SERP Conf 2024 Presentation & Review - SEO Conference
SERP Conf 2024 Presentation & Review - SEO Conference

SERP Conf 2024 Presentation & Review – SEO Conference

Below, you will find the presentation of the SERP Conf International SEO Conference, 2024 edition, its purpose, why you should attend, who the speakers are and their tracks, ticket information, and my review of the SERP Conf 2023 edition.

SERP Conf 2024 is now a two-day leading SEO, SEM, Social, E-commerce & AI conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, on April 18 and 19, 2024. Use the discount code monetize-15  to get a 15% discounted ticket to SERP Conf 2024! It is a must-attend event to get practical, on-hand advanced knowledge and network with SEO experts and over 700 attendees.

What is SERP Conf?

SERP Conf is an annual international conference on search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, and digital marketing. It brings professionals from various industries to learn, connect, and share knowledge on the latest trends and best practices in different digital marketing areas.

Check below the presentation video made by the organizing team for the 2024 edition:

Here are some critical details about SERP Conf:

  • The target audience consists of SEO professionals, SEM specialists, e-commerce entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, and individuals interested in learning about the latest trends in online marketing.
  • Event format: The two-day conference features keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Focus areas: SEO, SEM, social media marketing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, and other relevant digital marketing topics.
  • Attending will benefit you by giving you valuable, actionable insights into SEO, learning about the latest trends, and networking with other professionals in SEO and e-commerce.
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Why Should You Attend SERP Conf 2024?

The main reason for attending the SERP Conf 2024 conference is to gain firsthand knowledge from an SEO expert. The key speakers include Gary Illyes from Google, Raluca Bujoreanu from Zalando, Juno Alderson, Alexandra Tachalova, and others who will discuss SEO, eCommerce, Content, and related topics.

Also, the opportunities to meet great people and connect with them are tremendous.

In addition, SERP Conf includes an exhibition area where companies showcase their products and services. You will get hands-on access to the latest tools and technologies to enhance your SEO game. Here are the sponsors of SERP Conf 2024: Trackian, euShipments, NitroPack,, NextBascket,, CloudOffice, SiteGround, and BrainDonors.

SERP Conf 2024 Speakers

SERPConf 2024 Speakers Lineup 1
SERPConf 2024 Speakers Lineup 1

The 2024 edition of the SERP Conf conference will feature diverse speakers, including Gary Illyes – analyst at Google; Jono Alderson – independent technical SEO consultant; Alexandra Tachalova – founder of Digital Olymus; Patrick Stox – tech SEO and brand ambassador at Ahrefs; Raluca Bujoreanu – product leader at Zalando, Zlatan Ivanov – founder of Trackian, Juliana Jackson – data strategy at MediaMonks EMEA, Dixon Jones – CEO at inLinks, and many others.

SERPConf 2024 Speakers Lineup 2
SERP Conf 2024 Speakers Lineup 2

Go to the speakers’ page to see all the speakers, their tracks, and a short description of the speech so you can plan which one you will attend. These industry leaders will share their expertise and insights, offering valuable knowledge and strategies so you can level up your digital marketing game.

SERPConf 2024 Speakers Lineup 3
SERPConf 2024 Speakers Lineup 3

It is worth mentioning that SERP Conf is known to be a top conference focused on battle-tested actionable SEO advice, no fluff-talk, and the speakers are willing to offer ultimate knowledge to show their game.

You can also ask them questions after the speeches, or if you purchase a VIP ticket, you can attend a special dinner with all the speakers.

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Conference Agenda

On the first day of the conference, there are the following panels before breakfast: Technical SEO, AI & SEO, and right after, you will dive into Content Marketing & Semantic SEO and E-commerce SEO. All these panels last around 1h:30mins. The day closes with a networking and cocktail party.

The second day of the conference will start with an opening speech at 09:40 and then the following panels: Analytics Hub, AI & SEM & Social Media, Content Marketing & SEM & Social Media, E-commerce, a Q&A session on e-Commerce and in closing, the Future of Digital Marketing & SEO panel.

Check the following link to see the conference’s full agenda, all the speeches, panels, etc.

Tickets Pricing

Tickets Pricing of SERPConf 2024
Tickets Pricing of SERP Conf 2024

Until 31 March, you can purchase the regular ticket for only 300 euros. This includes access to both days of the conference, lunch, coffee, and refreshments, as well as attendance at the networking and cocktails event. The VIP ticket also offers access to a fancy VIP dinner with the speakers, where even more SEO secrets are revealed.

You can still purchase a regular last-minute ticket for only 350 euros if you are late. Considering that this is a 2-day conference, the level of information shared at the next event, and the networking opportunities, I believe the price is fair, so don’t delay and get your ticket on this page.

Group tickets are also available, so why don’t you ask your teammates to come together!?

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Remember to apply the discount code monetize-15 to get a 15% discount on tickets to SERP Conf 2024!

SERP Conf 2023 Review

I attended the previous edition of SERP Conf, my first time attending this conference. I was particularly impressed by its focus on real, actionable SEO insights and practical strategies for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of SEO.

The keynote presentations were a highlight, featuring industry leaders like Olesia Korobka, Peter Nikolow, Kalin Karakehayov Craig Campbell, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR,  and Tina Mangelova.

Beyond the keynotes, the conference thrived on its diverse range of sessions. Panel discussions tackled current industry challenges like local SEO and voice search optimization in a post-pandemic world. At the same time, roundtables with questions from the public delved deeper into specific topics like technical SEO audits and link-building strategies.

The most valuable aspect for me was learning the latest SEO strategies, such as Topical Authority or AI, and networking with fellow SEO enthusiasts.

Check below the after-movie of the 2023 edition of SERP Conf:

The conference fostered a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, allowing participants to exchange ideas, share challenges, and build valuable connections. Whether during coffee breaks or insightful conversations at evening events, the sense of community was genuinely enriching.

SERPConf 2023 Show
SERPConf 2023 Bulgarian Traditional Music Introduction Show

Overall, SERP Conf 2023 delivered an impactful experience for SEO professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve. The informative sessions, actionable insights, and vibrant networking opportunities made it a worthwhile investment and a springboard for further growth in the ever-evolving SEO field.

Guide: How to make the most of your presence

Here are three tips I learned by going to many digital marketing conferences. I suggest checking them and applying if you want to make the most of your presence at SERPConf Sofia 2024:

  1. Set the goals you want to reach. Do you want to network, learn, establish new partnerships, or meet existing partners? Ensure you have a goal or two to focus on getting them.
  2. Be cheerful and willing to learn. Attitude is always critical and can make a vast difference in outcomes. I recommend you be positive, glad to meet new people, and ready to find out more and learn new things.
  3. Select which speeches are essential, and you don’t want to miss. As the list of speeches is available, select the ones you don’t want to miss. If more people are on your team, you can choose which goes where to cover as much as possible.

The organizers of SERP Conf

The team at SERP Conf. 2024
The team at SERP Conf. 2024

SERP Conf. is organized for the third consecutive year by the Bulgarian SEO agency Serpact. I was impressed by the organizers’ attention to organizing the conference: great speakers, entertaining and skillful moderators, and a fantastic show!

The conference is supported by the industrial e-commerce partners: Ecommerce Europe, Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej, Bulgarian E-commerce Association (BEA), Albanian E-commerce Association, AMRO, Macedonian E-commerce Association,  eCommerce Association of Bosnia & Herzegovina, GPeC and others. Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is a Strategic Partner of SERP Conf.

You can stay updated with the latest news about the conference from the organizers by signing up for the newsletter on the website or visiting the following:


Overall, SERP Conf is a must-attend event in the European SEO conferences calendar and stands as a cornerstone event as you will get actionable, battle-tested SEO and eCommerce tips and strategies.

I highly recommend attending this event to anyone looking to elevate their knowledge, keep up with the evolving SEO, SEM, Social, E-commerce & AI trends, and connect with the SEO community.

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Don’t forget to apply the discount code monetize-15  to get a 15% discounted ticket to SERP Conf 2024!

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