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WooCommerce vs Magento
WooCommerce vs Magento

WooCommerce vs Magento- The battle between two GIANTS

In today’s world, there are plenty of choices of the right platform for those who want to start their e-commerce website or grow their previously existing business.

In this article, we’re gonna cover every corner on the ground of factors which matters to you to pick the best e-commerce platform between the two GIANTS which are WooCommerce and Magento.

We’ll go from their introduction to the in-depth to give your right choice as per your needs.

What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce is nothing but the activity of buying and selling different kinds of products online services or over the internet. It is the commercial transaction conducted on the Internet.

E-commerce has evolved to make products and services easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces.

Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e-commerce, which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.

Introduction of the two giants.

As the trend of buying and selling goods online started to grow fast as fire there were many e-commerce platforms who were trying to prevail each other and are still giving tough competition to each other.

Among many platforms, there were two giants who stood out because of there amazing features and became rivals of each other.

The name of these two giants are WOOCOMMERCE and MAGENTO.

Both of them are feature rich and wildly popular therefore, it is not an easy task to pick an overall winner. If you start counting up the features of both of these platforms, it would leave you scratching your head in confusion.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you to decide which platform is best to fulfill your needs.

Both of these platforms have their supporters campaigning its cause, and claiming that it is the best. But we will give you a totally unbiased opinion to help make your decision

What make WooCommerce and Magento different?

WooCommerce it is a powerful plugin for WordPress platform. It has got all the features which you need from an e-commerce solution while being easy to use.

Magento is tailored for web development professionals. It offers one of the rarest and robust features which makes it an ideal choice for the stores with high aspirations.

A glance at their features

WooCommerce features

  • Completely free of cost.
  • Supports unlimited products.
  • Allows you to apply almost all WordPress themes an gives you a bulk of customization option
  • Also comes with an extension system.
  • Include basic and fundamental security features.
  • The platform is remarkably easy to use.
  • Allows you to pick any payment processors you want to use.

Magento features

  • There is a free community version as well as a paid premium version.
  • Also supports unlimited products.
  • Offers a theme varied system and also gives a decent amount of customization options.
  • Gives a wide variety of extension services.
  • The security this platform offers is pretty high and it also gives dedicated patches for any kind of vulnerabilities.
  • Nobody less than a basic web developer can use this platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Woocommerce Advantages

  • It is free to set up a store, aside from your web hosting expenses.
  • If you know WordPress set up will be a piece of cake for you
  • Include SSL support.
  • Offers a large open community for your business to grow faster.
  • Focuses more on simplicity and affordability.

Woocommerce Disadvantages

  • Tough to scale for larger sites as it is a plugin for WordPress.
  • Not many out of the box features.
  • There is no enterprise edition.
  • Being open source there is a huge amount of developers that build buggy sites.
  • The database for this platform is a bit weak.


Magento Advantages

  • It comes with its own theming System.
  • Its scalability is accurate and flexible.
  • A large amount of out of the box functionalities.
  • Strong product and data management capabilities.
  • More robust management capabilities.
  • Multistore out of the box.

Magento Disadvantages

  • It is made for those who got at least basic web development skills.
  • Its enterprise mode is quite costly but that is reasonable due to its targeted market.
  • Frontend theming is more complicated on this platform
  • CMS capabilities are weak for content heavy sites.
  • Difficult to learn hence, not for beginners.

Factors that matters the most.

WooCommerce vs Magento: Performance

The time that a site takes to load its content matters a lot to its users. because if a website takes a too long time to load or feels sluggish or chappy then some of its users will leave taking their money with them which could’ve been your income.

But since the performance of the website not only depends on the functionality and size of the solution but also on the optimization of images and content delivering network of the website.

Then to simply say, the performance of your online store depends mostly on you.

WooCommerce vs Magento: Security

The importance of the security on an e-commerce platform cannot be underestimated. Because customers want their personal information as well as their payment details to be safe.

As similar to performance the security level you apply on your information is mostly on you because both of the platforms WooCommerce and Magento offer their users to apply many security measures and manual tweaks.

But Magento wins the round here because it offers dedicated security patches to its users for extra security.

Woocommerce vs. Magento: SEO

Both Woocommerce and Magento ship with acceptable SEO features, but they can be improved upon with a few tweaks and plugins.

For WordPress, it’s important to choose clean-coded themes that follow best practices, and install a plugin such as Yoast SEO to manage important per-page details such as custom page titles and meta descriptions. Since WordPress is built with textual content in mind, it’s a bit more intuitive to tweak and optimize.

E-commerce SEO Tips
E-commerce SEO Tips

Likewise, when using Magento be sure to choose a well-scripted theme. As Magento is not usually built with content marketing in mind, you may find that it takes a bit more elbow grease to tidy up your SEO.

WooCommerce vs Magento: Pricing

The last factor which you need to consider while deciding between Woocommerce and Magento is your budget.

As we have mentioned previously, Woocommerce is an open source platform while Magento only Offers a free community version alongside many paid premium services.

Either way, its entirely possible to get your store run online with the help of both the platforms, without spending a single penny.

And the WINNER IS…

As far as beginner’s concern, the choice is simple- we recommend WooCommerce. Its key features like pricing and easy learnability make it perfect for small operations but big ideas.

You can hire any of the Woocommerce development company for your Woocommerce work.

However, Magento is still a fantastic e-commerce platform. It shines when it comes with scalability. Which makes it an ultimate choice for the already existing companies to grow their e-commerce business.

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