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3 Super Time Management Techniques
3 Super Time Management Techniques

3 Super Time Management Techniques

Here are three effective time management techniques for busy people. Time management skills are very important if you want to achieve great success in any endeavor.

All of us have just 24 hours each day and need to make the best use of that time.

Time management techniques are those who teach you how to manage better, organize and schedule your time to get the maximum amount of work done.

Let us look at 3 of the popular techniques and strategies which people in different areas of life like business, sports, politics, etc., use to become more productive and get the most important tasks done on time.

Use Activity Logs

We cannot become good time managers unless we become more aware of where we spend most of our waking time. People who complain of lack of time, usually waste a lot of it on unfruitful activities. This can cause huge problems for them.

So how much time do you spend each day on unimportant tasks and activities?

Here is one cool technique to find out.

You can make use of activity logs to become more aware of how and where you spend your time. When you first look at your activity log, you may be surprised and even shocked to see how much time you waste every single day of your life!

Start an activity log today and keep it up for at least three days to a week. Note down each time you change from one activity to another.

For example – you were reading a book, then you put it down and started washing dishes. Then you came back from the kitchen and combed your hair. Then you probably got back to reading that novel again.

Each time you start an activity, note down in your dairy the time and the activity. Then when you switch on to another one, note it down again.

Do like this for as many activities during the day as possible. This can help you become suddenly more aware of your time.

If you liked the above tip, you can get more tips and plan for having lot more time every day. Click now to discover – Time management for busy people!

To-Do List

We are so often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done. We end up being confused where to start and which work to finish first. Having a prioritized to-do list can solve this problem for us.

Write down on paper or with the help of “to-do lists” apps all the important tasks which need to be done. If any task is a big one, break it down into smaller components and list each one separately in the list.

None of the tasks on your list should take up more than 1 or 2 hours. If any tasks take longer than that, then it needs to be further broken down.

Now run through this whole list and award points to each task from 1-5 based on how important or urgent it is. A task which has 5 points would have more priority than another which has just 2 points.

Giving points can help in clearing our mind and deciding which tasks should have more priority over others.

Now re-write the whole list according to points. If a lot of tasks have high points, then re-consider some of them and give lesser points where ever possible.

Once you have arranged your list to importance, it becomes so much easier to start doing the tasks according to priority levels. If at all you face the problem of time shortage, you would have probably finished the important tasks by that time.

Overcome Problems with Time Management

The final tip in this article is about recognizing and overcoming the main problems associated with time management.

Most people struggle with proper time management. The major problem areas for most people are the following: 

  • having unclear goals
  • not prioritizing tasks, as a result of which they don’t know which tasks to focus on first
  • procrastinating
  • underestimating the difficulty and time required to complete a task
  • feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks which have to be performed

If you follow the above time management techniques I have mentioned, then many of these above-mentioned problems will be solved to at least a certain extent.

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