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Grow Your Small Business with the Help of Text Messaging

Grow Your Small Business with the Help of Text Messaging

When you are a small business owner, staying on top of the latest technology is going to help you keep your business competitive.

Engaging with customers is essential, and communicating through two-way texting is going to grow your customer base. Keeping customers interested in your business takes time.

You have to keep customers interested in what you have to offer, provide great customer service, all while following regulations set for small businesses.

When you want to grow your small business through text messaging, here are a number of ways texting is going to improve the experience of your customers:

Keep customer information secure

When you are working with sensitive customer data, it’s important to avoid financial errors. Customers want to know that you are keeping their information safe.

Text messaging can help you by allowing customers to enter a pin number sent directly to their phone by text message through a multi-factor authentication process.

In addition, you can let a customer know their account has been logged into immediately by sending a text message out as soon as the account has been accessed.

Everyone is carrying around their cell phone, and this is going to be the fastest way to let a customer know if their account isn’t secure.

Use texting for reminders

Communication is the key to any successful business. When you send out text reminders to your customers, you are providing valuable information.

Whether you want to remind a customer that they have an appointment scheduled soon, or you want to share information about new business hours, texting will give you an easy way to communicate.

Check on account status

Text messaging is easy to integrate into your overall system. You can give customers the ability to manage their own accounts with a quick text sent to your company.

For example, if a customer wants to find out what their current balance is, they might text “BALANCE” to a short code. The balance of their account will be sent automatically to the cell phone if it is registered with a specific account.

Customer service opportunities

No matter what type of question your customer has, it can probably be handled through text messaging. If a customer is concerned about a delay in service, you can keep your customer updated with periodic messages to keep them informed.

Customers are using their cell phones for communication throughout the day, and it only makes sense that they want to continue communicating through text messaging with businesses too.

Keep customers interested

Customers like to know what is going on with your business. If you have a new service to offer, you can send a link out explaining this service further. If you want to reconnect with your customer base, an informative text about industry news may be helpful.

Engage your customers through text messaging, and this will help boost your overall revenue. While you will want to be careful about the number of messages you send out, customers appreciate relevant, useful text messages.


When you are running a small business, text messaging can make a big difference. You can implement SMS to increase the security of customer accounts, remind customers of appointments, and to share industry news.

Texting allows you to build relationships with your customers, resulting in more loyal customers for your small business.

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