Monetization Consultant – I Help You Monetize Your Website Better

Is there a reason why you don’t monetize your website better?

Being a certified digital marketing consultant for over five years, I found out that a vast majority of website owners lose between 25% and 75% of possible revenue each monthYou can’t afford to leave money on the table during these challenging economic times.

Using SEO, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, I’ve increased traffic, leads, and revenue by at least 35% for website owners, just like you.

Curious to find out how much revenue you’re not banking and which digital assets you are wasting? Or how can a monetization consultant help you?

Here is how I help my customers monetize their websites better:

Monetization Methods

Growing Strategies

Affiliate & CPA Marketing

Earnings Optimization

1. Who are you?

I am Daniel Stanica [Linkedin profile ], an international SEO & monetization consultant who has been making a killing online through a network of digital brands for over ten years.

But it wasn’t always like this. My journey started in 2002, from earning $5 per hour creating websites and freelancing, and evolved to making as much as $3000 per day with affiliate marketing and SEO.

From being almost broke to enjoying helping thousands of people globally…and loving it.

Let’s talk about monetizing your website better

2. How Can You Help me?

Over the past ten years, my team and I have helped over 50 online businesses improve their digital presence and increase profits.

I can help you to:

  • Research if an online business idea will be profitable or not.
  • Do a 360% degree check on a market and niche (profitability, competition, opportunities).
  • Evaluate all your digital assets (contacts, audiences, traffic, lists, content) and show how to monetize them.
  • Investigate your monetization strategy and offer growth suggestions.
  • Evaluate your SEO, Content Marketing, and Monetization strategy and improve it.
  • Plan, launch, promote and grow your affiliate marketing program.
  • Do digital competitive intelligence for both affiliate program owners and publishers.
  • Answer all your questions related to SEO & Affiliate marketing and offer actionable advice.

I would like to help you get clarity

3. Benefits of working with a monetization consultant

Working with me has several benefits that you will not find anywhere else. That’s because I’ve developed the consultancy process to be actionable and to offer insights that will grow your business.

Here are several benefits you will enjoy by working with me:

  • You will know if an online business idea is profitable before investing in it.
  • You will find out how much money you leave on the table every month.
  • Get actionable advice on what you should and shouldn’t do next to achieve results.
  • Achieve clarity on your SEO & Affiliate marketing plans.
  • Flexible appointment options (Date, time, and conferencing solution).
  • Ask as many questions as you like and leave with your questions answered.
  • Receive an actionable conclusion paper at the end of the meeting.

4. Why Choose Me As Your Consultant?

While I like to think that client results and testimonials speak for themselves. There are a few specific reasons why you should choose me as your SEO & Affiliate marketing consultant:

  • Have a solid online business background rooted in sales & marketing.
  • Know how to build and scale businesses with SEO & Affiliate marketing.
  • Know how to lead and educate teams, including process creation & management.
  • Enjoy helping you grow and see you succeed.
  • Take the guesswork out of SEO to focus on doing your best.
  • Use actionable data and do the research live using premium tools (Semrush, Ahrefs, GA, etc.).
  • I am honest, upfront, and realistic.

Plus… you’ll get access to the results of all of my SEO & Affiliate marketing experiments and guides and learnings.

5. Certifications

Daniel Stanica - Monetization Consultant
 Daniel Stanica - Monetization Consultant
 Daniel Stanica - Monetization Consultant

6. Industries and Expertise

Each industry or niche has its particularities. That’s why working with someone who knows your business is mandatory.

As a monetization consultant, I have extensive expertise in growing and monetizing the following niches:

  • Financial Services (Forex, Blockchain, Venture Capital, etc.)
  • Publishing
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • SaaS
  • eSports & Gambling

Let’s talk about monetizing your website better

7. Customers & Reviews

I helped more than 50 companies to meet their digital marketing KPIs. Here are several of them:

Financial Services

SaxoBank - Client of Daniel, monetization consultant
eToro - Client of Daniel, monetization consultant
Propel Venture Partners - Client of Daniel, monetization consultant
FBS Online Forex Broker
InstaForex - Instant Forex Trading

Digital Marketing & SaaS

SEMrush Review
NinjaOutreach - Outreach tool



Gambling & Affiliate Marketing


Below you can see several reviews our customers wrote for us. Check the entire list on Trustpilot (97% out of 100 from 40 reviews).

Review for Daniel - Monetization consultant
Review for Daniel - Monetization consultant

8. Results

Case study 1 – SEO & Strategy

One of our customers tried to get his website ranked for the keywords he aimed for for almost one year. In our 1st consultation session on January 15, I checked the niche, inspected the website for technical flaws, figured out the keywords he should aim for, and outlined the topic clusters.

After the client fixed the issues and followed our recommended best practices, in our second session on February 15, I outlined the backlink earning process and the monetization strategy. After four months, the client’s website now ranks for over 1900 keywords, getting more than 100 unique visitors daily.

Case study 2 – Monetization with Affiliate Marketing

On, we’ve started to receive several hundred visitors each month on our SEO guides for WordPress. These visitors were small business entrepreneurs who didn’t want to purchase our SEO services but rather optimize their websites on their own.

To monetize this audience, we did some research to find relevant DIY SEO products.  I signed up for the SEOPress affiliate program, and then we created a guide and promoted it smartly by driving traffic to the deal page.

The conversion rate is 23.27%, meaning that one out of four visitors who check purchase it.

9. Book a consultation session with Daniel

Daniel enables clients to achieve breakthrough results through SEO, Content marketing, and affiliate marketing in even the most competitive niches. Clients choose to work with Daniel for his direct, no-nonsense approach to success.

60/240/480 Minutes (1-on-1) session with Daniel

  • Zoom/ Google meet / Skype Video conference.
  • Flexible appointment options (Select after ordering).
  • Get unstuck, and achieve clarity on your digital marketing plans.
  • I do the research live using premium tools.
  • You can ask as many questions as you like.
  • Leave with your questions answered.
  • Receive an actionable conclusion paper at the end.

Monetization Consultation Prices:

  • 60 Minutes Session: $199
  • 4 x 60 Minutes sessions: $676 (15% discount)
  • 8 x 60 Minutes sessions: $1194 (25% discount)
  • Group sessions & Larger Packages: Contact me first.


“Daniel and the team were fantastic to work with. Their communications were easy to understand and well-formatted. I found them to be very thorough and helpful for getting our website to function significantly better.” – Krista Peters, Propel. VC


Please contact us by filling out the contact form or email us at contact(@) (remove the brackets).

10. FAQ for a Monetization Consultant

#1. What does a monetization consultant do?

A monetization consultant will help you to overcome any monetization problems to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your website.

This often means creating a monetization strategy, identifying monetization issues, and implementing it.

They will also make specific recommendations, review the implementation, and ensure that everything is on track to increase your website’s profits.

#2. Why do I need a monetization consultant?

Hiring a monetization consultant will allow you to stop wasting resources trying to figure out what is working and if you are moving in the right direction in line with current best practices.

The online monetization landscape is constantly changing, with multiple Google updates per year, and you need someone who has their finger on the pulse.

An experienced monetization consultant will design a strategy that aligns perfectly with your budget and business goals to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

#3. What makes you unique?

Well, there are several things that set me apart from other consultancy service providers:

  • I am SEMrush, HubSpot, and Google certified.
  • Everything I do and recommend has been tested in the field for multiple customers,
  • I am open and honest about my work. Read my guides to see precisely how we do things and bring results.

#4. What guarantees can you give me?

No one can give you any results-based warranty.

Even though I have an excellent track record of helping people increase their website profits and running my network of websites, I can not guarantee profits for you.

That is quite simply because the web is a continually evolving space. Google algorithms change constantly, the competition is growing, and the audience is continually evolving. And most importantly, it’s up to you if you implement our advice. If you don’t decide to take action, you will not see improvements.

But what I can guarantee is that:

  • I am honest, upfront, and realistic.
  • I am present, available, and contactable.
  • Delivering results and improving KPIs are my focus.
  • Data and experience drive all the advice I’m giving.
  • I am here to help you grow your business.
  • I have two decades of experience.

#5. How will I be billed?

A monetization consultation session with Daniel costs $199/h. You will only be billed for the time we spend on the calls. You can order a package of 4 hours or one of 8 hours and consume them when you want. You can book one every week/month/day or all four in one session. For larger orders or group sessions, contact me first.

I will not bill you for the time it takes to investigate or prepare the next steps in communication. If you have any custom requirements, please get in touch.

#6. Still have questions. How I can contact you?

You may contact me through the project request form or directly by sending us an email at contact{at}

I am passionate about what I do and would love to tell you more and answer your questions.

Many website owners lose, each month, between 25% and 75% of possible revenue. Do you want to monetize your website better? Hire me as your monetization consultant and let's make more money.
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