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Dedicated email campaigns are the perfect way to show your business to our audience and generate leads and sales in days.  Take center stage in people’s inbox and have your product or service featured. Send now a direct email to our list!

Email ads will introduce you to our audience as a partner. You will become a reliable name on our visitors’ shortlists. With thousands of members in our newsletter lists, our readers will learn more about your company whenever we send an email.

Our 22K email subscribers want to learn about your business and what you have to offer them. That’s because we will create a dedicated email newsletter tailored to our audience and their interests (monetization, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce), showcasing your product or service and its particular benefits.

Promote your tool, discount, service, e-book, or white paper to our active, opt-in subscribers in an email blast dedicated entirely to your brand.

Features of the Direct Email To List

Here are the features of the dedicated emails:

  • Audience: Over 22,000 email subscribers are interested in monetization methods and business opportunities.
  • Tone & Format: 300-word+ email ad written primarily to our audience for maximum conversions.
  • Format: Includes graphics, screenshots, and well-designed CTAs.
  • Availability: Most niches, including finance (no illegal, no immoral).
  • Company promotion May contain promotional text and links about your business and services.
  • Targeting: Three to four UTM links in the article.
  • Stats: We offer a detailed report with stats like opens, clicks, demographics, etc.
  • Support: We assist you with your requests on time. You may contact us here. has a growing subscriber list of 22,000+ people looking for online money-making, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce solutions. Our open rate varies from 15% to 30%, depending on the topics discussed.

With an unsubscribe rate of less than 1%, those who choose to join our email list do so because they’re looking for our trusted recommendations. It’s time for you to become one of them. - Email subscribers on Apr 1, 2021 – Email subscribers on Apr 1, 2023

We have a strict policy regarding our members’ emails, so our staff must approve the newsletter before ordering.

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Do you understand the power of email marketing? Do you want to spread the word about your products or services and generate new sales in a few days? Then, you should try our direct email campaigns.

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Examples of our direct email campaigns:

Here are several direct email campaigns we have sent to our members to help our customers get traffic, leads, and sales:


“It was great working with Daniel! Everything was done on time, […]. I recommend working with him!.” – Popova Alena


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Email Promotion FAQs

Here are the most frequent questions we get about our email newsletter blasts. Click on the question to slide the answer.

1. Can you give me some stats about newsletter? has a growing subscriber list of 21,000+ people looking for online money-making solutions, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce advice. Our open rate varies from 15% to 30%, depending on the topics discussed. Although the numbers may not appear significant, those receiving our emails are primed and ready to find the best solutions for their problems.

2. What kind of businesses can advertise on is a niche community. We aim to gather people who want to monetize their assets (primarily websites) through affiliate marketing.

From this point of view, we do not see the point of advertising for random companies that are not related. You can advertise with us if your business has something to do with affiliate marketing, online earning, monetization, e-commerce, digital finance, SEO, and Amazon earnings.

3. What will the email ad include?

Your email ad will include a banner image, a description of the product and service,  and a call-to-action button. You may have a special deal for our members to ensure that we increase the chances of subscribers clicking through to learn more about your product or service and purchasing it.

4. When does the dedicated email go out?

We usually send the dedicated emails every Tuesday as that’s the day when our users are the most receptive. Let us know if you want your dedicated email to be sent on a different day of the week. Our weekly newsletter is sent out every Friday as a round-up of the week’s latest posts on We also include our Editor’s Picks and a few recommended monthly posts.

5. I still have questions. How can I contact you?

If you need help, please contact us using the contact form or email us at contact(@) (remove the brackets). We’ll gladly guide you on every step, ensuring everything works for you as expected.

If you need help, please use the contact form or email us at contact(@) (remove the brackets). We’ll gladly guide you on every step, ensuring everything works for you as expected.

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