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Our digital magazine is read by thousands of internet users every month, and most of them are engaged in making money online and digital marketing.

Monetize.info Advertising Options

We offer four advertising options for your business: native articles, reviews, sponsored mentions, email to subscribers, banner ads, and interviews. For maximum exposure and conversions, contact us to create a personalized offer tailored to your needs.

1. Native Articles

Our 120,000 yearly readers want to read about your company and your services. That’s because the article will be tailored especially for our audience and their interests. This means higher conversions for you.

If you understand the power of content marketing and want to spread the word about your company and your products without being afraid the content will not be top-notch, or Google will devaluate it, you should try our native articles.

Usually, we amplify the reach of the native articles with email newsletters to our 120K readers and PPC campaigns. Contact us for details.

Benefits & Features of the Monetize.info Native Articles

  • Tone & Format: 1,500 to 2,000-word article written especially for our audience.
  • Availability: For most of the niches, including finance and gambling.
  • SE Rankings: Ranks for keywords and send ranking signals to the company’s website.
  • Social Media Promotion: On all our accounts that have 50k followers, for one year.
  • External backlinks: We can link to your website and useful resources.
  • Internal backlinks: Min. 4, from other related articles.
  • Custom featured image: Yes
  • Updates: The content is updated at a max of 8 months to maintain its relevance and ranks. (unique)
  • Permanent links: The article will never be deleted or altered. We host articles for over 10 years already.
  • SEO & Visual optimization: We do ON-page SEO for each article.
  • Fast indexation: Yes, We make sure your article is indexed fast in Google.
  • Company promotion: Yes, It may contain promotional text and links.
  • Targeting: Three to four UTM links in the article.
  • Support: We assist you with your requests on time. You may contact us here.

Examples of native articles: 

2. Review of Products & Services

We not only write comprehensive reviews, but we also share tutorials and guides explaining how to use your product or service. To date, we published more than 20 exclusive product reviews. Check the examples below.

Examples of product and services reviews: 

SEMrush Product Review Case Study

Semrush ordered a review for their suite of tools on our website, Monetize.info (You can read it here). In less than one year, we generated 2655 review views, 343 visitors to the Semrush website, 20 signups, 8 sales, and total revenue of $2000. This is over 600% ROI of their advertising campaign in the first year that will continue to improve year after year.

You can see the stats from their affiliate program in the picture below, where we generated $800 in commissions. As they pay 40% affiliate commissions, we generated $2000 in the first year of publishing the review. We can do it for you too.

SEMrush Product Review Campaign Results
SEMrush Product Review Campaign Results
Affiliate Program Conversion Stats
Affiliate Program Conversion Stats

In the second picture, there are the stats of another tool we reviewed for the Monetize.info audience. We have an awesome 22.70% conversion rate: 74 sales from 326 visits.

Do you consider your product/service fits our audience? Contact us, and we will reply with a detailed offer.

3.Email to our subscribers

We will send a dedicated newsletter to all our double opt-in members about your product/service.

There are a little over 25,000 active subscribers. We have a strict policy regarding our members’ emails, so the newsletter must be approved by our staff before ordering.

4. Sponsored mentions/resources

On the homepage, we have a place for 10 businesses/websites that we would like to recommend to our readers. These mentions get the most traffic and link juice, as are homepage mentions.

If you want to see your business listed there and benefit from all the traffic and authority benefits, contact us.

5. Banner Ads

We are offering the following advertising spaces.

  • 728×90 Header & Footer – $290/month (Max. exposure)
  • 728×90 below Header – $190/month
  • 468×60 below Article – $160/month
  • 300×250 Sidebar – $160/month (sticky)

We set up the banner ads not be blocked by adblockers (by default) so you will get maximum exposure.

6. Interviews

We enjoy interviewing entrepreneurs, bloggers, and people that have an interesting journey in the online entrepreneurship world.  If you have an interesting story and/or product for our audience, we’d like to interview you, so feel free to send a request.

Interview with Neil Patel
Interview with Neil Patel
Interview with Craig Campbell
Interview with Craig Campbell
Interview with Rand Fishkin
Interview with Rand Fishkin

User profile & Traffic stats

monetizeInfo Traffic Stats
monetizeInfo Traffic Stats

If your offering products or services that target entrepreneurs, freelancers, individuals that want to monetize their skills or hobbies, we have the perfect audience for you.

Our readers are interested in:

  • Generate income online
  • Financial Services
  • Affiliate marketing & CPA
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • …and all other related niches.

Contact us to send you a detailed media kit for monetize.info that includes traffic stats, demographics and traffic sources.

Companies we helped already

In a little over 3 years, we helped more than 50 companies to amplify their reach through content marketing and online advertising. Here are several of them:

Financial Services

Propel Venture Partners
FBS Online Forex Broker
InstaForex - Instant Forex Trading

Digital Marketing & SaaS

SEMrush Review
NinjaOutreach - Outreach tool



Gambling & Affiliate Marketing


Our reviews:

Below you can see several reviews our customers wrote for us. Check the entire list on Trustpilot (97% out of 100 from 32 reviews).

Let’s talk about your project

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We’ll be glad to guide you on every step making sure everything works for you as expected.

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