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Ten Qualities of a Network Marketing Professional

There are ten core qualities that the network marketers who are professionals follow. To be a true professional requires more than just “going core” yourself. It means you also create the culture where these core qualities become standard practice in your organization. Let’s look at them:

1) Be a product of the products

To go “core” means that if your company has a product, you would never buy a competing product for any reason—ever. A “Brand X” product purchase takes money out of your business and puts it into someone else’s. If your company has an autoship program, you should be on it.

As a core person, you carry enough inventory so you never run out of product or have to buy a competing one. You are influenced by neither sales nor incentives, and you always buy from your own store. You must use all of your company’s products that apply to you—and be able to talk knowledgeably and enthusiastically about those products to effectively build your business.

2) Develop a consumer group

Your business is driven by the volume produced by sales to the end consumer. As you know, a great deal of those sales will be to distributors who buy from their own store and use the products themselves. But there are many other people who will benefit from your products or services who are not interested in building a business at this time. These people will become your consumer group.

It’s critical that you nurture and develop this group.

3) Follow the system

I’ve already discussed this, so I won’t belabor it here. Leaders understand that “lone rangers” can be successful initially, but will not enjoy long-term success. For residual income and walk-away security, you must follow a step-by-step duplicable system, and you yourself must be duplicable.

Your sponsorship line has learned what works and what doesn’t. They have created the system based on that experience. When you follow the system, you have the resources of the entire sponsorship line working for you. If you change the system, you lose the benefits of having all those people and resources at your disposal. Also, when you change the system, you send a message to your people that it’s okay to change the system, and after a few levels it no longer exists. Keep the system sacred.

4) Attend all events

Let’s start with opportunity meetings. There are a lot of people out there claiming that opportunity meetings are no longer necessary, and they can be replaced by working phone leads, sending out emails, or placing advertising. I’m not buying it.

The truth is every company that has hit the exponential growth curve and then sustained substantial volume has done so with opportunity meetings. Even with picture phones, webcasts, and technology developing at an amazing rate, I doubt this will change any time soon, if ever. There is a certain magic that happens when you put a large group of people together in a ballroom.

Yes, conducting meetings takes more work than sitting at home in your bunny slippers working on the Internet. But the energy and social proof that a live meeting offers can’t be found anywhere else.

How often the meetings are held vary from organization to organization. But when they are held in your area, you need to be there. And if there are no opportunity meetings in your market, your number one priority should be to help get them started.

5. Be a student of the profession

If you want to build your business in the fastest manner possible, you must be teachable and willing to be coached. You will find Network Marketing is quite different from traditional businesses. Things that work great in sales or other businesses sometimes do not work well in Network Marketing.

Your sponsorship line has learned the methods, strategies, and techniques that work best in your business. They will work with you and teach you everything they know… for free. Your sponsor is the repository of all the experience of many generations of distributors—all the way to the company. Learn from him or her.

Make a conscious effort to learn all you can about the profession as a whole. Subscribe to the professional publications, and study generic books and other resources about Network Marketing.

6) Be accountable

Network Marketing is a business of relationships, and relationships operate on trust. To earn and maintain that trust, you must be accountable.

You can never lie to your distributors or customers and remain accountable. Accountability also means that when you write checks, they’re good; when you promise to work with someone, you follow through; and when you commit to attend an event, you’re there, on time.

Accountability means that when we have a product display with 24 products, there will still be 24 products at the end of the night. It means never approaching someone else’s prospect or attempting to steal distributors from another line.

7) Practice edification

Savvy distributors learn that they must edify their sponsorship line. By “edify” I simply mean to “build up.” When you point out the success and accomplishments of your sponsors, it makes those sponsors more effective when they come to work with both your prospects and distributors.

Many times you will find it difficult to be a prophet in your own hometown. Sometimes your friends and relatives aren’t yet ready to accept that powerful, positive concepts can come from you. By edifying your sponsorship line—then bringing your prospects into your home base—you’ll have support to hold you over until you develop some initial success and credibility. (This is practicing the principle of higher source I discussed earlier.)

You should also edify the organization, your company, and the entire profession. Back in the day, I would spend a lot of time pointing out the shortcomings of competing companies, looking for a competitive advantage. These days I’d much rather edify them and the profession as a whole. I think this ultimately is more effective.

8) Commit to a weekly exposure number anddo it

You can’t control enrollments, but you can control how many people you offer the chance to look at the business. Make a commitment, such as exposing the business to two people a day, five days a week.

This doesn’t mean you have to make that many presentations; you probably won’t have enough time for that anyway. But you commit to offering a certain number of people a chance to look at your business. Some of these exposures could be introductory emails, a phone call, or handing a person a CD, magazine, or DVD. You simply expose others to the opportunity to gauge if there is serious interest there.

9) Spend daily self-development time

Your business will grow only as fast as you do. You will have to develop new skills as your business progresses. Initially the skills sets you need are about developing a candidate list, meeting people, and inviting. Later you’ll need to develop presentation and follow-up skills. Ultimately, you will need to learn leadership development.

The early skills are more about business techniques, and the higher skills are more about interpersonal interaction.

It’s important that you set aside specific time each day for self-development. For most people, this is best done in the morning before the day starts. You might meditate, exercise, listen to inspirational audios, or read books that help you grow your mind, body, and soul. Set aside this time and stick to it.

10) Do the right thing at all times

Situations will arise where you may be conflicted as to what to do. Perhaps someone from another line approached you and wants to jump to your line. Maybe someone else’s prospect gravitates toward you. At the end of the day, it’s not that hard to know what is the right thing to do. Do it. Tell the truth, edify others, honor other team members’ prospects, and do what you promise. Period.

These ten core qualities are what separate network marketing professionals from the amateurs. Practicing all the core qualities isn’t always easy—it’s not supposed to be. But if you’re truly interested in building a successful network that others can duplicate, they’re vital.

As a leader committed to professionalism and empowering others, you have a responsibility to go core yourself and create this culture throughout your organization.

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