel.

Your channel trailer must answer the following questions within 1 minute.

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I care?
  • What makes your channel unique?
  • Why should I subscribe?

In order to make your channel trailer even greater you can do the following.

  • Keep it short (not less than a minute but neither more than 1:30).
  • Fill some humor in.
  • Leave ZERO doubt on what the channel is about.

Technique #2:

Every time when you give them something great, ask them to subscribe your channel. If it’s not possible then at least ask them to subscribe at the end of your video.

Technique #3:

Use a link to subscribe automatically to your channel whenever you link back to your channel.

Rank youtube Videos : subscribe automatically to your channel through link

Step #5. Optimize video Title, Description & TAG

It is no secret that your Video Title, Description and Tags help to rank for your keyword. Also, Youtube keeps showing your video in suggestion columns.

However, not most of the people know that optimizing these components can actually get you through more suggested video sections.

With that in mind, Let’s see how you do it.

Technique #1:

Always use your Target Keyword at the beginning of the title.

Instead of “Learn 4 ways to get more traffic Today” You can use Test an You can use “Get More Traffic: Learn 4 ways today”.

Having the target keyword at the beginning of the title is always beneficial for seo.

Technique #2:

Most of the people never take description seriously, but it turns out to be a goldmine for video SEO. Your Video Description can end up boosting your video in more suggestions.

Here is what you must always take care of.

  • Include your target keyword within the first 25 words.
  • Keep the first paragraph less than 120 words.
  • Write a mini blog post for your video description (more than 350 words at least).
  • Include your target keyword 3–6 times.
  • Include terms closely relates to your target keywords as much as you can (but make it relevant).

Technique #3:

Tags have not seen doing enough to get the videos rank for the keyword.

However, they Tags are useful to bring result in video ranking as well as video suggestion on youtube.

Here is the best practice for the tag.

  • Include the exact target keyword at the beginning (ex: Lead Generation).
  • Include two or three keywords which are closely related to the target keyword (ex:
  • lead generation strategieslead generation techniques)
  • Include the Broad keywords used by your competitors or the keywords your other videos are explained (ex: List buildingEmail MarketingSales funnel)

Step #6. Promote your video

Now, you know how to create as well as publish the videos which rank for the target keywords.

Youtube must see how your videos are doing in order to recommend it to more viewers.

Here is the deal:

You will have to promote your content to its target audience so that it feeds the signal to the youtube. As soon as it works, the techniques which you implement will kick in.

Now, you can get lost in the flood of internet to publish your video or you can make it more simple with these techniques.

Technique #1:

Always start off by promoting your video on Quora and other popular Q&A sites.

In popular Q&A sites like Quora, you can very easily find the ton of questions related to your topic. Now, what you have to do is to genuinely help those people out by writing quality content in your answer.

The best way to do so is to write your content which relevantly needs a link or embed to your video.

Technique #2:

In case if you run a blog or publish your content to other blogs, always embed your video whenever it makes sense.

In case if the blog has a huge audience, your video will end up with hundreds of high-quality views.

Technique #3:

It may not feel obvious but creating playlists often brings viewers who want to navigate the other related videos.

Having playlists with category videos would bring you more views on your videos.

Technique #4:

Optimizing your channel page often brings more unexpected views.

Always make it easy for your users to navigate through your channel page and discover more easily what they are looking for.

Your videos will end up getting more views.

The whole point on getting more views in the initial stage so that your video can generate enough signals for the youtube to notice.

So, when it happens, your video starts showing up in search results as well as suggested videos.

Now I want to roll it over to you!

Which techniques you are going to try at first!

Is it the watch time you are going to improve?

Or, You are after generating more engagement signals?

Either way, let me know in the comment down below.

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  1. Thanks very informative.
    Recently i have noticed videos with thumbnails which are not part of video itself.. so is it recommended?

    • Thanks Eugine,
      Its basically Clickbait, Its not recommended at all. Also if you practice it in your videos, you might end up destroying your watch time matrix and loose your viewers trust..

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