Social Media and Generations (Infographic)
Social Media and Generations (Infographic)

Social Media and Generations (Infographic)

There are four generations that are responsible for consuming content online. They are the ones that determine the path of generational marketing.

Why do you need to know the strategies of social media generation targeting?

Because defining your target customer is important for the development of any business. It is directly connected with its success. Everything is changing extremely quickly these days and you need to adjust to those changes in order to give people what they want.

Four generations that are seen online are the Baby Boomers, Generations X and Z and Millennials.

In order to approach different demographic groups, you have to consider everything from language use in online posts to the image your brand will represent.

It is important to understand that sooner or later all generation will experience the same life stages. So, you can even appeal to their desires and inspirations for the future.

Further description will be more precise.

Baby Boomers want their opinion to matter. They are likely to share their views on the product with peers. They want to receive the best level of customer service, so be ready to answer all kinds of questions about the quality and unload necessary information about the product. These people are rather nostalgic and tend to care about their well-being more.

As well as Baby Boomers the Generation X wants to keep being healthy and fit. That’s why they will respond to ads about vitamins and wellness products well. It is also important for the product to contain healthy ingredients or be environmentally friendly for that matter.

Generation X leads a busy life, so they will consider buying things that will make life easier, devices or life-hacks. Include the benefit of the product in its description to resonate with these people.

Millennials are called a lot of names. They are the drivers of the progress and the most active in the business world. They are used to creating new stuff, so uniqueness is what they look for.

This generation has given the world most of the entrepreneurs today. They are the most socially active. They use various social platforms to discuss and share things that matter to them. They can influence and be influenced at the same time and this is their key feature.

Last but not least is the Generation Z who creates the trends themselves. Authenticity is valued by this generation most. Keep it real because these young people want to see genuine experience behind your trade.

Social Media and Generations (Infographic)

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