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Top Ten Monetize Blog Posts of 2016

The audience has spoken.The top ten articles on the Monetize blog and magazine from 2016 cover a wide range of topics to help you making more money and monetize your skills , hobbies or assets. We were surprised to see such a nice range of topics that made the top ten: interviews, seo tutorials, social media, and blog monetization. This means on one hand that we have a large audience. On the other hand is nice to see you like to read about different subjects so we will vary our writing topics in 2017.

10. 4 Ways To Get the Most from Your Visitors

Learn how to monetize all your visitors from your site trying to get the most you can from people visiting your site. Make them buy your products, to give their email address, to share your content on social networks or at least make sure they will come back latter on your site. Read the full blog post: 4 Ways to get the most from your visitors

9. Starting A Small Business – 8 Things To Do Before

If you plan to start a small business there are several things you should do first. Starting a small business can be tough, it can be very tough if you’re not smart with the transactions that you have on hand. Be smart about the decisions that you make. Read this article to make sure you have your start right. Read the full blog post: Starting a small business – 8 things to do before

8. 5 Ways To Get Reviews from Customers

Write a Review

So you’ve taken the time to claim your business page on all the popular review sites, including Facebook pages, Yelp, Google+ Local and Citysearch. Now all you need is to generate some reviews to your site, and you’ll be using these review sites to your full advantage to gain your potential customers trust. Read the full blog post: Five ways to get reviews from your customers

7. Ten Ingredients For a Successful Blog

Blogging can be hugely beneficial for your online business, if it is done right.. The company will often see an increase of over 50% of website visitors and leads. However, many blogs also fail to make any positive difference to a business, so it is essential that before you waste time and resources you understand what you need to do to create a successful blog. Read the full blog post: Ten ingredients for a successful blog

6.  Interview with Jamie Spencer – MakeAWebsiteHub

On September 23  we had on our interviews sessions, Jamie Spencer from MakeAWebsiteHub.com. I encourage you to check his blog as Jamie is writing very informative and detailed step by step tutorials on how to setup and monetize an website.Read the full interview here: Interview with Jamie Spencer – MakeAWebsiteHub.com

5. Five Bullet Proof Monetization Methods

There are a few very important things that you must always consider in regards to online money making. Below is a list of the most common monetization methods, along with some important things to consider for your blog. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing should be used as the primary monetization method. Read the blog post here: Five bullet proof monetization methods

4. Practical Guide on How to Buy, Keep and Spend Bitcoins

For a couple of years already, bitcoin is a hot topic in the money making area. More and more internet users are interested to find out more things and use bitcoin. That’s our reason for writing a step by step tutorial on how to create and buy bitcoins, how to keep them safely without being worried of getting hacked and also several ways you can spend it. Red the full tutorial on how to buy, keep and spend bitcoins.

3. Interview with Rand Fishkin – CEO of MOZ

Rand Fishkin the CEO of Moz was nice enough to answer our questions in the interview section.I encourage all our readers to connect with Rand and try to learn as much as possible from him. He’s a really smart, dedicated entrepreneur that created a huge business from scratch.Read our interview with Rand here.

2.  Google Alerts – Guide to use this powerful SEO Tool

Google Alerts is one of the the most powerful SEO tool that you’ll ever use. And it is FREE! Believe me, I’m not getting exaggerated. Once you’re done reading this Google Alerts guide you’ll understand it’s power. Read our guide on how to use Google Alerts for your business benefit here.

1.  15 Twitter Automation Tools You Should Use

Twitter Automation Tools
15 Twitter Automation tools you should use


And the number one posts, ladies and gentlemen, is the article dedicated to twitter automation tools. We covered the topic of social media tools and twitter in details many times but this article made the top ten We’ve worked several days to make sure we write a very detailed and up to date guide on the twitter automation tools that are available now on the market. There are several free tools along with paid one. We highlighted  the pluses and minuses on each tool so you can take a decision and choose wisely the tool perfect for you. Read the guide here.

That’s all folks. Do you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see us cover in 2017? Leave us a comment below.

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