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Forgotten german marks to Euro or Dollars
Forgotten german marks to Euro or Dollars

Turn Your Forgotten German Marks to Dollars!

Back in 2002, some European currencies including the German mark were converted into Euro. Since then, German marks are not considered as legal tender anywhere else.  Moreover, it cannot be exchanged anymore in any banks or exchange offices because it is deemed useless and of no value.

In other words, discontinued currencies such as German marks will only remain in our memories and in our bedroom drawers.

Good news, however! You can still make use of those German marks (except those issued before 1945) or any other old currencies converted into Euro, and turn it into cash.

Yes, you can exchange them and have them converted into real cash easily and quickly – thanks to ForgottenBucks!

forgotten german marks

ForgottenBucks will help convert your old and useless german marks to dollars or your preferred currency. With ForgottenBucks, you deal with one of the best, legit and trusted currency dealers in the world.

Not only German marks – ForgottenBucks will also help exchange other currencies such as Austrian schillings, Dutch guilders, Czech crowns, Maltese lira, Swiss francs, and many more!

How it works

So, how does this currency exchange works? First, visit the ForgottenBuck’s official website, fill out a form, and a prepaid currency envelope will be sent to your address. Include the cash and coins you intend to exchange, secure them inside the pouch, fill up the form as instructed, and mail the package back to ForgottenBucks.

Make sure to request for the tracking number upon mailing the package.

Upon receipt, ForgottenBucks will evaluate your notes based on their exchange rate table, and a check will be sent to you within 24 hours!

Don’t worry – all ForgottenBucks currency envelopes are properly insured for up to $100 in case of loss. You can also buy additional insurance courtesy of USPS.

If you are not satisfied with ForgottenBucks’ evaluation, simply inform within 10 days from the check date, and they will send it back to you.

How to send money via mail safely

As mentioned, you have to send your old coins and cash via mail. Naturally, it is understandable the anxiety you may feel while your safely-kept currencies are on its way to its intended destination. However, it is the only way to have your old cash converted into real money you can actually use.

With that said, here are some tips you can apply when you do decide to send your old currencies at ForgottenBucks and have your mind at ease during the entire process:

1. Conceal your mail as much as possible.

Never make your mail too obvious that it contains some cash. Instead, you can try sending it as a larger parcel, add some random stuff in it, and then stash the old cash somewhere in it.

2. Avoid see-through packaging.

When exposed under the light, thieves can easily see what’s inside your parcel. To avoid this situation, wrap your cash or coins in a piece of cardboard or any thick paper.

3. Secure your parcel further.

Add some extra tape to prevent tears and provide more support for your package.

Tips To Ensure Your Parcel Arrives Safely
Tips To Ensure Your Parcel Arrives Safely


The above tips will help you have a peace of mind when you decide to convert your German marks to dollars, by sending it in here at ForgottenBucks!

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