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Make Youtube part of your marketing strategy

Most small businesses don’t have the huge budget that is found with larger corporations which makes it difficult to compete with them.  This can lead to a need for an advertising and marketing avenue that will not break the budget and that is affordable, if not free.

Well, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur then this is your lucky day! There is a solution to your lack of marketing funds that does not take a great deal of expenditure in order to get your company’s products advertised properly.

In fact, all you need is a good quality video camera, a light set up and decent microphone. Then you can start making advertising videos for your products to be posted on YouTube.

The following guide explains in more detail how you can do this effectively.

1. Sales Videos

A sales video is another name for a commercial and it is plain that commercials work or we wouldn’t have to watch them when we turn on the television.

Your high-quality video equipment is vital when you are making an advertising video. You want your products to be shown in a great light and people will not watch a poor quality video.

How to create an authoritative YouTube channel
How to create an authoritative YouTube channel

Also, you need to have others share your videos so you don’t want to make them too long or even boring.  You really only need to have a thirty to forty five second video for optimum exposure. This also allows your videos to get more views in the long run.  Nobody wants to watch a five minute long video promoting a product.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Be Funny

Take a minute to think about the commercials you watch on television that really stick with you and that you talk about with your friends.  Or consider the ads that companies pay millions to be viewed during the SuperBowl.

Which ones tend to get the best reaction from viewers?  Yup, it’s the ones that make you laugh or make you feel something.  Humor is one of the best sellers with tugging on the heartstrings coming in a close second.

People don’t really want to think too much about their commercials because they spend so much time during the day thinking and stressing.  So the best recipe for success is to use humor to sell unless you just want to bypass people viewing your videos and instead buy views for them or from a broker.

3. Don’t Skip the Google Keyword Tool

In order for your videos to be searchable, you must keyword them properly from the outset.  These keywords must be used when you upload the video and when you write your description too in order for your videos to be found.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can easily use the Google Keyword tool to find the proper keywords for your niche of the market to use on your videos.  This also allows you to see how many searches are conducted on average using certain relevant keywords.

What this does is help you to choose the keywords that will help your video to get more views, shares and likes which is vital when using them for marketing purposes.

Small businesses can compete more effectively if they advertise their business on YouTube by making great videos that people want to watch.

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