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Affiliate Marketing Sales
Affiliate Marketing Sales

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Make Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale in 7 Steps

In order to ensure a stable income, you have to indulge yourself into affiliate marketing. With so much things to offer that promises opportunities and almost unlimited income, it is true that this is really undeniable.

However, learning its dynamics, just like other work, does not happen overnight.

Of course, it takes determination and willingness to spend everything that you have-time, money, and efforts, you can ensure that you are ready to accept the challenge and the perks affiliate marketing has.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

To succeed in this approach, critical steps must be done and taken before receiving the affiliate rewards.

Let this article provide you the stuff that you need to do to get you prepared.

7 Steps to Become an Affiliate Marketing Pro

To know more about affiliate marketing, we broke the whole process into seven things to guide you, as a beginner, on the various stuff about it. Sticking to these guides will get you on the right track and have your own earnings in no short time.

The Niche

Before deciding on the other matters, you have to think about first your targeted niche. It must be done so that you know what site are you going to fix your eyes on.

And just like the cliché “the first thing is the hardest” says, this is also the hardest and annihilating part of all the steps. But we got you covered.

If you haven’t decided about your niche, take a look at these key questions you have to ponder while identifying your niche:

What are my passions?

You can start by knowing your skills and interests since there is an easiness to work if you are dealing on what your passions are. Moreover, it is in your passion where you are more familiar than anything else, so that will definitely make everything easier.

Can this niche provide me income?

Aside from following your passion, another thing to consider is the probability of producing money in that particular niche. That is why sometimes, people give up their passion and choose subject they are not familiar with if that will not give them the income they need.

What are the topics I can comfortably write about for 25 blogs or more?

A successful affiliate marketer must have ensured that he has an authoritative site, well-established search engine optimization to serve his end-user well. You can gain that by having a strong topic to discuss on.

One of the best tactics to gain authority backlinks and improve your SEO rankings is to guest post on other blogs. You should use a guest posting tool like Outreach.buzz to find relevant and highliy authority blogs to guest post on.

Outreach.Buzz - Find relevant blogs in your industry
Outreach.Buzz – Find relevant blogs in your industry

In order for you to produce a lot of good-quality content, the subjects you choose should be profound so you can have more topics to discuss about it. An insufficient and not relatable content in any topic will make you an unreliable affiliate marketer, and it will hard for you to convince someone to invest from you.

Does this niche need another affiliate marketer?

Before indulging yourself to very popular niche, ensure if there is a space for you there, and if you are ready to compete especially in well-established marketers which is not advisable for you as a newbie. Do not get tired of looking for profitable niches that will work for you.

Is this niche has interesting products and services to offer?

Aside from an interesting content, you should ensure that it has a relatable products or services to your audience. It is not enough that they can read and get your message, but you should convince them to purchase to you as well.

Is this niche have available affiliate programs?

Before choosing this particular niche, you must know if there are affiliate programs for it. Any niche, no matter how popular it is, cannot produce sales if it does not have affiliate programs supporting it. If it doesn’t, then try to look for other niches.

We use Affiliate Programs Labs to find suitable affiliate programs as it has hundreds of affiliate programs in different niches you can choose from.

The Affiliate Programs

After making up your mind on the niche, next step is to do research about its affiliate programs and products to promote.

Here are some of the key points:

Merchants used

This will help you keep track of your success or failure on that particular program.

Your Commission

Sign up for profitable programs, with enough return in on investment.

  • CPA (cost-per-action) programs- over $1 commissions, without too much restrictions on promoting their products
  • Physical products- consider over $40 commissions

You Product/Service Association

Familiarity with products is very important. You have to build your audiences’ trust to buy your product, so you must know everything about it so you can deliver to them the goodness of your product confidently.

Program Support

Determine the customer support you should expect once you signed up. You can do this by researching and consulting other sellers using the same affiliate program.

The site

This is where your research will be taken an action.

If you’re unfamiliar on building sites, you can run into WordPress. It is very user-friendly since it has the features you need to build up your site.

Here are the steps in building a site:

  1. Buy a domain or your website address. We recommend NameCheap or Godaddy.
  2. Obtain and set up hosting (the place for your website files). We recommend DigitalOcean (Discount here) + ServerPilot.
  3. Install a content management system (CMS) like wordPress.
  4. Install theme, plugins etc. Here is a complete website guide you should refer to.
  5. Create awesome content.

The content

After setting up the site, you are now ready to the hardest yet potentially rewarding part of this business. For this, your goal must be to become a reliable and authoritative site to your niche, so you must provide exceptional and the best of quality content.

The content type for your website depends largely on your because some contents are better in some niches, while some are not.

Here are some of the content types:

  1. Product reviews- the most common yet a very useful type of content since it has the general reviews on every product or service.
  2. Blog posts- a very efficient way to build a site content. To start, you can make researches on interested keywords, competitors, forums and social media platforms
  3. Evergreen content- this works for a site intending to provide a timeless information and always useful to its consumers
  4. Informational products like an email series, electronic book (e-book) or mini-course.
Writing Content That Converts
Writing Content That Converts

The audience

An excellent product content means more audience. And more audience means a hugely stable income for you.

Here are some ideas that you might consider to try:

  • Social media promotion
  • High-traffic blogs guesting
  • E mail list creation
  • Traditonal SEO techniques
  • Paid advertising investment

Promote Affiliate Offers

After informing your audience what’s in store to your niche, you can continue to urge them to purchase by promoting those products and letting them see its usefulness and helpfulness.

Depending on the site you have built and the products you are selling, you can promote what you offer in lots of ways. Some ideas are:

  • Product reviews- this works if you want to gain you audience’s trust. Aside from real and honest reviews, you can add images, distinct features and specifications and other details that can appeal to your product. This can be link to a page using an attached affiliate ID.
  • Banner ads – you will just insert the banner on a page that is highly-trafficked. This works best if it offered in the right locations.
  • In-text content links– A very common promotional method, it is where a link is connected to a blog about the related product or service. As the reader clicks the link and purchase, the blog owner has a commission as well.
  • Email promotions – This works especially for those who has an email list. This is crucial since you have to build a relationship to your audience. Every sent email has the affiliate link to the product your audience can click through.
  • Discounts and giveaways – This is a very attractive approach to your audience. This is a great way to advertise and give the best value to your audience.


Now that you have done these, you just have to keep doing what you are doing, and that is the final and ultimate step to become the best affiliate marketer you can be!

Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing
Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Your started efforts in building the site up to creating meaningful content and product promotions can take hard work since consistency is the key. But if you are willing to do these things constantly, then one of these days you will see yourself as a successful affiliate marketer and earn more and more.

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