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What Is Constitutional Silver and How You Can Make Money Trading Junk Silver
What Is Constitutional Silver and How You Can Make Money Trading Junk Silver

What Is Constitutional Silver: How You Can Make Money Trading Junk Silver

You may be wondering what on earth constitutional silver is. Well, it isn’t very complicated. It’s just a sophisticated way of saying United States currency made of silver.

It has been trendy ever since it first hit circulation way before 1965. It mostly consists of dimes and quarters. These coins used to be up to 90% silver before they stopped minting them in 1965.

In the modern day, they are a great investment opportunity and a good store of value as converting your paper money to silver is a great way to preserve its value.

Generally speaking, investing in junk silver is a long established investment activity and pastime for many. It is tempting to jump right in with both feet.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence and learn as much as you can before getting yourself involved. In fact, you never really stop learning new things in this industry. But, for a start, the steps below should give you a nudge in the right direction.

Take a Close Look at the Market Before Making a Move

Investing in silver is, in a way, just the same as investing in the stock market. Silver moves both up and down in value, which means you should have a solid plan for how you’re going to ride the waves when they come.


Educate Yourself


Education is the support that will hold you up and away from the abyss of guesswork. I know, I’m waxing poetic here, but it’s really hard to exaggerate the importance of education. Sure, you can pay for the services of some professional or give your money to a guru to invest on your behalf, but none of that excuses you from investing in your own education.

To start with, having a firm knowledge of how the junk silver market works will help you to spot scammers and tell them apart from genuine professionals. It will also help you to stand on your own two feet and be responsible for your investments.

You should get in touch with a mentor as soon as you can and soak up all their knowledge on how the market works.

Conduct Online Research


Be very wary of what you read online. The major advantage of the internet is that there is a treasure trove of information on it concerning just about every subject imaginable.

The major disadvantage is that the good is mixed with the bad and you will find just as much misinformation as actual information.

You should make sure you get your knowledge and information from people who are actually knowledgeable and have a constant finger on the pulse of the market.

Get Acquainted with All the Ways to Invest in Silver

Just like there are 101 ways to kill a rat, so there are many ways to invest in silver. Depending on the amount of capital you have and your level of expertise, some may be more suitable for you than others.

The safest way, however, is to invest in coins or bullions. This is a great way for beginners to dip their feet into the world of silver investing.

Don’t forget, however, to never invest more than you can afford to lose. That is a basic tenet of investing and is just as true for the silver market as it is for any other market. Stay rational.

Look for Sellers Who Sell Close to the Spot Price


In general, if you intend buying coins to invest in their silver content, you want to avoid buying your coins at the same rates which coin collectors buy them.

Stay on Top of the Market


Silver is just like any other market in the sense that there is a time to buy and a time to sell. The only way you will know which is which is to be well versed in how the market operates. As an investor, you never stop learning.

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