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A review of your product or service on is the perfect way to showcase your business to a new audience and generate traffic, backlinks, and sales for years. Order a review now!

Our 150,000 yearly readers may want to read about your business and what you can do for them. That’s because our reviews are tailored especially for our audience and their interests (affiliate marketing, digital marketing, startups, e-commerce). Besides that, they rank on the first two pages of Google after we write them. For you, this means higher conversions.

Usually, we amplify the reach of the reviews with email newsletters to our 20K subscribers and with PPC campaigns. Contact us for details.

Benefits of our reviews

Here are the  most important benefits & features of reviews:

  • Audience: 200K visitors every year interested in affiliate marketing, websites, e-commerce, and monetization.
  • Permanent placement: The article will never be deleted or altered. We have hosted reviews for over ten years already.
  • Multilingual audience: Each one is translated into 10+ languages and ranked in Google.
  • Tone & Format: 2,500+ word and written primarily to our audience for maximum conversions.
  • SE Rankings: Ranks for keywords and sends SEO ranking signals and leads to your website.
  • Social Media Promotion: On all our accounts that have 50k followers.
  • External backlinks: We can link to your website and valuable informational resources on your blog.
  • Updates: The content is updated at 12 months to maintain relevance and rank. (unique)
  • SEO & Visual Optimization: We do ON-page SEO for each article.
  • Fast indexation: We ensure your article is indexed fast in Google.
  • Targeting: The article has three to four UTM links so you can track the traffic effectively.
  • Promotion: We will syndicate the review to 3 other blogs and communities.
  • Addons: We can combine the review with a dedicated email to the list, sponsored guide, or tutorial.
  • Support: We assist you with your requests on time. You may contact us here.

Performance results of our reviews

Most of our reviews rank on the 1st page of Google, with many ranking in the 1st top 3 positions. This means that your potential buyers who will most likely purchase it will read it. We review products following the Google guidelines and our framework that improve sales.

Here are the results:

Product Review Case Study – Semrush

Semrush ordered a review for their SEO suite of tools on our website, (You can read it here).

SEMrush Product Review Campaign Results
SEMrush Product Review Campaign Results

In less than one year, we generated 2655 review views, 343 visitors to the Semrush website, 20 signups, eight sales, and a total $2000.

This is over 600% ROI of their advertising campaign in the first year that will continue to improve yearly.

You can see the stats from their affiliate program in the picture below, where we generated $800 in commissions.

As they pay 40% affiliate commissions, we generated $2000 in the first year of publishing the review. We can do it for you too.

Product Reviews Examples

We not only write comprehensive reviews, but we also share tutorials and guides explaining how to use your product or service. To date, we have published more than 50 exclusive product reviews. Here are some of them:

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Examples of reviews we published:

Here are several reviews that help our customers spread the word about their products and services.


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Our reviews

Below, you can see several reviews our customers wrote for us. Check the entire list on Trustpilot (97% out of 100 from 32 reviews).

Our Reviews FAQ

Here are the most frequent questions we get about our reviews. Click on the question to slide the answer.

What kind of businesses is your audience interested in? is a niche community. We aim to gather people who want to monetize their assets (primarily websites) through affiliate marketing, selling products and services, or display advertising.

From this point of view, we do not see the point of reviewing random products or services that are not related. You can ask for a review if your business has something to do with affiliate marketing, online earning, monetization, e-commerce, SEO, and website creation and management.

Can you give me some stats about affiliate marketing magazine receives around 20,000 page views every month, and it is constantly growing. Most of our traffic comes from Google. We have a very targeted and loyal audience looking for affiliate marketing and digital marketing tips. You have the chance to put yourself in front of a primed audience that is ready to invest in top-quality products and services.

How much costs to have my product or service reviewed on

We charge $849 to review and publish your product and service on The price includes a detailed product or service review, topic research, alternative analysis, content writing, formatting, lifetime publishing, on-page SEO, and content updates. You can complement the article with an email blast to our 21K email subscribers’ list, a press release, or a PPC campaign that will drive more traffic and leads.

I found a better review deal on another site. Can you match it?

We are aware more websites do product and service reviews. However, few publishers can match our experience reviewing digital marketing products. Most of the time, our reviews get to page 1 rankings, even for competitive products, so they get seen by potential customers.

Also, we publish up to three reviews per month and update the content regularly as ours, so it’s sending leads and SEO juice constantly to your site. So you can decide which kind of placements you want. That being said, our prices are firm.

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