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Serious Savings - 4 Easy Steps to Boosting Your Bank Account
Serious Savings - 4 Easy Steps to Boosting Your Bank Account

Serious Savings – 4 Easy Steps to Boosting Your Bank Account

The choice is fairly obvious: would you rather thrive, or just survive?

When it comes to your lifestyle, your finances, and your family, chances are you’ll pick the former.

However, it’s often easier SAID than DONE.

A large percentage of people in modern society don’t get to enjoy their money as much they would like.

Your day-to-day expenses may be taken care of, but that idyllic holiday or some spare cash to follow your dreams is simply not in reach.

Or is it?

Our ideas could boost your bank account and spark a chain of events that lead to the life you dream of:

A Helping Hand

Many people baulk at the suggestion of a personal loan, and rightly so!

Why increase your debt?

However, a wise and measured approach to borrowing can help you flourish.

Firstly, we’re talking about cash loans with low interest. Not the loans offered by banks, credit card companies or payday lenders simply out to take advantage.

There are community and charitable lenders offering deals that are beneficial to your plans.

A small loan can help you start up a new business venture, cover education fees, afford a car, computer or phone to help you get to or be more efficient at work, or a host of other productive purposes. The secret is to avoid extravagant spending and use debt to invest in your future. When used appropriately it can be a manageable solution for long term positive effects.

Sell It! The Answer is All Around You

All around you, there are things you can sell:

  • What items in your home have been gathering dust for the past six months? Trust us: You’ll never use it again. A yard sale is easy to organize and your clients pass your home every day.
  • Why not visit second-hand stores and find a few items to resell? These could be books, tech gadgets, antiques or anything you know people are willing to pay for.

Don’t forget about the power of social media. Your Facebook profile and community groups could be the perfect showroom for your wares.

Many people accumulate junk and forgo the chance to earn some much-needed cash, simply because life is busy. Allocate a few days to decluttering or visiting local thrift shops and you may just get the vacation funds you’ve been dreaming about.

Save A Little Bit at a Time

When you don’t have a goal, you’ll have no reason to limit spending. That’s how a few take away coffees can ultimately keep you from enjoying financial freedom.

Try this method to teach yourself a new habit:

  • Save $1 this week.
  • Next week, put away $2
  • Start adding a dollar to the savings amount each week

In a year, you can save over $1300 to put towards whatever you like without going into debt.

Have You Tried Crowdfunding?

Another method of getting the cash you need to invest in profitable ventures is crowdfunding. An added benefit of using a platform such as Kickstarter is that this method already helps you build your target audience.

Start the project when you have the appropriate amount.

The bonus is you know that your first few satisfied customers are already lined up and their reviews can boost future marketing.

If your plans of bolstering your bank account included a new business venture, this is a potentially lucrative alternative.

Flourishing and enjoying life a little more than before is within your reach. All it requires is you take a few decisive steps.

When will you start?

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