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The #1 Thing That Will Let You Scale Your Company
The #1 Thing That Will Let You Scale Your Company

The #1 Thing That Will Let You Scale Your Company

So, you’ve got your business up and running, and you want to make it future proof. By that, I mean you want to make it sustainable enough and scalable enough that you can minimize any growing pains the business is going to go through as it grows. How do you do that?

One of the greatest traps that any business owner can fall in is the trap of being stuck running a small business for the rest of their lives, having to work more hours as the volume of work increases and spending less time with their loved ones.

The only solution to this problem is to put systems in place that will help your business to scale. To help you do this, here are some tips from SmartAdvocate.com that will help you prepare your business for a bright future.

The Importance of a System

A system is any reliable procedure or process that enables your business to be consistent in the results it produces for customers. On a certain level, a system could be a set of documented best practices. On another level, it could be some kind of software that increases the efficiency of your company and reduces the number of costly mistakes you make significantly.

Types of Systems

Systems come in many shapes and sizes, and you need to be able to use them to do the different things in your business. For example, you need systems to capture historical information about your company, such as client concessions, vendor agreements and so on. You also need systems that help you to perform specialized tasks.

Layers within Systems

Every system you can employ in business has two layers: the procedural layer and the format layer.

The procedural layer is all about the processes you have created to run things in your business. Your system should capture all of the steps involved accurately to get the desired result on a consistent basis. You should also make sure that you’re neither formalizing the wrong process nor formalizing the right process in the wrong way. By capturing only the best processes in the best way, your company will find it easier to replicate them on a larger scale as it grows.

The format layer is all about packaging. How do you present your system to your employees? How is the user interface? It should be easy to use and understand by your team so it can be quick and effective with it. You need to work on refining both of these layers in your system as you grow.

Learn to Let Go

As your business grows, you should delegate more to your team and learn to trust not just your systems but your team as well. Many business owners find this quite hard, so they get trapped in a small business where they do everything. It is only by learning to let go that you can allow your company to grow.

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