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Effective Ways of Monetizing a Blog
Effective Ways of Monetizing a Blog

Effective Ways of Monetizing Your Blog

There are several ways of making money with your blog. And if you are one of those who look for the right ways to earn a steady amount of cash through your website, you have come to the right article.

It can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and settle on the techniques that are sure to earn you quick results.

The internet is a reservoir of information. You might also find ten different sources of information about the same thing, and that is why it is quite easy to get confused and lose track of the right measures that can be roped into a particular task.

How much traffic should you have before monetizing your blog
How much traffic should you have before monetizing your blog

This article, however, goes straight into the topic and discusses some very vital information about how you could go about monetizing your website.

However, make sure that you are not building castles in the air. You can only hope to make a good amount of money from your website if it has something of value to offer to the users.

#1. Take Care of Your Website’s SEO

See to it that you have optimized your on and off-page SEO. Check that the content that you have on your website is valuable.

There are several sites like and other gaming sites that do not just depend on their games to make money.

Their blog pieces are informative, and that alone drives traffic to the sites. Also, if you are able to acquire some healthy backlinks from high-authority sites, there can be nothing like it!

These are some of the factors that Google looks into while ranking your website on its SERPs. Therefore, once you have conformed to these rubrics and acquired a high enough ranking on the SERPs, you shall be able to draw the required traffic to the site and monetize the traffic as well.

#2. Go for PPC Advertising with Google AdSense

Now that we are clear on the aspect of the website’s SEO, the second and the most important way to monetize your website is by the process of Pay-Per-Click with the help of Google AdSense.

With Google AdSense, you do not have to break your head or put in extra effort to monetize your website. It can help you go about your process of PPC as easily as possible.

How a start a blog [Ultimate Guide]
How to monetize a blog [Ultimate Guide]
Using this tool, you can easily place an advertisement on your blog or website. So each time a visitor to the website clicks on an advertisement banner, you make money out of it passively. And since it is Google’s very own tool, you do not have to worry about not being paid on time.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products and services of other websites on your blog or site. You need to link your site to the website that you are promoting, and every time you contribute to driving conversions for the business website, you earn a share of the revenue made by the business.

If you don’t know yet much about affiliate marketing then you should check our affiliate marketing for beginners complete guide. Also here is a list of 65+ affiliate marketing high paying programs that can inspire you. Now you should know enough about affiliate marketing so check the best 21 affiliate marketing networks you can signup.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners [Complete Guide]
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners [Complete Guide]
In fact, you can even choose the model of affiliate marketing that you think is suitable for you.

There are three steps that you have to follow for using the technique of affiliate marketing to monetize your website.

  • Create a website that promotes products and services.
  • Research affiliate marketing programs and sign up for the one that you think suits your context the best.
  • Place the affiliate links in your content.
CPA Marketing for Beginners [Full 2020 Guide]
CPA Marketing for Beginners [Full 2020 Guide]
That is pretty much all that there is to the entire process. It is quite simple and neat, right?

#4. Put Up Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is known to draw magnificent results to your website, but you need to get the trick right. It is the process where you tie-up with several brands whose content you would be promoting on your website through the content.

Buy guest posts for your business
Buy guest posts for your business

These businesses pay you quite some money to promote their content on your website, and in all honesty, the process is mutually beneficial.

You get to monetize your website and the business that you promote also opens up portals of acquiring new customers for itself. However, you can only tie-up with brands depending on a few criteria.

  • You need to have a significant amount of social media influence and a loyal following.
  • You need to be dedicated to the process and produce as much content as possible.

These are the two main criteria. Once you have these two points sorted, you can consider signing up for sponsored content and monetize your website using this technique.

To get started you need to create a media kit for your blog where you show your traffic figured and SEO metrics and then outreach potential partners.

Overview of the Accessily dashboard
Overview of the Accessily dashboard

I recommend you sign up for a platform like or Accesiliy where advertisers are looking for blogs like yours to post sponsored content.

To Sum It Up:

There is no greater comfort than a job that earns you a substantial amount of money by just managing a site.

And even if you have a primary job that requires you to go outside, you can always come back and look into the site insights, and manage your website along with your primary job. It is an excellent source of secondary income and can add on to your savings!

It’s your turn now. How you monetize your blog? Do you face any issues?

Let us know in the comments.

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