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Native articles are the perfect way to showcase your products or services to a new audience hungry to explore and try new things. Besides that, a native article will generate traffic, SEO juice, and sales for your business for years and without risks. Order a native article now!

Our 5,000 monthly readers want to read about your business and what you offer. That’s because we create a native article tailored to our audience and their interests (monetization, online business, affiliate marketing, digital finances, e-commerce) while introducing your business and services.

Our native articles are evergreen, meaning they will get read for years. This means more traffic, backlinks, and higher conversions for you.

Native Advertising Features

Here are the features of the native articles:

  • Tone & Format: 1300 to 1,800-word article written especially to our audience for maximum conversions;
  • Availability: We can make posts about almost all niches, including finance (no illegal or immoral);
  • S.E. Rankings: Ranks for keywords and sends SEO ranking signals to your business website;
  • Social Media Promotion: On all our accounts that have 50k followers for one year;
  • External backlinks: We can link to your website and valuable informational resources on your blog;
  • Internal backlinks: Min. 4 from other related articles on;
  • Custom featured image: Yes
  • Updates: The content is updated for at least two years to maintain relevance and SEO ranks. (unique);
  • Permanent links: The article will never be deleted or altered. We have hosted articles for over ten years already;
  • SEO & Visual Optimization: We do ON-page SEO for each article;
  • Fast indexation: We ensure your article is indexed fast in Google;
  • Company promotion: Yes. It may contain promotional text and links about your business and services;
  • Targeting: Three to four UTM links in the article;
  • Support: We assist you with your requests on time. You may contact us here.

Native Advertising Examples

Here are several examples of our native articles:

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Do you understand the power of content marketing? Do you want to spread the word about your products or services and get SEO rankings without fear of Google devaluing them? Then you should try our native articles.

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“It was great working with Daniel! everything was done on time, there were no problems. I recommend working with him!.” – Popova Alena

Native Articles FAQ

Here are the most frequent questions we get about our native articles. Click on the question to slide the answer.

1. What kind of businesses can advertise on is a niche community. We aim to gather people who want to monetize their assets (primarily websites) and grow an online business.

From this point of view, we do not see the point of advertising for random companies that are not related. You can advertise with us if your business has something to do with affiliate marketing, online earning, monetization, e-commerce, digital finance, SEO, and AI.

2. Can you give me some stats about, an affiliate marketing magazine, receives around 10,000 page views monthly and is constantly growing. Most of our traffic comes from Google. We have a very targeted and loyal audience looking for affiliate marketing and digital marketing tips. You have the chance to put yourself in front of a primed audience that is ready to invest in top-quality products and services.

3. How much costs to publish a native article on

We charge $499 for writing and publishing a native article. The price includes keyword and topic research, content writing, formatting, lifetime publishing, on-page SEO, and updates. If you want to write it, following our writing guidelines, we charge $399 for editing, formatting, lifetime publishing, on-page SEO, and updates. You can complement the article with an email blast to our subscribers’ list, a press release, or a PPC campaign that will drive more traffic and leads.

4. I found a better publishing deal on another site. Can you match it?

We are aware that many websites allow external publishing. However, most of them are content farms—not all, but most of them. This means that your article will not get much traffic or exposure, and Google doesn’t give too much weight to the links from those sites.

We publish only four external posts per month, offer lifetime placements, and update the content regularly as it is ours, so it sends SEO juice constantly to your site. So you can decide which kind of placements you want. That being said, our prices are firm.

5. I still have questions. How I can contact you?

If you need help, please contact us using the contact form or email us at contact(@) (remove the brackets). We’ll gladly guide you on every step, ensuring everything works for you as expected.

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