Bucharest Summit Presentation & Review
Bucharest Summit Presentation & Review

Bucharest Summit 2025 Presentation & Review

Bucharest Summit is one of the most significant European business events for digital, cams, fans, and affiliates. In addition to the conference, there will be an awards show and unforgettable parties! In my book, it is an event you should not miss if you want to network with the best in the adult entertainment industry.
Get a ticket to Bucharest Summit 2025 that will be in, you guessed right, Bucharest, Romania, on June 03-05, 2025, to network with hundreds of attendees, dozens of key speakers, and companies.

What is the Bucharest Summit?

Bucharest Summit 2025  gathers affiliates, advertisers, media buyers, publishers, and content creators focused on the adult entertainment industry.

Point blank, this event aims to bring together the most successful companies, studios, and content creator to share their insights and ideas while offering tremendous networking opportunities.

People in the Conference Room at Bucharest Summit
It is a good mix of network events, speeches, and party events

Bucharest Summit started in 2017, seven years ago, and since then, it has evolved into one of the most significant European business events in the adult industry.

Radisson Blue Hotel
Radisson Blue Hotel

The event will occur at the Radisson Bue Hotel in Bucharest’s city center. It is ideally situated near the Romanian Athenaeum Concert Hall and is just 3 kilometers from the country’s iconic landmark, the Palace of Parliament.

I recommend you attend to learn about the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the industry.

Why Should You Attend the Conference?

The 2024 edition was the first time I attended a Bucharest Summit edition, and I will outline why I did it along with my recommendation. Check them out and see if they are also suitable for you.

Networking opportunities

As mentioned previously, networking opportunities greatly benefit the Bucharest Summit conference. In addition to the expo area and the conference tracks, you can connect with others through the networking app or at the parties.

Regarding the networking app, you can quickly contact attendees, sponsors, and speakers to plan your meetings. Also, it offers you access to the conference agenda and allows you to vote for the awards.

The messaging app of Bucharest Summit
The messaging app of the Bucharest Summit

Besides using the app, you can visit the exhibitor’s stands and engage them with your offers. You can also meet them outside for a coffee or glass of wine. The atmosphere is very relaxed at the Bucharest Summit.

Conference speeches

Besides the networking opportunities, the speeches will also return significant value for the money. The topics chosen were really on point, without any additional fluff-talk, and keeping self-promotion minimal.

Exhibitors & Partners

Andy Wullmer at the Sponsors Wall of Bucharest Summit
Andy Wullmer at the Sponsors Wall of Bucharest Summit

There are a fair number of exhibitors from the adult entertainment industry and connected industries, such as affiliates, payments, etc. In the expo area, you will bump into companies like StripChat, Chaturbate, Live Jasmin, BongaCams, Content Creator, and others with stands.

In addition to those, you can run into many company representatives, so again, use the app to book a meeting with people you want to do business with.

The parties

If you need another reason to join the Bucharest Summit, I must tell you that the team that puts together the Bucharest Summit seems to know how to organize some fabulous parties. And Bucharest is well known for the parties 🙂

Bucharest Summit 2024 Review

As I’ve previously said, Bucharest Summit 2024 was my first attendance. I’ve been blown away by the networking opportunities this event offers. I met with several company representatives and new people working for thriving businesses. The networking events, conference speeches, and fabulous parties were a perfect mixture of business and leisure.

When I returned home after two days of the summit, I had over 30 business cards and Telegram contacts of people interested in discovering more about my business opportunities. So, prepare yourself after the conference to spend some days going through chats and cards to contact potential business partners.

Later edit: After one month, I can confirm that I’ve already signed up for two business deals, and I have a couple of discussions in an advanced state. You will see them soon on Monetize.info.

Tickets Pricing

Tickets Pricing for Bucharest Summit
Ticket pricing for the Bucharest Summit

Ticket plans available for Bucharest Summit attendees:

  • Studio, Model, or Affiliate Ticket—This ticket suits models, studios, and affiliates. It allows you to access Bucharest Summit events and parties, a networking app, and one vote for the awards semifinal. It costs 99 euros.
  • VIP Ticket—This ticket is designed for VIP and company access. In addition to the previous ticket, it includes VIP registration and access to VIP parties. It costs 299 euros.
  • Awards Show Ticket—This ticket is designed for the Awards show and offers access to a table dinner at the Awards Gala. It also comes with one vote for the Awards semifinal and final. It costs 299 euros.

PROs & CONs of Bucharest Summit

Here are the PROs and CONs of attending the Bucharest Summit. Again, these may be subjective.

Bucharest Summit PROs

  • Around 1000 attendees are willing to learn, earn, and network
  • It is a good mix of network events, speeches, and party events
  • The speeches and round tables are on point, offering insights
  • Ticket prices are affordable
  • The event is suitable for companies as well as individual content creators

Bucharest Summit CONs

  • Having more attendants and companies in industries connected to adult entertainment would be nice.
  • Sometimes, the expo and networking area can be crowded.

Guide: How to make the most of your presence

Here are five tips I learned by going to many digital marketing conferences. I suggest checking them and applying if you want to make the most of your presence at the Bucharest Summit:

  1. Set the goals you want to reach. Do you want to network, learn, establish new partnerships, or meet existing partners? Ensure you have a goal or two to focus on achieving them.
  2. Plan your essential meetings. The app allows you to see the list of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors and contact them to schedule an appointment. Sometimes, things can get chaotic during the conference, so you will miss a lot if you don’t arrange the meetings.
  3. Be cheerful and willing to learn. Attitude is always critical and can make a vast difference in outcomes. I recommend you be positive, glad to meet new people, and ready to find out more and learn new things.
  4. Select which tracks are essential and which you want to use. As the list of tracks is available, you can select the ones you want to participate in. If more people are on your team, you can choose which goes where to cover as much as possible.
  5. Follow up soon. It’s essential to start the follow-ups a few days after the event. Otherwise, people will need to remember who you are or will engage in other partnerships. Please make sure you begin follow-up early to maximize outcomes.

The organizers of the Bucharest Summit

The organizing team of Bucharest Summit
The organizing team of the Bucharest Summit

Bucharest Summit is organized by a great team of Romanians: Ruxandra Tataru, Mugur Frunzetti, and Adriana Vasii. I was impressed by the organizers’ attention to organizing the conference: great speakers, entertaining and skillful moderators, and a fantastic show!

You can stay updated with the latest news about the conference from the organizers by signing up for the newsletter on the website or visiting the following:


Overall, the Bucharest Summit is NOT just another conference but a cornerstone of the adult entertainment industry. It brings together industry leaders and newcomers, offering a platform for innovation, learning, and growth.

We invite you to attend our conference in Bucharest from June 3 to 5, 2025. Let’s seize this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and pave the way for a brighter future.

Besides networking with hundreds of companies and attendees, key experts, and speakers, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and earn while having fun and relaxation.

Check their website or our dedicated thread in the Monetize.Info community for updates and announcements.

Get Your Bucharest Summit Ticket

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