Top Affiliate Marketing Forums
Top Affiliate Marketing Forums

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums [Free & Paid] [11+]

If you consider affiliate marketing forums obsolete or dead, trust me, you’re far from the truth and should reconsider them. In this article, you will learn about the best affiliate marketing forums.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing forums, most of which have earned a bad reputation for being spammy. But among all the low-quality content, you can find some hidden gems that offer valuable resources to aid you in your quest for affiliate marketing success.

Finding the best forums for affiliate marketing may not be easy, but discovering platforms with valuable insights can be precisely what you need to succeed. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate forums.

Good. Then, we can talk about some of the best ones around.

Affiliate Marketing Forum Rating Members Price Visit
1. TopGoldForum 4/5 25,000 Free Visit TopGold.Forum
2. affLift 4.5/5 108,000 $20/mo Visit affLift
3. Affiliate World Forum 4.4/5 ~20,000 $99/mo Visit Affiliate World Forum
4. AffiliateFix 3.8/5 136,000 Free Visit Affiliate Fix
5. iAmAffiliate 3.5/5 2,000 $49/m Visit iAm Affiliate
6. Affilorama 3.2/5 99,000 $997/y Visit Affilorama
7. Warrior Forum 3/5 1mil+ Free Visit Warrior Forum
8. Black Hat World 2.8/5 1mil+ Free Visit Black Hat World
9. Wicked Fire 2.5/5 223000 Free Visit Wicked Fire
10. Digital Point 2.3/5 880,000 Free Visit Digital Point
11. CPA Elites 2 134,000 Free Visit CPA Elites

Now that you’ve seen our top, let’s check in to detail each of these forums, their PROs and CONs, membership types, and which answers your needs better.


Dennis started this money-making-centered community in 2006 to help members generate revenue and like-minded money-makers worldwide.

At the time of writing, the community has over 25000 active members and around 700 company representatives who post updates and offer support. Over 20,000 unique visitors also check the site every month.

The good thing is that more topics besides affiliate marketing are discussed on the platform. These topics include cryptocurrencies, forex trading, making money opportunities, gambling, poker & eSports, digital payments, and affiliate marketing.

Aside from the affiliate marketing and finance discussion topics, there is also a blog section with news and guides. Furthermore, users also get chances to win contests regularly on the forum.

TopGoldForum - Affiliate Marketing Forum
TopGoldForum – Affiliate Marketing Forum

TGF has an affiliate program. When you sign up, you get instant access to the affiliates area and enjoy 20 and 25% recurring affiliate commissions on all purchases.

You can get help from the admin, so if you have questions that require a good level of expertise, you can ask in the forums and get a detailed answer.

Top Gold.Forum PROs

  • It is focused on affiliate marketing and money-making methods.
  • You can find opportunities in related industries like cryptocurrencies, forex, and investments.
  • It has an affiliate program that pays 15 and 20% recurring commissions.
  • The admin and moderators team is very active, helpful, and supportive.

Top Gold.Forum CONs

  • The affiliate marketing category could be more active.
  • They could have categorized the information a little bit better.

Top Gold Forum was also awarded as the best online money-making forum.

Membership cost: FREE

Visit Top Gold Forum


The AffLIFT community prides itself on one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing forums, with over 100,000 unique users. It was created in 2018 and has gained much traction in the industry, pulling some of the biggest names and helping marketers answer their questions.

The founder, a renowned affiliate marketer, Luke King, created the forum to fill the market gap.

In his opinion, he noticed that there were free forums with outdated or spam information and others charging too much. So then, he created affLIFT with a $20 per month membership.

afflift - Affiliate Marketing Forum
AffLift – Affiliate Marketing Forum

AffLIFT runs campaigns and provides exclusive affiliate marketing tips and practical tutorials to members while leaving room to ask questions from senior affiliate marketers on the forum.

PROs of AffLIFT Forum

  • Affordable for beginner affiliate marketers.
  • The admin team is very active in answering members’ questions.
  • Gives access to many discounts and deals from the companies.

CONs of AffLift Forum

  • Not very active, especially during weekends.
  • They could have categorized the information a little bit better.

Membership cost: $20/mo, $100/6mo, $350/lifetime

AffLift was also listed on our best online money-making forums list.

Visit AffLIFT Forum

Affiliate World Forum

Affiliate World Forum
Affiliate World Forum

Affiliate World Forum (ex STM forum) started in 2011 as a network marketing hub that provided top-quality information on various affiliate marketing topics. Today, it has gone beyond a platform for information exchange. It is now an active community with many experts, training programs, and conference speech recordings available for the members.

The affiliate marketing industry is vast, but you will find the most known affiliate marketers here.

There are different categories on the platform, and you will find moderators who are experts in their niches. They will ask questions and bring up discussions.

Affiliate World Forum is the most all-rounded community in the affiliate marketing industry. Membership for users costs $99 per month, and company representatives should pay $199 per month.

Affiliate World Forum PROs

  • Get access to local networking events and watch all Affiliate World conference speeches.
  • Get affiliate marketing guides that both seasoned and beginners can benefit from.

Affiliate World Forum CONs

  • The membership fee is expensive for beginner affiliate marketers.
  • Some suggestions and guidelines offered may be questionable.

Membership cost: $99/mo

Visit Affiliate World Forum


AffiliateFix - Affiliate Marketing Forum
Affiliate Marketing Forum – AffiliateFix

AffiliateFix is a free yet comprehensive affiliate marketing forum. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most active forums you can find. That means you cannot only expect to get your industry questions answered, but you will also find engaging members willing to help.

The platform also has a business section that makes finding potential clients and partners in the affiliate marketing industry easy. The admins and moderators regularly provide advice to the community members. The only downside of the platform is a few spam messages. That means that you might have to dig thoroughly sometimes before finding the information you need.

Affiliate Fix PROs

  • One of the most active affiliate marketing forums.
  • Provides excellent tools and resources to learn, grow, and succeed.

Affiliate Fix CONs

  • It is free to join but encourages subscription fees to unlock more features.

Membership cost: FREE

Visit Affiliate Fix Forum


iAmAffiliate is a community of affiliate marketers where you can get one of the best affiliate marketing strategies and support. The platform offers useful resources, including affiliate threads, articles, and tool reviews.

The ‘follow along campaigns’ feature makes iAmAffiliate a unique forum. This initiative allows platform members to follow senior marketers and see how they run their campaigns. The benefits here cannot be overemphasized. Young and old marketers see what it takes to run and execute a campaign.

The platform also offers case studies, tutorials, and a community that enables people to ask and answer pressing questions. It costs $49.95 per month to be a member of iAmAffiliate.

iAmAffiliate Forum PROs

  • You can find many affiliate marketing case studies and tutorials.
  • The admin is very active in the forum, helping its members succeed.

IAmAffiliate Forum CONs

  • It’s pretty expensive for beginner affiliate marketers.
  • It’s relatively new to the world of affiliate marketing.

Membership cost: $49.95/mo, $599/12mo

Visit iAmAffiliate Forum


Affilorama - Affiliate Marketing Forum
Affiliate Marketing Forum – Affilorama

Affilorama is popular for its intensive training series for newbie affiliate marketers. However, it is proud of itself as a forum with a difference, offering free membership. By joining, you will access an affiliate marketing quick-start guide, a downloadable roadmap to success, and up to 120 eat-to-follow video lessons.

The premium membership called AffiloJetpack, which offers additional and specialized resources, costs $997 per year.

Affilorama Forum PROs

  • It has many lessons (articles and videos), tips, and tools for beginners.
  • It covers a wide array of topics to help you understand affiliate marketing.

Affilorama Forum CONs

  • Some of the tutorials and lessons are outdated and don’t work today.

Membership cost: FREE & Premium at $997

Visit Affilorama Forum

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum - Digital Marketing Forum
Warrior Forum – Digital Marketing Forum

With over 700,000 members worldwide, Warrior Forum is one of the oldest affiliate marketing forums. Since 1997, digital marketers have used the platform to share information and tips in the industry. Despite its age, it remains a force in affiliate marketing forums.

You will find everything you are looking for in the digital marketing space platform—from case studies and product reviews to avenues to ask questions from marketing experts. What makes the Warrior forum unique is the special promotion section for marketing tools and services. You can market your products and services on the platform while learning.

It also holds ‘ask me anything’ events to ask questions and direct them to the senior marketers. While a considerable section of the forum is free, it has a paid or premium membership that costs up to $97 per year.

Warrior Forum PROs

  • As the forum is old, you will find a lot of information.

Warrior Forum CONs

  • It isn’t easy to find the information you need.
  • Most of the members want to sell you something (WSOs).

Membership cost: Free, $97/year

Visit Warrior Forum


BlackHatWorld - Black Hat SEO Forum
BlackHatWorld – Black Hat SEO Forum

As its name implies, this forum is all about shady SEO techniques you can use to earn a quick buck online.

The most popular topic is SEO, although members can discuss anything and everything related to affiliate marketing and earning online in general. It’s free to join and participate, but don’t expect pro affiliates to drop by and answer questions.

BlackHat World PROs

  • The community is very active in answering questions.
  • You get access to a vast marketplace where you can order services at reasonable prices.

BlackHat World CONs

  • Some of the methods presented here are, at least, questionable.
  • The affiliate marketing category is not as busy as it used to be.

Membership cost: Free

Access Black Hat World Forum


WickedFire - Affiliate Forum
Affiliate Marketing & BlackHat SEO Forum – WickedFire

WickedFire is a platform that provides several alternative ways to make money online. It is a great affiliate marketing forum covering threads in web development, SEO, design, and many other affiliate marketing strategies.

Wicked Fire PROs

  • Being an aged community, you will find many affiliate marketing veterans there.
  • You get access to a vast marketplace where you can order services at reasonable prices.

Wicked Fire CONs

  • In recent years, the community has lost momentum.
  • Some of the methods presented here are, at least, questionable.

Membership cost: Free

Visit Wicked Fire


DigitalPoint - Digital Marketing Forum
DigitalPoint – Digital Marketing Forum

Another top affiliate marketing forum you should check out is DigitalPoint. It is a community of affiliates that offers advice on search engines, design, development, trade, business, and marketing.

Aside from the various categories with educative content and unique rooms to ask questions and receive answers, DigitalPoint also has the Digital Point Marketplace, which allows its members to buy or sell digital products.

Digital Point Forum PROs

  • The community is still active so that you can get an answer to your questions quickly.
  • You can get help with collateral things like SEO, Social Media, etc

Digital Point Forum CONs

  • Most of the members are newbies.
  • Being a free membership forum, you may get together with untrusted people. Pay attention.

Membership cost: Free

Visit Digital Point Forum

CPA Elites

CPA Elites - CPA Forum
CPA Elites – CPA Forum

The CPA Elites forum is remarkable because it has built a creative and potentially sustainable ecosystem for sharing information about CPA marketing. However, on the negative side, it focuses on CPA affiliate marketing.

CPAElites PROs

  • The community is very active and helpful.
  • Being an aged community, you will find many affiliate marketing veterans there.

CPA Elites CONs

  • You will not get help with other areas of affiliate marketing like content, SEO, and social media.
  • Being a free membership forum, you may get together with untrusted people. Pay attention.
  • It focuses on blackhat/questionable methods.

Membership cost: Free

Visit CPAElites Forum

Affiliate Marketing Forums FAQs

What is an Affiliate Marketing forum?

An Affiliate Forum is a website that offers specific information for affiliate marketers and will teach you new methods to monetize your websites. Contacting the right people can be a game-changer for your affiliate earnings. You can get your questions answered pretty fast and benefit from the mistakes of those who have sought support in the past.

What are the differences between free and paid affiliate marketing forums?

The main difference between a paid affiliate marketing forum and a free one is that the 1st gives access to exclusive affiliate marketing case studies inside and tutorials. Let’s face it: Affiliate marketing is very competitive, and most free methods are outdated or will soon become obsolete. That’s why experienced affiliate marketers do not post them in public communities.

What is the best affiliate marketing forum?

There is no correct or wrong answer to this question. That’s why I’ve presented 11 communities. Check their features, sign up, and find the best, considering your budget, expertise level, and goals. If I would have to recommend some, I will tell you to try AffLIFT, iAmAffiliate, AffiliateFix, and


Finding the most reliable affiliate marketing forums is not easy, especially if you’re a new player in the industry. We hope that our review of the best forums for affiliate marketing can help you find the answers you need and identify the platforms that provide the most to their members.

These forums offer all the help you need, from the correct information to the set of people you need to kickstart your career as an affiliate. This article’s top affiliate marketing forums include the best of the best.

Join one forum or more to learn affiliate marketing strategies, find great business partners, or even make friends with people who share your interests.

What’s the best affiliate marketing forum, in your opinion?

Let us know by adding a comment.

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