Why you need a VPN tool in your SEO Strategy
Why you need a VPN tool in your SEO Strategy

Why you need a VPN tool in your SEO Strategy

To rank a website on the first page of Google or any other search engine, SEO is the only way to go. Without proper SEO, no business can survive in the cut-throat environment of today’s digital environment.

Businesses rely on SEO to improve their social reach, branding, and online traffic. Using SEO strategy, more and more companies are shifting from temporary paid to recurring organic traffic.

Creating an effective SEO strategy is not easy; it takes time, effort, and experience to establish a high performing SEO strategy. It doesn’t end here, SEO experts also change their strategies ever so slightly daily to stay at the top of the game. A small miscalculation and that big jump in ranking yesterday can turn into a hard knockdown within a week. It is the nature of SEO.

To stay at the pinnacle of their achievement, SEO experts have to use every tool at their disposal. One of these tools is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Utilizing the features provided by a virtual private network can add noticeable benefits to an SEO strategy. Following is a list of 6 features that can add a tremendous amount of value to SEO strategy building.

#1. Targeting The Right Audience

SERPs differ from area to area, location to location, country to country, and continent to continent. There is no possible way to create an effective SEO strategy for any location other than the one you currently reside in.

As the image below shows, the rankings for the same keyword can be dramatically different depending on where the search is coming from.

Google search for ”buy best vpn software” from a US IP
Google search for ”buy best VPN software” from a US IP
Google search for ”buy best vpn software” from an Australian IP
Google search for ”buy best vpn software” from an Australian IP

For targeting a market in a different country entirely, it is essential to gather data on the searching habits of people who reside there. A virtual private network opens a window for its user to do so. With private servers all over the globe, it allows access to search engines as a local user of any country.

Using the solution provided by a virtual private network, SEO strategies can be optimized according to the interest, habits, and search queries of a target locale.

#2. Google Ad Preview

Monitoring competitor ads is another essential aspect of SEO strategy building. Adverts by any organization are displayed at multiple locations and to a variety of audiences.

To fully grasp the extent of campaigns by competitors, a VPN is a must tool to have.

Changing the IP will allow you to see ads from multiple locations. It proves to be a useful method for judging the SEO strategies of competitors. It helps in figuring out the specific keywords they used for different locations.

Google Ads for ”best vpn software” search
Google Ads for ”best vpn software” search

There is so much value that a virtual private network can add to the SEO strategy building process. The only limit is the imagination of the user using this incredible tool.

#3. Bypassing Filters

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” ~Anton Ego

The same is true for SEO experts. The internet is not as free as it should be. At any given time, there are numerous websites, tools, archives, and information that are removed from search engine results or blocked completely.

Creating an SEO strategy while residing in a location where the required information is blocked, is nearly impossible without a virtual private network. Similarly, the issue of being blocked by countries that deny access from outside can also be circumnavigated using a virtual private network.

Keyword filtering according to location and region becomes possible. Filtering out content that grasps the attention of masses in a certain region becomes possible.

Devising SEO strategies specific to a demographic becomes possible. Using geo-restricted tools becomes possible. There is so much which becomes possible with the help of a virtual private network. There is no alternative to such a powerful tool with so many features.

#4. Accurate View of SERPs

Search engines heavily personalize the searches to each individual using cookies, location, interests, and more. It also includes searches done by SEO experts.

It means that even for marketers doing their research on the ranking, the results provided by the search engines are skewed toward their profile on their respective search engines.

This also means that for an owner of a website, no matter where his website ranks, he will always see his website as the top result on the first page of any search engine.

The search performance window is visible to us as we are logged in with the Go

A virtual private network gives the most effective solution against this issue. It provides the ability to see organic SERP ranking and unskewed results.

With this issue resolved, it becomes easier to create an accurate picture of where an organization stands. It also becomes possible to measure how fruitful SEO has been.

#5. Knowing The Competition

Knowing the competition is equally important as SEO itself. It is possible to learn an SEO strategy from one competition and use the learned strategy to win rankings from a different competitor.

A VPN hides your footsteps while you steak out your competitors. If competitors get the whiff of being watched, they instantly start covering their own tracks, and then there’s nothing left to uncover.

Using a virtual private network, you can hide your own track while tracking the activity of your competitors. It also enables you to directly communicate with the client if you choose to do so to get to know their business a little better.

#6. Research Productivity

A major part of working on SEO is constantly searching and searching, and some more searching:

With all this searching, search engines sometimes flag the user. After being flagged, a user must constantly fill Captchas, again and again, after every couple of searches. It can get tedious and cumbersome. It also breaks the flow of the one doing all the searching and monitoring.

Google reCaptcha displayed on multiple searches
Google Recaptcha displayed on multiple searches

A VPN constantly changes the IP address, this throws off the search engine algorithms. As a result, no flags are raised against the one performing searches. It also means no more bombardment of Captchas and Recaptcha.

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