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Is there a reason why you don’t monetize your website better?

Working with my clients, I found out that a vast majority of website owners lose between 25% and 75% of possible revenue each monthIn these hard economic times, you can’t afford to leave money on the table.

Using SEO, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, I’ve increased traffic, leads, and revenue by at least 35% for website owners, just like you.

Curious to find how I can improve your online business?

Here is how I help my customers increase leads and revenue:

#1. Who are you?

I’m Daniel, and my journey started from earning $5 per hour creating websites in 2002 doing freelancing to making now as much as $3000 per day with affiliate marketing and SEO.

From being almost broke to enjoying helping thousands of people globally…and loving it.

Over the past ten years, Daniel and the team that runs magazine have helped over 50 online businesses to improve their digital presence and increase profits.

Let’s talk about growing your business

#2. How You Can Help me?

[1] I can be your digital marketing consultant doing consultancy, answering your questions, giving actionable advice, and doing the strategy, planning, and budgeting to achieve your goals. You can do the implementation in-house, hire an agency or work with my incredible team. The choice is yours.

[2]  We can grow your website using innovative and cost-effective SEO, Content Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing. 

Here are our services:

2.1 Website Monetization

I enjoy helping digital publishers, website owners, and bloggers like you to make more money on their websites and content.

I will investigate your niche and audit your website, content, traffic, and income streams. With this info, I will test and optimize the best monetization methods for you.

Monetization Consulting Service

2.2 Affiliate Marketing

In a struggling economy like today’s one, Affiliate and CPA marketing are among the best ways to generate revenue because you pay or get paid only when you generate sales.

I help you plan and consult, set up an affiliate program, join an affiliate network, and promote the affiliate program to get affiliates on board and generate sales on autopilot.

Affiliate Consulting Service

2.3 SEO (Google, Bing, Yandex)

My proven SEO framework (IFGO®) helps your website get more traffic, leads, and sales at competitive prices. I know what works and what doesn’t.

I will Investigate (Audit Website, Backlinks, Content, and Competitors), Fix (OnSite SEO), Grow (Content and Backlinks Creation), and Optimize (Improve conversions) your business to get leads and sales.

2.4 Content Marketing

According to stats, more than 91% of marketers use content marketing to reach customers. Besides SEO benefits, it helps you educate your leads and drive more sales.

I will evaluate your content marketing efforts and create a content plan focused on your products or services that will constantly drive sales. Also, we will enrich it with content upgrades, quizzes, and CTAs.

Let’s talk about growing your business

#3. Certifications

#4. Niches and Expertise

I have extensive expertise in the following niches:

  • SaaS – Software as a Service Providers,
  • Financial Services (Forex, Venture Capital, etc)
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • eSports & Gambling

#5. Customers & Reviews:

We helped more than 50 companies to meet their digital marketing KPIs. Here are several of them:

Financial Services

Propel Venture Partners
FBS Online Forex Broker
InstaForex - Instant Forex Trading

Digital Marketing & SaaS

SEMrush Review
NinjaOutreach - Outreach tool



Gambling & Affiliate Marketing


Below you can see several reviews our customers wrote for us. Check the entire list on Trustpilot (97% out of 100 from 40 reviews).

#7. Inquiry about your services

If you have a question about your services, contact us using the form below and tell us more. We will get back to you in max three business days.

Contact us

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#8. FAQ

#1. Who’s the team that’s running digital marketing agency is running Daniel, MediaDigi’s CEO, has been doing digital marketing for over ten years, helping customers win the digital rage.

#2. What makes you guys special?

Well, there are several things that set us apart from other service providers. [1] Daniel and the team members are SEMrush, HubSpot, and Google certified. Second, everything we do have been tested in the field for multiple customers, and 3rd, we are open and honest about our work. Read our guides to see exactly how we do things and bring results.

#3. When I will start seeing results?

Depending on the service you order, there are different result paths. For each of them, we offer a clear roadmap of work and expected results. Contact us for details.

#4. What are your charges?

A consultation with Daniel costs $99/h, and the SEO work done by Daniel and the team costs $59/h.

#5. What are your payment terms?

For consultancy, the payment should be made upfront. For SEO, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing, after you agree with the estimate and the project roadmap, we request a 45% deposit to start working. The other 45% must be paid before sending the deliverables, while the rest of the 10% can be paid after the project is completed.

#6. Still have questions. How I can contact you?

You may contact us through the project request form or directly by sending us an email at contact{at} We are passionate about what we are doing and would love to tell you more and answer your questions.
Many website owners lose, each month, between 25% and 75% of possible revenue. Do you want to monetize your website better? Hire me as your monetization consultant and let's make more money.
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