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5 Reasons Why Custom Web Design is Going to Die

5 Reasons Why Custom Web Design is Going to Die

When was the last time you had your suite tailored? Even if you can remember, it is more often than not, that you browsed through stores, or visited your favorite one and just bought something you found on the hanger there.

Even though the tailored suite probably feels great on your skin and flatters your shoulders, so does the one you found in the store.

You get to see it and feel it, even try it on to know exactly how it fits. If it does fit, you can bag it, take it to the cashier and home with you. You get the same model when choosing a custom website design and a template.

Unique vs. mass production

The argument is that by ordering a custom website you can get a unique product and by using a template the chances are that there is someone out there with the same website.

First of all, who cares? This can only be an issue for high schoolgirls showing up on a prom wearing the same dress. The actual look is not that important, and if it is plain it puts greater focus on the content.

Second, there is really no way two websites can look exactly the same seeing the number of themes and options you can choose out of. Even if you chose the exact same features someone else did, your content is still not the same so no one can say they are the same.

High performance

Without a question, most importantly, template designs are above all functional. They have a vast variety of options for themes and form so you can make it pretty if that is important to you.

The only thing you need to worry about is the actual layout. You want people to be able to find what they are looking for and in that sense, unless you choose black letters on a black background, templates are perfectly functional.

The templates are built to meet average business demands, and most of them are. Also, they are very responsive and adjusted for mobile devices.

A friendly price

Having money can bring pleasure but earning money is strictly business. No one is willing to part from the hard-earned money without a solid reason to back it up. Most businesses worldwide are either small or medium-sized, and they are not able to splash out as they please.

This is why they will always find a generic design more appealing as it won’t be as hard on their finances as a custom website.

That is not all. A template website will not only save your money, but it will also save your time. You will have an idea of what you are buying ahead of time and it will be done in no time!


Web designers will probably resent me for this, but there are platforms which market templates as DIY. They offer you an option of creating your website.

Also, you can take over maintenance and updates for your template-based website. Whether you will benefit from your DIY website is up to you and your skills.

As we are reminded by a Web Design Sydney business, one thing is certain; you have to be careful as a website is a crucial tool nowadays and it can harm your business significantly if not created properly.

Web designers will profit

As much as some web designers see their work as both skill and art, having template designs works to their advantage.

It is true that templates are much cheaper and they can earn less on a template website than they can on a custom one, but they are also much quicker to make and clients usually already have an idea and a suggestion of what it should look like.

The time-saving element beats the price element in this case. Also, it takes a load of designer’s back since it is much easier to meet a deadline when you are doing generic work and not relying on your creativity and looking for solutions yourself.

General advice to all businesses would be, depending on your size, have a team or at least one person to cover your IT needs within the company. Have them maintain your website and cover your SEO and social media management. By doing this, you will shush everyone who still thinks that templates are not the future of websites and leave them with no arguments.

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