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How to Reach Your Customers Through Print

How to Reach Your Customers Through Print

The smart digital marketer knows to use every channel available to them to shout about their business. Not only does creating more ‘in-roads’ to your business mean greater volumes of traffic (and therefore customers), it also means that you will be able to find those sources of leads that other businesses haven’t already bled dry.

I’ve recently started a digital marketing agency, MediaDigi and after having everything in place (bringing on a team, renovating the office, buying computers, licenses etc) I started to spread the word about what we do. I was simply freaked about the competition in social media and google search.

Dozens and dozens of my competitors were already there spending huge budgets. Being a startup, I don’t have their advertising budgets so I had to think of the box and find those untapped resources.

Like printing…

Printing is meant literally printing text onto paper (rather than creating a website for instance) and that creates a lot of options that can supplement your online marketing. One of the best printing strategies is flyering.

I almost hear you…so you do digital marketing and you use to print to advertise your services, that’s awkward. It may be, but as a startup, if you want to compete with the big guys you need to find advertising ways that are not saturated. And fortunately, the print is one of them.

Flyers are A5-A4 leaflets often with a glossy finish that are often used in order to promote products and services. These can be designed by businesses in house, or outsourced, and then printed using flyer printing services.

Of course, the purpose of flyer printing is to promote a business, but the question is how precisely you go about using them in that capacity to reach the maximum audience and have the biggest impact.

Here we will look at some ways you can accomplish this.

Reaching Your Audience Through Flyers


Posting flyers through letterboxes is a simple and straightforward form of advertising and one that is very cost effective. Once you have a good flyer printed out, this is something you can pay a group of people to do very cheaply, or that you can do yourself very easily too. In the evening. It’s great for promoting local businesses and there’s a good chance that it will get seen by your target audience.

Direct mail response rates are actually still very high – because they force your audience to interact with the content in some way.


Likewise, you can also send them in envelopes by mail service which will allow you to reach a wider area. This can sometimes be seen, as irritating spam, however, so you need to be savvy the way you go about it. One thing that can often help in this regard is not to ‘cold send’ (as it were), but rather to send your flyers along with other deliveries.

If someone were to purchase an item from your website for instance then, you could deliver it and include the flyer in that delivery. This can be seen as less of an affront as that person has invited you to send them post, and at the same time if they were happy with the products they bought they will be more likely to be welcoming of others suggested in the flyers.

Waiting Rooms

If you have a waiting room or reception then this is a place where you will have a captive audience who are likely to be at least partially interested in your organization. Thus, having flyers to hand is a good way to make the most of this – you can put them on a coffee table for instance or on another small table and that way when they are waiting they will likely be welcoming of some reading material and flick through your promotional material.

Not only can this help them to become more aware of your other products and services, but it can also help you to improve their view of your business before a meeting thus helping to ensure it goes well.


If you are at a tradeshow or similar event then you will be bringing people over to your stalls in order to promote your business product or service. If you want them to remember this exchange though, then giving something they can take with them, such as a flyer of course, is a great strategy that can prove very effective.

Likewise, this can be used to allow them to learn about your business in a little more detail.

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