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6 Important Tech Hacks You Need for Your Devices
6 Important Tech Hacks You Need for Your Devices

6 Important Tech Hacks You Need for Your Devices

Everywhere you look, a device is there. Whether it is the computer at your desk in the office or the cell phone the person in front of you is on while ordering their fast food, electronics are everywhere.

They can be useful tools in our daily lives; without some of them new industries would not have come into existence, and new companies and jew jobs would never have come to be.

Grow Your Business through Digital Technology

New technologies are being introduced daily it seems. Because of this, the power and capabilities of our devices are increased. Oftentimes, however, these upgrades do not address a recurring issue that a device may have.

These could be a flaw in their operation, such as a bug in the software, or a defect in the hardware that wasn’t discovered until after it reached the market.

Users of these devices are using their creative powers to figure out how to improve these issues on their own, since the manufacturers are unwilling to invest the time and money to do it themselves (without releasing a completely new version of the product).

Here are some of the best tech hacks you can use for your electronic devices.

Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries are like cell phone batteries; if you let them drain down to 10 percent or less, you wear down the battery exponentially. The same happens if you charge it up to full capacity.

Instead, only charge your laptop battery (and your cell batteries while you’re at it) to 80 percent. This will prevent the battery from burning out and losing its storage capability.


A virtual private network is one used by companies to secure their data communication over a public network such as the Internet. This means that the information can be transmitted remotely to and from the central server while maintaining the safety of that data. VPNs are also popular with Internet users for various purposes.

VPNs are often used to hide a user’s location in the world. User’s do this to circumnavigate the geographical restrictions placed by providers and governments on Internet usage.

Keep Your Eye On 2018 Top Digital Marketing Trends
Keep Your Eye On 2018 Top Digital Marketing Trends

VPNs are used in countries where freedom of speech is discouraged or even punished. They are used in countries whose governments track Internet usage, preventing a person’s life from remaining private.

The use of VPNs is questionable in some countries, not because they are illegal but because they could lead to potentially illegal misuse. ISPs (Internet Service Providers), both cable companies and cell phone services, can restrict access to competitor websites and content, reduce speeds of transmissions, and limit in various other ways access to the services a person has paid for.

VPNs are used on a number of devices like smartphones, home and office PCs, tablets, and video game consoles. They can be used to stream content to your device that you do not have access to because of geography.

Television shows on one continent can be accessed from another through a VPN. This can be especially useful for immigrants who prefer the content that is more relevant to the culture they came from.

They can also be used to download or stream content you do not have the rights to use. Downloading a movie from the Internet that you have not paid for is one of those illegal activities that make the use of a VPN concerning.

VPNs are typically untraceable, making it difficult to crack down on these illegal activities. Be careful when downloading any content from the Internet. Make sure you have the legal right to stream or download the content before doing so.

Cheap Flights

Make sure to clear your browser history and cookies before going onto an airline website. Airlines use your history to determine not only geographic history, but also the types of sites you have visited.

The airlines estimate your income range based on your history and determine the pricing of tickets based on the algorithm’s results.

You can also shop in Incognito mode to accomplish the same thing. With either of these things, you should be able to find cheaper ticket prices because the system has no data to resort to.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The inclusion of keyboard shortcuts has made life so much easier for those who work with computers everyday. They allow you to access features of programs without having to move your hand to the mouse each time you need to do something.

What makes keyboard shortcuts so great is that we, the users, can create our own shortcuts. The ability to customize shortcuts in our apps increases our speed and productivity even more.

Keyboard shortcuts are especially useful when you have to have multiple tabs open at a time. By using shortcuts, you can shift between them based on the order they appear in your browser.

There are shortcuts that work with your mouse as well. You can hold down a key, usually SHIFT, then use the mouse wheel to scroll left or right rather than up and down. This can be very helpful when you need to keep your window reduced as you work in multiple tabs.

Free Trials

Another great hack to use would be when you sign up for a free trial. Many people are hesitant about giving out their personal credit card information, and it is understandable with all of the computer hacking that is riddling the Internet right now.

If you want to sign up for a free trial but do not want to give out your credit card data, simply use a gift card issued by one of the major credit card companies.

Doing this prevents your personal information from being sent over the Internet, protecting your identity and your money. Using one of these gift cards will also help you if you forget to cancel the trial.

Most free trials will automatically convert to a paid account and begin withdrawing their monthly subscription fees once the trial expires. If you have one of these gift cards on file, and there is no balance remaining on the card, then the service will be unable to continue.

This is good because most of us have so much going on in our lives we will often forget about such things. The subscriber will contact you, alerting you to the payment failure. Then you can decide whether you wish to continue the service – at which time you will have to put in your credit card – or you can do nothing and allow the subscription to expire.

If you wanted to continue to protect your data, you could reload the gift card (if it is a card that allows money to be added to it) with an amount that would cover the cost of the subscription. Then you could have it reprocessed and continue enjoying that service.

Selfie Mirror

Every since people started using their cell phones to take pictures, they have been snapping pics of themselves. When cell phone manufacturers began installing forward-facing cameras, they inadvertently created something more; a handheld electronic mirror.

Many people have never even considered this application of the camera. These are good for women who need a quick makeup fix or to make sure their hair still looks good before a date. They can also be useful to look at bug bites or stings on the face.

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