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  1. Hello, dear members, I have some excellent news for you. We decided to restart the monetize.info community (previously available at forum.monetize.info) and promote it like mad dogs to make it one of the most significant communities for people who look to monetize their digital assets with affiliate marketing, display ads, selling, etc. All the affiliate marketing content (topics, posts, reviews) and the membership details from TGF (over 1000 companies and 20K members) have been mixed here. This is the first step of our growth. The next one will bring even more communities together and aim to increase engagement by creating content, giveaways, discounts, and bonuses. Stick with us for mutual success! If you have any feedback or proposals for us, let me know. I'm happy to discuss it.!
  2. Always looking for the highest paying CPA offers? Or maybe you are more into generous RevShare programs? Now you don’t even have to choose with the best offer (CPA + RevShare) on VCC market! We Will Pay You For Honest Thoughts! 🤑 Up to $250 CPA + RevShare for a review 🤑 Up to $50 CPA for a comment 🤑 Unlimited income from our affiliate program How Does It Works? 🖋 Sign up to PST.NET and get your affiliate link 🖋 Write an article or make a video review (you can even make a song) about PST.NET on your website or personal blog and place your affiliate link to get up to $250 flat fee and additional revshare payouts 🖋 Write a meaningful comment on any affiliate related forum, chat or any other media platform to get up to $50 flat fee. You need to have a reputable profile to join our feedback program 💌 Send a link to your opinion to our support chat on pst.net website FAQ 1️⃣ What determines the amount of payout? Our support team will evaluate the style and presentation of the materials, as well as audience size and profile level (i.e. senior forum members will get higher rating than junior members). Don’t worry, we have only good and kind people in our support team. Plus, you can always ask our support team to evaluate your materials before the posting 2️⃣ How will I get my payout? Your rewards will be transferred to the USDT balance in your PST.NET account. You can always withdraw your rewards using crypto or spend it on your VCC needs. Withdrawals are processed automatically 3️⃣ What are the terms of RevShare program? Affiliates will get 50% from referral’s first card issuance cost and 10% from all referral’s services fees 4️⃣ Can I make multiple posts? Sure, there is only one condition for multi-posting: each material should be posted on different media platforms and fit all requirements of the affiliate program 5️⃣ Can I get a bigger payout? We have special offers for key opinion leaders. Drop us a message if your audience size is more than 100k followers 😉 ✅ Start spreading your word to get the most profit from our affiliate program! Visit PST.NET
  3. Hello dear friends, colleagues, and members of TopGoldForum!! There are literally only a couple of hours till we will step in 2024! I would like to wish you to be safe, healthy, prosperous, and happy! Myself I have quite a lot on my plate in the next year. I would like to 1) continue being a media partner with the most important events in marketing 2) expand the TGF Awards 3) help TGF get 35K members or more I invite you to add here what are your wishes for 2024! Happy 2024 folks!
  4. The 1win Partners affiliate program, a direct advertiser established in 2017, is at the forefront of this revolution, offering lucrative opportunities for monetizing betting and gambling traffic. Overview of the Affiliate Program 1win Partners is a beacon for affiliates looking to profit from the online betting and gambling industry. With a commitment to innovation and market expansion, it provides tailored solutions across Latin America, Asia, and Africa alongside continuous efforts in localization to embrace more markets globally. Affiliate Program Features Through its diverse cooperation models, 1win Partners differentiates itself in affiliate marketing. These include Revenue Share (RS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Hybrid, which allow affiliates to earn from 50% in RS, negotiate individual CPA rates up to $200 based on GEO and traffic source, or select a Hybrid model for the best of both worlds. In addition, the affiliate program offers key benefits that set it apart from its competition: Earnings enhancement with a referral system for webmasters Extensive support for traffic monetization with a firm stance against fraudulent activities. Competitive payouts, rapid withdrawals, and round-the-clock support. Automatic account activation for immediate traffic generation Exclusive in-house developed games such as Lucky Jet, Speed-N-Cash Optimized tools offering real-time statistics High Lifetime Value (LTV) iOS & Android apps for enhanced traffic engagement Products localized for worldwide accessibility How to Become 1win Partners and Start Earning Registering with 1win Partners is a breeze. All an affiliate needs to do is wait 24 hours, after which a dedicated manager will contact them. Once complete, affiliates can get on the platform and drive traffic. You can track all your activities through your affiliate account, designed for ease of use and efficiency. Optimal GEOs for Success 1win Partners offers competitive conditions across various GEOs, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and many more, explicitly targeting markets with high engagement and profitability potential. Specifically, our operations span across three main regions: In Latin America, we target Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Columbia. In Asia, we are active in India and Bangladesh In Africa, our focus includes Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso In addition to these key regions, we have a presence in Canada, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Mali, Senegal, Indonesia, Uganda, and Mexico. We are constantly expanding to ensure wide-reaching and diverse market coverage. Top Traffic Sources for 1win Partners The program welcomes traffic from diverse sources, particularly valuing SEO professionals and aiming to attract high rollers. Additionally, traffic from App Store Optimization (ASO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and influencers are highly encouraged. Conclusion Join the 1win Partners community today and leverage our innovative platform for your success! ---> Become our partner today!
  5. â Are you tired of substandard offers and bland networks that just ain't choice? Get the real blue stuff. Here at LosPollos.com, the finest offers are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked and optimized to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. But don't take our word for it. One test, and you'll know. With El Traficante, our unique traffic optimization system, each visitor is analyzed by a host of criteria, and then redirected to the best matching offer. Leave the hard work to us and focus on what you love doing. El Traficante will manage your traffic and automatically increase conversion rates. Start making money with our global smart link today! • Mutiple verticals – Dating, BizOpp, Nutra • 1,000+ offers – we have over 1K offers worldwide, always rotated and optimized • Any device – optimized campaigns for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and even Smart TV • 180+ countries – our campaigns are active in 180 countries and counting • Weekly payouts via wire, Paxum, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney • 24/7 monitoring – 24/7 automated monitoring with support in multiple timezones If you're looking for a solid network to send your traffic to, just sign up. Registration is a no-brainer and takes only a few seconds. http://lospollos.com/ Skype: support.lph
  6. Hey fellow affiliates! I’m happy to introduce AdsEmpire, your new and reliable Performance Marketing partner. Our CPA Network has everything you need: Exclusive and Direct offers Advanced Smartlink Technology for WW traffic Vertical: Dating Worldwide coverage Weekly/Monthly payouts from $250 The most comfortable payment methods for you: Wire, Paxum, PayPal, Genome, Paysera, Bitcoin Hop on board with the industry rulers! Join AdsEmpire!
  7. MyLead.global - join the most innovative affiliate network that gets it on a new level! Let’s start with a handshake! MyLead is a global affiliate network distinguished by innovation! We have already paid over $8 million to our users - join us now and start making money! https://mylead.global/sl/ChsoFy Earn with us in the modern way! About 2500 affiliate programs - anyone can benefit from such a huge number! Dozens of different categories, the most popular campaigns, and tested affiliate programs - this is the MyLead offer that you can use at any time. You can choose from many possibilities! We also offer over 20 different smartlinks - this will make you rich on traffic from all over the world! https://mylead.global/sl/ChsoFy We're faster than the speed of light 30 days? 15 days? NO! Your money will be transferred to your account within 48 hours! You can get your money to your bank account or one of six internet payment systems. You decide how the money gets to you! We always choose modern solutions. In addition, only $20 is enough to withdraw your money. https://mylead.global/sl/ChsoFy We’ll lead you to money We know you may have questions for us at any time! We are not sleeping as you work - we are available 24/7. You can contact us in many ways - including the Discord server. We know that sometimes you need help in earning money. You can count on our mentors who will give you a helping hand and help you earn money. There are blog articles at your disposal, from which you can obtain new information. https://mylead.global/sl/ChsoFy Thousands of people are satisfied! Over 200,000 people have already set up their accounts on MyLead. In 2020, our best publisher has made over ‎$400,000 with us. We hope you will become another one of them. One more git This is not the end of the great amusements! We have exclusive training for you that will present you with the most important information about making money online and show you how to generate a profit. Access to it is completely free! https://mylead.global/sl/ChsoFy
  8. We present Trafee.com - monetize your traffic and level up your profit - one of the top affiliate networks with innovative traffic monetization. Our SmartLink system is fully optimized and powered by artificial intelligence. This allows you to enjoy the maximum profit from your traffic without any unnecessary hassle. SmartLink locates the best offers available for you based on your traffic and provides a smooth and effort-free service. Relax and watch your earnings grow! We have been working as a partner company since 2017 We operate our services worldwide with effective multilingual landing pages We have four active verticals at the moment. These are: adult dating, adult games, cams, gambling and sweepstakes We cooperate with direct advertisers and update our best offers every day We pay weekly without any hold with a minimum payment amount of 100$ We have an excellent support team who will assist you in setting up your account and answering any questions you might have AND In our network we have SmartLink and it works automatically. Smartlink find offer individually based on your traffic volume and quality! We invite you to join us and start earning here Contact your personal affiliate manager after registration! We wish you good results!
  9. Curious to find out how you made your first money online. Would you share it with us? How much was it? How you made it? How did you feel? I start first 🙂 I did it like 20 years ago when I found out about an adult affiliate program that was paying for sending them traffic. I didn't even have a website or domain name at that time. I remember I created a site with pictures and galleries on free hosting and attached a .tk free domain. The traffic was low, so I've added some clicks to see the counter moving 🙂 Slowly but surely, the cents increased, and the payment threshold was reached in a couple of weeks. I thought they would never pay me because traffic was sent, but that traffic didn't convert into sales for them. However, surprise, surprise. I've just got $20 into my StormPay account. They also emailed me and said that traffic was not good for them, so they would not pay me anymore. But for me was enough, and I was hooked for life. The first money made on the internet. Thats how StormPay, an ancient payment processor, was looking back in the day: https://web.archive.org/web/20060804011748/http://stormpay.com/ What's your story? Eager to read it
  10. Hello, dear members and company representatives, I want your opinion, so please vote for it in the poll! Should I add a services directory in the community where company representatives can list their services so that when someone looks for affiliate networks, ad networks, traffic sources, crypto payment processors, crypto exchanges, forex brokers, etc, they can easily find them? I want to add only the companies with active representatives in the community so the users will know they are trusted and can easily get support. That's how the services page would look like: These images are from the developer of this addon and we will customize it with our own fields and services. So what do you think? Would this be a nice addition to the community?
  11. Looking to work with a vibrant Affiliate Network with the hottest offers in the most popular verticals? Flickstree was started in 2016 and has the backing of some very big names including Samsung, SOSV, 9Unicorns and many more. With a focus on highly profitable and popular verticals, we stay in tune with what is hot for tier 1 geos, as well as Worldwide Geos. The benefits of working with us: We have Exclusive, Profitable, and High Converting offers in the most popular verticals. We work on highly profitable verticals, including Nutra, Sweeps, CC submits, Casino, Home repair, Loans, Free Trials, VOD and many more. We have multiple payment methods via Crypto, Wire and many others. Our payouts are Fast and Guaranteed. And the most important aspect – our Experienced, Friendly, and Highly Responsive affiliate managers! Who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your success. We offer multiple conversion type offers, including CPA, COD, CPL, and CPS. These are hand crafted, carefully curated list of offers that convert – we DO NOT work on low converting offers at all! If you don’t see an offer that you want to run? No worries, we’ll get it for you! Click here to get started today https://www.flickstree.com/affiliate_signup.php Join today and watch your bottom-line increase and grow!
  12. Chilli Partners is an Affiliate Program with several, exclusive and global casino brands, including DuxCasino - HeySpin - PinoCasino - GetSlots - OctoCasino - NineCasino - CryptoLeo. We are a direct advertiser which means we always have the best offers for our products. Our products and offers are exclusive and only of the highest quality, and our partners can expect high conversion rates. We work with TIER-1 countries, international GEOs, and Latin America. Our CPAs per player’s FTD on our brands are very generous, and our RevShare is up to 50%. Our exclusive online casino brands are not only highly popular but offer players all types of games, and provides a huge selection of games for players, no matter where in the world they are playing from. We’re a team of over 20 professional Affiliate and Account Managers with several years of experience and expertise in iGaming, and specialized in local markets. We are proud of the massive success we’ve achieved in the last years due to the close relationships we manage to build with our many partners and the massive selection of games, excellent software, superior customer service, reliability, and safety. You can gain so much through working with us: - No middlemen - Publishers work directly with an advertiser so there is no need to share commissions with any intermediary. - Weekly payments - 24/7 support - With us you will get support 24/7 along with all necessary materials to ensure you'll get the top conversions. - Powerful and intuitive in-depth analytics - our partners get to work with a user-friendly interface, leading reporting tools, and real-time, reliable, and transparent statistics. - Flexible commission plans - Get up to 50% commission, and lifetime revenue share on all players or a set CPA rate. - No negative carry over - Start each month fresh with no negative carry over. - Exclusive offers - From day one you will get access to our exclusive casino offers with the best terms on the international market. You’ll be able to run traffic and enjoy your profits! - Ready-made funnels - we create localised in-house funnels for our partners. We use tested creatives and landing pages. The pre-sell pages are ready for any type of traffic you might have! - Expertise and guidance - Our dedicated affiliate managers are always ready to share their in-depth experience and advice on monetization of our gambling offers. Subscribe to our social networks to keep up to date with all our plans! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chillipartners/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChilliPartners LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chilli-associates-limited-partnership/ Website: https://chillipartners.com/
  13. It shouldn’t be any surprise to those paying attention that Russia and China are strengthening their economic ties amidst continued Western sanctions on Russia as a result of the country’s war in Ukraine. What may surprise some people, however, is that Russia and the BRICS countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are officially working on their own “new global reserve currency,” RT reported in late June. Nobody even seemed to notice. “The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies of our countries is being worked out,” Vladimir Putin said at the BRICS business forum last month. And of course, as Russia has been cut off from the SWIFT system, it is also pairing with China and the BRIC nations to develop “reliable alternative mechanisms for international payments” in order to “cut reliance on the Western financial system.” In the meantime, Russia is also taking other steps to strengthen the alliance between BRIC nations, including re-routing trade to China and India Full article: https://quoththeraven.substack.com/p/russia-and-china-officially-announce
  14. So Elon Musk made an offer to purchase Twitter for $44bln and Twitter board accepted. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-61222470 What do you think about this move? Is it smart or not? What will be the implication on crypto and social media? Eager to read your opinions
  15. There are many online and offline affiliate marketing conferences, but as your time and budget are limited, choosing the best one can take time and effort. Like flowers need the right environment to grow, affiliate marketers are networking best at the right affiliate conferences to find the right partners. We’ve dealt with more affiliate conferences than you can imagine, so those below represent some of the best. Check the Top Affiliate Conferences Recommended by TGF Do you manage a conference about digital/affiliate/crypto/finance? We can help you advertise it. Check our media partnership offer.
  16. TGF is a media partner of the Affiliate World Conference - Dubai, on Feb 27-29, 2024! Affiliate World Dubai is a leading performance marketing & e-commerce conference in Dubai. Get a discounted ticket to Affiliate World Dubai 2024, held in Dubai, UAE, on February 28 and 29, 2024. You will meet with 5,500+ attendees, 35+ key speakers, 120+ advertisers, and 170+ affiliate networks. It is a must-attend event to get top knowledge and network with the best in the industry. Check our review of the Affiliate World Conference here.
  17. Who's going? I can't wait to meet more of you people and attach a face to a community username 🙂 I will tag some companies and people I know to come to conferences and see if you are coming. Feel free to add yourself to the thread. Affiliate Networks & Programs @AdsEmpire Official, @LosPollos, @Adverten_smartlink, @flickstree, @ClickDealer, @Olavivo, @LGaming, @Chilli Partners, @ProfitPixels, @iMonetizeIt, @dr.cash, @LEADBIT, @ePN.bz, @TravelPayouts, @Royal Group, @PSTnet, @YouHodler , @Aivix, @Partners1xBet, @CatAffs, @GamblingCraft, @MostBetPartners, @1win Partners, @BongaCash, @Valeria FlirtCash, @MagnusWhalehunter, @MoreLogin Advertising Networks @Mondiad, @PopCash, @Sergio Mybid, @TacoLoco, @friendlybunny, @ADxAD Ad Network, @EvaDav, @Partners.House, @afront, @2x2MediaLimited, @OnClickA, @Ruslan_EZmob Financial Services @MyBrocard, @EPN.NET, @Wallester, @FlexCard, @LeadingCards, @PSTnet Let me know in this topic if you come and what partners are you looking to connect with
  18. If you're looking for a solid affiliate network with high-converting offers and faster payout terms from Day 1, Olavivo is here to make that happen as your best go-to CPA affiliate network with tons of positive vibes! Olavivo has various offers in various verticals - Crypto, Finance Leadgen, and Sweepstakes. Learn more about the benefits we offer to our awesome partners and our recommendations based on the types of traffic that could yield you the highest conversion rates and revenue. These are the current types of verticals and traffic on demand: Crypto / Forex / Finance - (CPA offers) Sweepstakes CC Submit & Video On Demand (VOD) - (CPA offers) Leadgen SOI (Single Opt In) / DOI (Double Opt-In) - (CPL Offers) Health VSL - (Straight Sale / CPA Offers) Top Converting Types of Traffic SEO - organic SEO blogs and review websites are considered extremely high-quality traffic, which converts at high rates for the abovementioned verticals. Native / Social - native traffic / social traffic is considered mid to high-quality traffic as long as the media partner runs traffic using valid pre-landers and advertorials. Several examples of relevant Native ad networks you could potentially run would be - MGID, Revcontent, Taboola, and Outbrain. For Social, it would be Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Tiktok Ads. Push Traffic -push traffic is considered low to mid-quality and converts well for low-ticket or simple funnels using high-quality pre-landers and advertorials. Here are some of the solid benefits you can expect when you join Olavivo: Trendy, top converting, worldwide CPA/CPL/SS offers (100+ GEOS in 18 different languages) Thoroughly-Vetted Advertisers. Dedicated Affiliate Managers Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly Net 7 payments (Cryptocurrency / Wire / Payoneer / Paypal ) Good Karma, unlimited positive energy & lots of Good Vibes! We look forward to working with you. We believe in transparency, security & long-term business relationships, and this is why we thoroughly check each and every partner or advertiser involved with Olavivo. Partner with Olavivo and grow your affiliate income like never before! Special Promo for GOLDFORUM members. 5% bonus on your first invoice/earning with us (no limit). For Weekly Net 7 - $2500 threshold will be required to be met. For Monthly Net 7 - $250 threshold will be required to be met. To be eligible for the bonus following are the steps: Reply to this thread with a small introduction about yourself or your question. Register here to Olavivo as a Media Partner. (optional) You can start a follow-alongwith your favorite traffic source in the forum to inspire other affiliates & to keep yourself accountable, we will bump an additional 5% for you in that case. So a total of 10% Extra on your first invoice 😉 Get the $$$ rolling in. Join us today to reach new heights of success with Olavivo Today!
  19. Earn lifetime recurring passive income by recommending the most reliable WordPress development and support agency for small to mid-sized businesses. TLDR - What’s in it for you? Why promote WPRiders? Earn a long-term passive income. On average, our customers stay with us for 18 months, so you get a passive monthly income for many months! 10% lifetime commission for everything we make from a client you send to us. A 365-day tracking cookie is rarely seen in the industry, so the client has an entire year to convert. Your commissions range between $52 and $440 monthly for each service a client orders from us. A low payment threshold of just $100, so you can enjoy fast monthly payments through PayPal and bank transfers. Trusted company with more than 1500+ projects delivered since 2015. We know WordPress—what works and what doesn’t! We respond 80% faster than other firms and have very happy customers! The WPRiders Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to promote. Sign up now! WPRiders Affiliate Commission Structure As a WPRiders affiliate, you are our partner, and we want you to earn big! Our top affiliates are making thousands of dollars per month. Check out our commission structure below: The WordPress Support Plan sells for $520/mo. You will earn $52 monthly, which is $624 every year. The Essential Development Plan sells for $1200/mo. You will earn $120 monthly, which is $1440 annually. The Performance Development Plan sells for $2300/mo. You will earn $230 monthly, which is $2760 annually. The Growth Development Plan sells for $4400/mo. You will earn $440 monthly, which is $5280 annually. On top of that, remember that our customers can purchase additional development or support hours, and you receive 10% affiliate commissions for those too. WPRiders Banners WPRiders Questions & Support Email: [email protected] Contact page: https://wpriders.com/contact-us/ Click here to join our affiliate program
  20. Introducing BongaCash, the affiliate program for the well-known webcam site BongaCams. As one of the largest and most popular live cam sites globally, BongaCams offers exceptional earning potential to the affiliates. At BongaCash, we provide you with 4 different avenues to maximize your earnings: PayPerSignup (CPA): Earn up to $4.50 for each SOI registration, ensuring immediate returns for every registration you drive. Revshare: Enjoy a lifetime commission of up to 25% on all purchases made by users you refer. This means continuous revenue for the long term. Referral Program: Receive 5% of the earnings from the partners, models, and modelling studios you invite. Benefit from their success and earn passive income. PayPerSale + Revshare: Get $40 for every first purchase made by a referred user, plus an additional 15% commission on all their future purchases. This powerful combination ensures substantial earnings. Why should you choose BongaCash as your affiliate program of choice? High Converting Landing Pages: Our meticulously designed landing pages deliver excellent conversion rates, increasing your chances of earning more. Wide Range of Promo Tools: Test and analyze various promotional tools to find the ones that work best for you. We offer a plethora of options to suit your needs. Global Reach and Localization: BongaCams adapts seamlessly to users' country and device, with the site available in 34 languages. You can attract traffic from all over the world, regardless of the device they use. Worldwide Traffic Acceptance: Whether your traffic comes from Europe, Asia, the Americas, or anywhere else on the globe, we accept it all. Tap into a global audience and expand your earning potential. Weekly Payouts: Enjoy the convenience of weekly payouts, ensuring a steady flow of income to support your financial goals. Postback Integration: Set up a postback to streamline your tracking and reporting, allowing for a more efficient affiliate experience. Personal Account Manager: Each affiliate is assigned a dedicated personal manager to assist you with platform navigation, traffic generation, and overall success. Benefit from expert guidance and support. Extensive Model Selection: With a vast number of models online at any given time, BongaCams caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring high user engagement. Create Your Own White Label: Establish your own White Label on your domain, complete with your unique design and logo. Enhance your brand and drive traffic to your customized platform. Join BongaCash now and skyrocket your income! 🔥 Experience the unrivalled earning potential of BongaCams while benefiting from our exceptional affiliate program. If you have questions, please contact one of our support agents - https://en.bongacash.com/contact-support
  21. The Refer and Earn program of Paycron believes in delivering the best services and unmatched profits to clients. It is the program that can help a customer to gain excellent benefits. Their referral program is quite simple and effective. It’s simple if a client refers to an outdated merchant looking for good payment processing services with Paycron, the client may get the percentage of the profits from us. An important advantage of this program is that there remains no limit to the merchant account referrals that one can submit and earn.
  22. It's time to announce the TGF Affiliate Marketing Awards 2023 Edition winners—more details about the awards are on the dedicated page here. Some stats first: Companies in Crypto and Aff. Marketing nominated or invited to participate: ~1000 Companies that participated in the awards: 112 People who voted in the awards: 1654 Total web visitors of the awards: 24,883 Most votes a single company received: 257 - Best Aff in Dating Niche Less votes a single company received: 28 - Best Advertising Network Less votes a single company received and won: 87 - Best Crypto Casino Here are the winners: 10. Best Aff Marketing Speaker/Influencer - Stefan M(Aff Pal) 9. Best Affiliate Marketing Conference - Affiliate World 8. Best Proxy Provider - Anonymous-Proxies 7. Best Aff Network in NUTRA Vertical - MaxWeb 6. Best Affiliate Network in Finance Vertical - OpenAff 5. Best Affiliate Network in Adult Vertical - CrakRevenue 4. Best Affiliate Network in Dating Vertical - Affigs 3. Best Affiliate Network in Gambling Vertical - LGaming 2. Best Advertising Network - HilltopAds 1. Best Affiliate Marketing Network - ClickDealer I want to congratulate the winners, the participants, the sponsors, and the people who voted for their favorite companies in the awards. TGF Awards 2023 - Offers from Sponsors Anonymous-Proxies.net - Get HTTP proxies and Socks5 at awesome prices. Monetize.info - Join Our Community of 21000+ Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasts DigitalMediaInt.com - Discover How You Can Outperform Your Competitors TopGold.Forum - The Most Welcoming Online Money-Making Community Thank you
  23. It's time to announce the TGF Awards 2023 Edition winners—more details about the awards are on the dedicated page here. Some stats first: Companies in Crypto and Aff. Marketing nominated or invited to participate: ~1000 Companies that participated in the awards: 112 People who voted in the awards: 1654 Total web visitors of the awards: 24,883 Most votes a single company received: 257 - Best Aff in Dating Niche Less votes a single company received: 28 - Best Advertising Network Less votes a single company received and won: 87 - Best Crypto Casino Votes cleaning Process Removed around 300 votes from "people" who filled in a wrong/non-existent email address. Removed around 70 consecutive votes coming from very similar email addresses. Pattern [email protected] Removed around 200 votes for a company that incentivized the vote (thank you to the user who reported it to us) but kept the votes of those users in other categories as they were not incentivized and legitimate. Removed around 80 votes that follow a pattern.. 5-10 consecutive voters where the votes selected the same winners between 10 and 14 out of 14. It is improbable. Here are the winners: 14. BEST Crypto Payment/Exchange solution - XChange.cash XChange.cash (136 votes) Cryptomus (104 votes) YouHodler (99 votes) 13. BEST Forex/Crypto Broker - NordFX NordFX - 113 votes GrandCapital - 109 votes AssetsFX - 102 votes 12. Best Crypto Betting Website - BetFury BetFury - 122 votes Roobet / CoinPoker - 114 votes StarBets - 111 votes 11. Best Crypto Casino - PlayFina PlayFina - 83 votes CryptoPlay - 77 votes FlukyOne - 75 votes 10. Best Aff Marketing Speaker/Influencer - Stefan M(Aff Pal) Stefan Muhlbauer (Affpal) - 159 votes William Soares Pinto - 134 votes Sergei Zyzz - 120 votes 9. Best Affiliate Marketing Conference - Affiliate World Affiliate World - 189 votes Affiliate Summit - 151 votes TES Affiliate - 145 votes 8. Best Proxy Provider - Anonymous-Proxies Anonymous-Proxies - 118 votes IPRoyal - 114 votes SmartProxy - 111 votes 7. Best Aff Network in NUTRA Vertical - MaxWeb MaxWeb - 168 votes PidPal Ads - 126 votes CPA.tl - 124 votes 6. Best Affiliate Network in Finance Vertical - OpenAff OpenAff - 161 votes LeadNetwork - 116 votes ProfitPixels - 107 votes 5. Best Affiliate Network in Adult Vertical - CrakRevenue CrakRevenue - 152 votes Flirt.Cash - 122 votes Datify.link - 99 votes 4. Best Affiliate Network in Dating Vertical - Affigs Affigs - 257 votes TraffCore - 78 votes AdeptiAds - 76 votes 3. Best Affiliate Network in Gambling Vertical - LGaming LGaming - 162 votes Affstream - 124 votes MateAffiliates - 64 votes 2. Best Advertising Network - HilltopAds HilltopAds - 118 votes ClickAdu - 96 votes Ezmob - 75 votes 1. Best Affiliate Marketing Network - ClickDealer ClickDealer - 154 votes FriendlyBunny - 150 votes AffiliatesMedia - 63 votes I want to congratulate the winners, the participants, the sponsors, and the people who voted for their favorite companies in the awards. TGF Awards 2023 - Offers from Sponsors Anonymous-Proxies.net - Get HTTP proxies and Socks5 at awesome prices. Monetize.info - Join Our Community of 21000+ Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasts DigitalMediaInt.com - Discover How You Can Outperform Your Competitors TopGold.Forum - The Most Welcoming Online Money-Making Community Thank you
  24. 🍀 Opportunities 🍀 👍 Excellent Product - Youhodler platform is a very attractive and trustful product that sells itself; 🌍 Targeted customers - Users from 235+ countries may be onboarded; 🌈 Creatives - Access to a wide range of supportive creatives and advertising materials in different languages; 🤙 Support & Communication - Dedicated Account Manager; 💸 Commission & Payout - High CPA and payouts through various payment methods; 🤑 High Conversion Rate (CR) - over 20% registration to activation conversion rate. 🔎 Preview 🔍 Trustful company with very attractive products and offers for your audience; Super easy signup with automatic approval; High commissions (CPA or Rev Share) paid in Fiat, Crypto, or Stablecoin; High Conversion Rate, 235+ accepted GEOs, and extensive marketing materials; Dedicated Account Manager & Support in 7 languages; Automated tracking links for dedicated landing pages; Intuitive dashboard for traffic analysis; 🇨🇭Company🇨🇭 YouHodler SA is a company registered on 29.08.2019 in Switzerland, Canton of Vaud, Lausanne, with registration number IDE/UID CHE-336.197.657. YouHodler SA is an active member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association. YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based brand with two main offices in Cyprus and Switzerland. 🌐 Products and services 🌐 Product YouHodler (www.youhodler.com) is a FinTech platform focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat, crypto, and stablecoin loans, crypto/fiat, and crypto/crypto conversions, as well as high-yield crypto-saving accounts (crypto-rewards & staking). The platform supports BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, DASH, HT, REP, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users' digital assets are safely guarded with Ledger Vault's advanced custody and Fireblocks security options. Product strengths: Beginner-friendly platform and products - a good place to start the crypto journey; - 24/7 support with real people; Trustpilot, with 4.4 out of 5-star; Web-version and Mobile App (Android & IOS) available; All your crypto assets will be protected by Ledger Vault’s industry-leading security; - Excellent rating on Services Savings accounts with the highest interest rates, no locking time, and instant withdrawals. Earn up to 10 % annual yield without any risk, coupled with compound interests and weekly payouts. Exchange - the one-click exchange allows you to convert fiat into crypto or stable coins in seconds, with real-time execution prices and low fees. Buy crypto with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and your SEPA bank account. MultiHODL - the most user-friendly trading service for those who want to quickly and easily extract profit from market volatility in both directions (UP or DOWN). Fast and real execution, with no order placements fee, no profit share fee, and instant withdrawal and deposit. Dual-Asset - combines the yield generation strategies from decentralized finance (DeFi) with the simplicity of traditional FinTech platforms. The result is an easy-to-use crypto wealth management product for everybody with returns as high as 365% APR. Crypto-backed Loans - Use your cryptos or your NFT as collateral for crypto loans with the highest loan-to-value ratio (90%). Get loans in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, BTC, or Stablecoins and withdraw instantly to credit card and personal banks. Turbocharge - a service, which allows users to get a chain of loans. The platform uses borrowed fiat to purchase additional cryptocurrency without commission and then uses it as collateral for other loans in the chain. 💲Affiliate Program 💲 Be a part of a fast-growing company and get commissions for each active client you bring to YouHodler. We have no restrictions on who can become our Partners: an individual or a company - sign up for our Affiliate Platform and start earning immediately. ● Affiliates ● Introducing Brokers ● Marketing Agencies ● Influencers ● Crypto Investors ● Crypto Enthusiast with curious family and friends Payout Youhodler offers a CPA commission structure of up to $150 per single client, as follows: Step 1. Opening a Savings Account If a user opens a Savings Account, YouHodler pays $20. To open a Savings Account a user needs to deposit crypto or stablecoins into the Wallet. Conversion for Savings is fired if a user’s weekly combined earnings is equal to or exceed $1 (or equivalent in USD depending on the crypto, as different cryptos have different USD prices and interest rates on the platform). Step 2. Using a Classic Loan, Multi HODL, Turbocharge, or Dual feature YouHodler pays $130 CPA if a user opens: 1* Multi HODL or Trubocharge (trading) deal worth $300; a Dual deal worth $990; or a Classic Loan worth $1990 or more (equivalent in fiat or cryptocurrency according to the exchange rate at the date of the deal). * Steps 1 and 2 can be completed separately and in no particular order (e.g. Step 2 can be done before Step 1. In the REV SHARE model, we will share 20% - 55% of the revenue that will be generated by the users you bring. How does it work? 1. Crypto multiplier product Multi HODL. Users can multiply their crypto with leverage. Users who trade with Multi HODL pay the spread and rollover fees. As soon as the position is closed, the system automatically calculates 20% of the collected fees and sends the data as commission. Conditions: There is no minimum deposit to trigger this commission. The maximum commission that can be generated per user is $500 or within the period of 6 months. 2. Dual Assets. The user invests in a staking product, that is built on DeFi staking principle. When the users open a Dual Asset position, they will get between 100% - 330% APR depending on the pair and the timeframe they choose to stake (12h, 24h or 48h). When users stake with Dual Asset, they do not pay any fees. As soon as the position is closed, the system automatically calculates 20% of the user earnings (paid APR) and sends the data as commission. 1. Conditions: There is no minimum deposit to trigger the commissions. The maximum commission that can be generated is $500 or within the period of 6 months, whichever cap is reached first. Sub-Affiliate Commission - Boost your monthly income with YouHodler Sub-Affiliate Program, by referring new partners. Once your sub-affiliates bring new clients, you will earn additional 5% revenue from their referral activity. The commission is paid monthly via Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency/Stable Coin, or directly to the personal YouHodler account which generates interest. Users from all countries may apply, except Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Cuba, Germany, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, United States of America, US Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands, Crimea region. Temporary on hold: France, Spain. >>BECOME PARTNER NOW!<<
  25. Hello folks, From Oct 25 to Oct 27, 2023, I will be at the Affiliate Expo Conference in Milan, and I invite you to do the same: We anticipate over 2,000 affiliates joining Affiliate Expo 2023 from Italy and worldwide. Prepare for the most significant affiliate marketing event ever organized in Italy. It promises to be a networking extravaganza with you at its epicenter! Event Speakers Laura Tamburini - Advertising Sales Manager, Italy at Taboola Stefan Muehlbauer (Affpal) - Affiliate Management Expert, Author and Speaker Anna Gita - CEO of MaxWeb Valerio Fortunato - Co-Founder Adsvengers Florin Simovici - Co-Founder & CEO of TrafficManager Emil Alexandru - (BlackEmil on STM forums) Digital Marketing Whiz Robert Todeila - Co-founder and CMO of Adsvertising Cosmin - Founder of CSW Scale Andrei - Media Buying Team Leader of CSW Scale Francesco Montanari - CTO & Co-founder of TrafficManager Ozzibig - Founder of ROAS International FZCO Andrea Macchiavelli - COO of AD WORLD WEB LIMITED Dario Bonanno - CEO of Uncapped Network Francesco Polesel and Amin Halibi Ismaele Paoli - EMEA Performance Marketing Specialist at Google Jenny Gonzalez - CEO at Rocahead Dynh Nguyen - Co-Founder at m3tric media Stefano Caleffi - Team Manager and Data Analyst at AdsVengers Michelangelo Aquino - Chief Technology Officer at GH Srl Moritz von Arnim - CMO TrafficPartner William Soares Pinto - Co-Founder LoudBids.com Blagoy Nikushev - CEO at Zmatic Osmanaga Hotovic - Chief Marketing Officer at MonetizeAd Rich Oki - Founder at Lion Growth / OKI Scale Marcello Perazzani - Co-Founder at LeadX-Pro Butch Hildebrand - Digital entrepreneur Robin Devon Calandri -CMO at Yakkyofy & Pandarocket Marco Achille Gandolfi Vannini - Manager at Ai20 NETWORK Tickets & Exclusive Discount Standard Entrance Pass for all visitors and non-qualified affiliates: Access the expo zone, workshops, TikTok Meetup, and the day-one traditional 'Aperitivo Milanese'. It also includes entry to the event's closing party. Kindly note that VIP areas, lunch, complimentary drinks at the party, the Awards Gala Dinner, and the Google and Facebook Masterclasses are NOT included. VIP Tickets cover Full event access, including all VIP zones and the Google and Facebook Masterclasses. Extras include a priority pass, lunch, complimentary drinks, daily free coffee, and a spot at the gala dinner. Enjoy a VIP table spot at the closing party with bottle service, and gain access to the exclusive VIP cocktail meetup on 27.10.2023. FREE FOR QUALIFIED AFFILIATES €0 STANDARD ENTRANCE: €199 VIP TICKETS €799 Use the discount code GOLD20 at checkout to secure a 20% discount exclusively for the members of our community. Location The Affiliate Conference will occur at the exclusive STUDIO 90 venue in Milan, occupying a highly convenient position easily accessible by private and public transportation. The location is one of northern Italy's most sought-after event destinations, having previously hosted prestigious occasions by esteemed brands. Social Media Profiles: Facebook Instagram Telegram Twitter LinkedIn https://affiliatexpo.it/
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