What is the Future of CMMS?
What is the Future of CMMS?

What is the Future of CMMS?

Over the last two decades, CMMS has revolutionized the face of maintenance management. It has made maintenance processes smooth, easy and efficient. We can now easily automate our processes and bring about better performance of our assets, which directly leads to a huge saving on operational cost.

What is CMMS?

A CMMS is computer software designed to simplify maintenance management. CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System (or Software) and is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Although CMMS has diversified and has evolved at an extraordinary rate, the sad part is that there is a huge gap between business process advancement and technological development.

Unfortunately, the CMMS capability has far exceeded, and thus businesses are unable to fully use all the features of the software. These advanced features can bring great benefits to companies, but the challenges lie in its implementation.

The truth is that even today, most businesses have implemented these solutions either as a standalone ERP and EAM system or as a submodule of the MRO system. Therefore the big question is:

What is the future of CMMS?

Can companies continue using it without bringing a drastic change in their processes? And most importantly, if businesses keep using the basic features of CMMS, can they afford it economically?

The answer to these questions can be addressed through:

  1. Maintenance Process Advancement
  2. Increased CMMS Functionality

Let’s understand how these factors are critical in determining the future of CMMS.

Process Adaptability to use of the Increased CMMS Functionality

CMMS is an ideal guide on how an organization should execute their maintenance management strategies. Companies need to realize the need for upgrading their operational planning and processes and move ahead from the ERP and EAM systems which are gradually beginning to vanish as far as the functionality of maintenance is concerned.

The current CMMS are equipped with advanced functionalities, but the challenge is that companies lack the processes that can use these functions to improve their operational planning and maintenance.

The future of CMMS will soon shift to Enterprise Management Systems which will not only take care of the capital-intensive industries like mining and defense but also will address the needs of manufacturing units.

Therefore if companies need CMMS to be there in future then they need to be more flexible in upgrading their functional and performance structures.

Increased CMMS Functionality

However, to meet the future demand of businesses, CMMS too has to greatly evolve in bring functionalities that will be easy to use and manage. Let’s see what added features the CMMS technology will require.

  • Enhanced Planning capabilities
  • Automate scheduling as per the estimated man-hours
  • Automate scheduling as per the availability of raw materials
  • Planning and scheduling work as per equipment efficiency
  • Self- Monitoring of the equipment
  • Devising an alarm system that could highlight the equipment’s condition
  • Asset management capabilities
  • Adaptability to generate customized reports as per the industry and department
  • Inventory Optimization and control on wastage of material
  • Dedicated maintenance customer service centers that can receive work orders through cell phones, telephone, email and via the clients own maintenance management system.
  • Better maintenance service packages


For the CMMS to survive and be useful in the future, both the parties (Business process managers and technological developers) have to work hand-in-hand and create a system which can solve all the present management problems.

With these advances, the future of CMMS would really be bright. The focus would remain on minimizing cost and enhancing productivity.

While CMMS is continuously upgrading itself, it is important for end users to accept and understand the benefits of this technology and shift their processes from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance.

Once this balance is achieved, businesses will definitely see a leap in their numbers.

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