ODYS Global Review
ODYS Global Review

ODYS.Global Review – How to get great domains for niche websites

In our previous article, How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Blog and Grow it to $100K, I offered you a complete roadmap on creating and growing an affiliate marketing blog up to $100K in value. In the following ODYS.Global review I will help you save hundreds of hours of SEO and link-building work. On top of that, you will also save at least several thousand dollars in link building, branding, and content costs.

After reading our ODYS Global review, you will know why premium domains are important for SEO, how to spot a premium domain name, how to use ODYS.global to acquire a great domain name, and how you can make more money with premium domains.

#1. Why are premium-aged domains important?

There are several reasons you should aim for a premium domain name instead of starting a website with a brand new one. Below are six reasons I chose to purchase aged domain names instead of brand new ones when I start a business.

1.1 Start with hundred or even thousands of quality, relevant backlinks

Domains that existed as actual businesses in the past have hundreds or even thousands of quality and relevant backlinks pointing to them. Some of these backlinks are from high-quality websites like CNN, BBC, Forbes, and Governmental authorities, which will be almost impossible (or very expensive) to create for a business you launch.

Below is an example of a premium domain available to purchase on ODYS.Global for less than $600. If you want to create the five backlinks I’ve outlined from scratch, you will have to spend at least $4000 without any guarantee of obtaining them. (talking about Wikipedia here).

1.2 Age domain counts in SEO

Domain Age is a ranking factor & Google cares about your indexed age. Check the answer of Matt Cuts regarding the domain age factor. He says domain age is a ranking factor that is not very important but still counts.

1.3 Traffic

Traffic is an essential aspect of your online business, and you should not neglect it. Aged domains still may carry traffic from people who remember the domain address or follow an old link and visit the website.

1.4 Content

If you purchase an old domain, you have an excellent chance to recover its content using services like Archive.org. This website backups up the internet by indexing websites. You should retrieve the content and recreate the articles using the same niche domain name. You will get traffic from Google and the link juice of the backlinks created for those articles.

1.5 Short & Easy to spell, brand-able domain name

As I’ve already told you best domain names are already taken. It isn’t easy to find a nice one at a reasonable price. However, hunting for aged domains can find short, easy-to-spell, and brand-able domains.

These are domains registered by businesses that went down or by people registered to build a business but never did.

1.6 An aged domain is an asset

Most Expensive Domains according to Wikipedia
Most Expensive Domains according to Wikipedia

If you read the five reasons listed above, I think you already understand that an aged domain is a powerful asset.

Here are, according to Wikipedia, the most expensive domain names that have been sold till now.

Having an aged premium domain is valuable. If you’ve owned a domain for a long time, it has substantial value.

Make sure you will not LOSE IT! If you’re starting a new website and purchasing a brand-new domain, understand that acquiring the backlinks, branding capital, and ranking the new site will take much more money, time, and work.

If you want to resell the domain for a fast profit instead of building a niche website, you should acquire it and put it for sale on domain marketplaces like Flippa, Godaddy Auctions, Sedo, etc. Depending on the value of the domain and your negotiation skills, you can make at least 1,5x – 2x of what you paid for the domain.

Check our guide on how to make money with aged domains for some tips that will help you:

How to Make Money With Aged Domains
How to Make Money With Aged Domains

Now that you know how a premium-aged domain can help you let me show you how to get one on Odys Global:

#2. What is ODYS GLOBAL?

Odys.Global is a digital marketing company which focuses on selling premium domain names. They check the domain marketplaces to find quality domains looking to expire and actively bid on auctions to secure them. After they acquire and secure the domains, they recreate the brand and put them for sale.

ODYS - Domainate Online
ODYS – Dominate Online

By getting an account on ODYS.Global, you will get access to their entire inventory of aged domains.

At the moment, Odys.Global is an invitation-only service. That’s because they want to screen the persons with access to their domain inventory and keep the unwanted eyes off the domains. You can fill the form on their website and wait for the screening or join with our invitation code that most probably will ensure you a higher chance of access, as you come from a reputable source 🙂

Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code
-> Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code

After you get your account activated, you must filter the domains by niche, SEO metrics, price, and TLD, select the one you like, and purchase it. In a couple of hours, they will contact you with the details to transfer the domain ownership to you.

#3. ODYS.GLOBAL Features

Now that you know what ODYS.Global is and how it can help you, let’s get into more details about its unique features. Everything happens in your dashboard, where you have powerful filters to narrow down their inventory.

Speaking about inventory, at the moment of writing the ODYS.GLOBAL review consists of 960 premium domains. When you read, the review may depend more or less on how many have been bought and how many new domains they acquired on auctions.

ODYS - Dashboard Overview
ODYS – Dashboard Overview

3.1 ODYS Filtering capabilities

As ODYS. Global has quite a considerable domain inventory would be challenging to find the domain that fits your needs without good filtering capabilities.

Filters you can use to filter the domain names:

  • Industry – There are 70 niches covered at the moment of writing: Pets, Farming, Entertainment, Art, Dating, Relationships, Finance, Food, Kitchen, Tech, Travel, Beauty, Fashion, VR/AR Tech, Quiz, Environment, Energy, Wedding, three letter domains, Business, Guns, Hunting, Organization, Project, Gits, Shopping, News, Alcohol, Consultancy, Jobs/Careers, Israel, Short domains, Marketing, Local, Gardening, Gaming, Sports, Kids, Toys, Branding, Adult, Marijuana/CBD, Tarot, Rehab, Cryptocurrency, SEO, Survival, Prepping, Outdoor, Recreation, Law, Health, Hearing Aids, Startup Names, Numeric, Real Estate, Auto/Moto, Self-improvement, Coaching, Education, Science, Home, Nutrition, Family, Parenting, Gambling, Betting.
  • Language – There are 22 languages supported, so if you are looking for local domains, you are covered as well: English, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Greek, Latvian, Korean, Romanian, Indonesian, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Price – You can select a min and a max price to filter the domain inventory.
  • Top-Level Domain – You can filter the domains by their extension (us, org, com, net, io, cc, etc.).
  • Monthly traffic – If the domain’s traffic is essential, you can select a min traffic level. At the moment of writing, three domains get over 1000 visits per month.
  • SEO – There are 3 SEO metrics you can use to filter the domains: AGE (I’ve already explained to you why this is mandatory for SEO already), Domain rank, and referring domains (unique backlinks).

3.2 Searching and Ordering Capabilities

If you are looking for a specific domain name keyword, you can use the searching capability to spot the desired one easily. Also, you can use the ordering function to list the domains by price or alphabetically.

ODYS - Search option
ODYS – Search option

3.3 Domain details

Another great functionality of Odys.Global is the domain details page.

Here you have all the essential details and metrics of the domain, plus the research about the niche and monetization angles you can use.

3.3.1 Domain info and purchase details

ODYS - Domain details
ODYS – Domain details

3.3.2 Monetization Angles

The monetization angles tab shows you several ways to make money with the domain name by creating an affiliate website. Checking the recommendations of ODYS. Global team, I find them trustworthy, so you should consider them.

ODYS.Global - Domain monetization angles
ODYS.Global – Domain monetization angles

3.3.3 SEO details

The following tabs give you detailed SEO information like domain age, backlinks, and SEO metrics. The image below shows that this domain got some excellent backlinks from TechCrunch, VentureBeat.com, AvantBrowser.com, and other powerful domains.

ODYS - Domain Backlinks
ODYS – Domain Backlinks
ODYS - Domain SEO Metrics
ODYS – Domain SEO Metrics

3.3.4 Market research

The market insights tab gives you more insight into the industry and the domain’s niche. With this information, you will forecast the industry growth and what products and services you should add to your website to maximize profits.

ODYS - Market insights
ODYS – Market insights

I recommend you further check the domain using Arhive.org (for the content), Semrush (for traffic graph and possible penalties), and Majestic for backlinks. Afterwards, you must add the domain to the cart and checkout to secure it.

3.4 Notifications

One not-so-well-known feature of ODYS is the notification of new domains. Select the niche you are interested in from the filters and click on the bell icon. You will get an email notification every time the ODYS team adds new domains that match your selected niche.

Get notified when new domains are added
Get notified when new domains are added.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can easily click on the bell icon again; it will be turned off.

3.5 Pre-orders

Pre-orders are a paid option that allows you to request particular domains and get to review them before everyone else in the marketplace.

Pre-ordering gives you the ultimate privilege to review exclusive domains before they reach the standard marketplace. You get the chance to be the first before everyone else, BUT you also get 10% off for every domain that matches your requirements. Every single time.

No more panic logging to ODYS daily. You fully own the process now.

Pre-Orders Pricing Plans
Pre-Orders Pricing Plans

The preorder packages come with a money-back guarantee. Odys.Global promises to refund the monthly subscription cost to your ODYS balance when you can’t find the domain you need.

3.6 Support

One of the nicest features of ODYS Global is its support department. I was impressed by how fast they replied to all my questions. After purchase, I get an email from them with the details I need to transfer and secure the domain in my name in a couple of hours.

ODYS - Support
ODYS – Support

#4. PROs and CONs of ODYS Global

Now that you know exactly what ODYS Global is and what the features of their service is time to analyze the PROs and CONs:

ODYS. Global PROs:

  • Many premium domain names are available.
  • All the domains have quality backlinks pointing to them.
  • Easy search tools (name, TLD, price, age, backlinks, SEO metrics).
  • Strong research for each domain (niche, content, old website).
  • It’s free to join and access their premium domains inventory.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • Lucrative affiliate program and multiple bonuses.

ODYS.Global CONs:

  • Premium domains mean high starting price points. (cheapest one is $650 atm).
  • Not enough educative content on how to use these domains for maximum benefits.

Considering all these, ODYS is a robust domain marketplace, and you should consider it a good source of premium domains.

Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code
Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code

#5. ODYS Global Discounts

There are no discounts campaigns active right now.

#6. ODYS.GLOBAL Alternatives

This ODYS Global review will not be complete without showing you the alternatives.

There are several ways you can grab great premium-aged domains. Of course, you can check the domain marketplaces like Godaddy Auctions, DynaDot auctions, and other marketplaces to find domains. But there are several pain points. You will have to manually check the trademark’s directories or risk having your domain confiscated. Check the backlink profile, previous content, and traffic flow over time to identify Google penalties. Then bid for the domain in the hope you will get it for a fair price.

6.1 Aged domains tools

Another option is to use Spamzilla or Domain Hunter Gatherer tools that scrape the auctions for you and list the domains. Yet you will still have to do extensive research and participate in the auctions to grab the domains.

From my experience, as I’ve acquired over 50 domains on auctions, you should consider at least 2 hours per domain for research plus investing in SEO tools like Semrush to get all the details you need to see if the domain is a good investment. You will need another 1-2 hours for the auctions because many bidders raise the price on premium domains.

Considering all these, I consider ODYS a nice alternative to the hard work I’ve described above.

#7. Affiliate program

You will automatically be enrolled in their affiliate program when you get your account approved on the ODYS marketplace. When you invite someone, you will get 5% each time they top up their account, paid instantly to your ODYS balance. You can use these funds as discounts for your further purchases.

ODYS - Affiliate program
ODYS – Affiliate program

You can use your personal link on your blog or enter your friends’ email addresses and send the invitation personally right from the dashboard.

#8. What others are saying about ODYS

ODYS quite shocked the affiliate marketing industry with its innovative service. That’s why you will find many reviews of the service online. Craig Campbell [interview with Craig Campbell here], one of the best out-of-the-box affiliate marketers out there, was promoting the service and did a review about them. I invite you to watch it.

One thing that I liked was the perfect 5/5 review score of ODYS on Trustpilot. At the moment of writing, they have 20 excellent reviews.

ODYS - TrustPilot Reviews
ODYS – TrustPilot Reviews

Before making any purchase, I invite you to recheck their Trust Pilot profile to ensure everything will work smoothly and there are no issues.


What is ODYS Global?

ODYS Global has been around for a while. An internet marketing company specializing in Premium Domains and Done for You affiliate sites, helping people kickstart their affiliate marketing campaigns by offering a nice marketplace where you can check all the available inventory.

What does ODYS stand for?

ODYS stands for” Our Domains Your SEO” they are a premium domain seller, and people in the SEO industry use their skills with their domains or done for you sites to build up their affiliate marketing portfolio.

How to make money with ODYS?

There are three ways to make money with Odys.Global:

  1. The primary way to make money with ODYS is to buy a premium aged domain from their inventory, start an affiliate marketing website, and flip it.
  2. If you don’t want to invest time and money in building a site, you can flip (purchase and resell) domain names on marketplaces like Flippa or private investors. Check our guide on how to make money with aged domains.
  3. The 3rd way to make money is to join the Odys affiliate program. You will get 5% for every payment or deposit your referrals make for a lifetime.

#10. ODYS.Global Review Conclusion

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate you for reading our entire ODYS review. Now you know why premium domains are essential for SEOhow to spot a good premium domain name, and how to use ODYS.global to acquire a great domain name.

Once again, here is our invitation link that you can use to get a free account on ODYS.Global and activate t so you can watch their entire domain portfolio.

Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code
–> Join ODYS Global with our Invitation Code

Your call now. What’s your opinion on this service? Are you planning to use it? Do you have any questions, or do you need help? Write a comment, and I will timely answer. That’s because I have good faith in ODYS and the quality of their service.

Affiliate disclosure

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” I will receive an affiliate commission if you click on the link and purchase the item. You will still pay the same amount, so there is no extra cost. I am disclosing this under the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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