Top 12 Best Make Money Online Forums
Top 12 Best Make Money Online Forums

Top 12 Best Make Money Online Forums [Reviews][Vote Your Favorite]

In the following article, I will review the top 12 best make-money online forums you can join today and earn online. If you think money-making forums don’t work anymore or are dead, trust me, you’re far from the truth, and I will show you why.

Sure, a couple of money-making forums are out there, and most have earned a bad reputation for being spammy or filled with scammers. But, among all the low-quality content, you can find some hidden gems that offer valuable resources to aid your quest for online money-making success.

Finding the best make-money online forums may not be easy, but discovering the platforms with valuable insights can be precisely what you need to succeed.

Here is our verified and updated list of the best money-making forums you can join today.

Good. Then, we can talk about some of the best ones around.

Money Making Forum Rating Members Price/Premium
1. TopGoldForum 4.9/5 24,000 Free; $39/year
2. Fast Lane Forum 4.7/5 77,000 Free; $120/year
3. Warrior Forum 4.5/5 1,700,000 Free; $97/year
4. Bitcoin Talk 4.3/5 3,500,000 Free;
5. BlackHat World 4.2/5 1,235,000 Free;$137/year
6. Beer Money Forum 4.1/5 295,000 Free;
7. Offshore Corp Talk 4/5 20,000 Free; $75/year
8. AffLift 3.9/5 75,000 Free;$240/year
9. DigitalPoint 3.6/5 1mil+ Free;
10. Webmaster Sun 3.2/5 45,000 Free
11.eMoneySpace 3/5 150,000 Free
12. The Money Shed 2.7 11,000 Free

Now that you’ve seen our top, let’s check in to detail each of these forums, their PROs and CONs, membership types, and which answers your needs better.

Top Gold Forum

Dennis, the admin, started the Top Gold Forum money-making forum in 2006 to help people earn money online and meet like-minded money-making enthusiasts around the globe. Since then, he has ensured community members learn and earn online, avoiding scams and shady money-making opportunities.

Top Gold Forum Review – The Best Make Money Online Forum

I consider Top Gold Forum one of the best money-making forums nowadays because Dennis, the admin, is very active in answering users’ questions and offering guidance. He also organizes contests with prizes, money, and user review opportunities.

TopGoldForum - Best Make Money Online Forums
TopGoldForum – Best Make Money Online Forums

More topics aside, affiliate marketing is discussed on the platform. These topics include cryptocurrencies, forex trading, making money opportunities, gambling, poker & eSports, digital payments, and affiliate marketing.

You can earn money by participating in contests, joining the TGF affiliate program, or signing up for various opportunities reviewed in the forums.

When writing this Top Gold Forum review, the community has around 23,000 members, creating 20,000 topics and over 800,000 posts. This may look small to some, but it’s impressive because the TGF administration deletes non-active users and outdated content, keeping only active members and relevant content.

Top Gold Forum PROs

  • SCAM-free environment as the members and opportunities are vetted first.
  • You can earn money by participating in contests with prizes or opportunities.
  • You can find opportunities in related industries like cryptocurrencies, forex, and investments.
  • The admin and moderators team is very active, helpful, and supportive.
  • There are over 200 company representatives that offer updates and support.
  • You can promote your business, your website, or earning opportunities.

Top Gold Forum CONs

  • It doesn’t have the largest member base.
  • There are no international sections; All the discussions are in English.
  • They could have categorized the information a little bit better.

Membership cost: FREE, $14.9/year for premium membership, $149/year for company representatives

I recommend getting a TGF account to anyone interested in making money online with affiliate marketing, cryptocurrencies, or financial offers. The community is very friendly, and it includes both newbies and veterans.

Visit Top Gold Forum

The Fast Lane Forum

The FastLane Forum
The FastLane Forum – Best Make Money Online Forums

Fast Lane Forum Review

The Fastlane Forum is an entrepreneur discussion forum based on the CENTS Entrepreneurial Framework outlined in MJ DeMarco’s best-selling books The Millionaire Fastlane, UNSCRIPTED, and The Great Rat Race Escape.

The community has public and private areas so you can surf most of the forums for free, but there are limitations regarding what you can read/post.

The Fastlane Insider Forum is a private, members-only discussion forum where you can read about product invention, importation to web applications, etc. The Insider Forum features some of the forum’s best content and process/execution threads from the forum’s most respected contributors.

When writing the Fast Lane Forum review, the community had over 77,000 members who created 68,700 threads and posted almost one million messages. Over 50 members are active at any given time on the forum.

The Fast Lane Forum PROs

  • SCAM-free environment as the opportunities are vetted first;
  • The community is very active in offering you advice and guidance;
  • The admin and moderators team is very active, helpful, and supportive;
  • You can promote your business, your website, or earning opportunities.

The Fast Lane Forum CONs

  • Most of the topics are discussions instead of reviewing earning opportunities;
  • There are no international sections; All the discussions are in English only.

Membership cost: FREE, $10/mo for insiders

Visit Fast Lane Forum

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum - Digital Marketing Forum
Warrior Forum – Digital Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum Review

With over 1,700,000 members, Warrior Forum is one of the oldest digital marketing forums. Since 1997, digital marketers have been using the platform to share information and tips in the industry. Despite its age, it remains a force in affiliate marketing forums.

The digital marketing platform has everything you are looking for—from case studies and product reviews to avenues to ask questions from marketing experts. The special promotion section for marketing tools and services makes the Warrior forum unique. You can market your products and services on the platform while learning.

While a considerable section of the forum is free, it has a paid or premium membership that costs up to $97 per year.

Warrior Forum PROs

  • As the forum is old, you will find a lot of information.

Warrior Forum CONs

  • It isn’t easy to find the information you need.
  • Most of the members want to sell you something (WSOs).

Membership cost: Free, $97/year

Visit Warrior Forum

Bitcoin Talk

Best Make Money Online Forums - BitcoinTalk
Best Make Money Online Forums – BitcoinTalk

Bitcoin Talk Review is a cryptocurrency forum that is one of the significant sources of information related to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto, the original Bitcoin developer, founded the forum in 2009, where most new cryptocurrencies announce their establishment, essential upgrades, and events.

Thanks to its hugvaster base (more than 2 million community members), Bitcointalk has become a valuable traffic source for everything related to cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, speculation about crypto assets is rampant on Bitcoin Talk, so users should be skeptical of content and research using other additional sources.

At the moment of writing the review, BitcoinTalk has around 3,5 million members, with 1,336,629 created topics. Next, I will highlight the strengths and downsides of Bitcointalk.

Bitcoin Talk PROs

  • One of the most active communities in crypto;
  • A great place to learn and ask questions;
  • It has 21 international sub-forums to discuss in your language;
  • Mods do a great job of limiting spam;
  • The community flags scams fast most of the time.

Bitcoin Talk CONs

  • There is a lot of SPAM and SCAM posted;
  • It isn’t easy to save, categorize, and find information;

Membership cost: Free

Visit Bitcoin Talk

Black Hat World Forum

BlackHatWorld - Black Hat SEO Forum
BlackHatWorld – Black Hat SEO Forum

As its name implies, the Black Hat World forum is mostly about shady SEO techniques you can use to earn a quick buck online. But don’t get fooled by that. In addition to SEO, you can find many money-making opportunities, such as affiliate marketing, membership sites, selling on eBay, cryptocurrencies, and earning online in general.

The community is free to join and participate.

Today, it is the most popular online money-making forum

BlackHat World PROs

  • The community is very active in answering questions.
  • In the marketplace, you can order services at reasonable prices.

BlackHat World CONs

  • Some of the methods presented here are, at least, questionable.
  • The affiliate marketing category is not as busy as it used to be.

Membership cost: Free, $97/year for Premium, $147/year for Jr.VIP, $749/year for BHW Marketplace seller.

When writing this BlackHatWorld review, the community has over 1,2 million members, opening 1,166,456 threads and 13 million posts. Over 400 members are active at any given time on the forum, making it busy.

Visit Black Hat World

Beer Money Forum

Beer Money Forum is a community where people talk about methods of making money online, GPT programs, digital marketing services, online investments, and cryptocurrencies.

The forum is paid to post, meaning members will receive points for posting. So you can earn for posting content, but on the other hand, the community is full of useless answers to topics made by users who add their two cents to earn literally..two cents 🙂

When writing this BeerMoneyForum review, the community has around 235,000 members, creating 207,814 threads and 1,063,692 posts.

Beer Money Forum PROs

  • The community is easy to navigate between categories;
  • You can earn money by posting and participating in contests;
  • You can find earning opportunities quite fast. Do your research first;
  • Many active members will answer your questions quite quickly.

Beer Money Forum CONs

  • There are many threads with 0 posts created by users only to earn points;
  • Some members complain they got their accounts disabled and withdrawals canceled.
  • It isn’t easy to save, categorize, and find information;

Membership cost: Free

Offshore Corp Talk


OffShoreCorpTalk was established in 2009 and has grown to become the largest meeting place for offshore professionals and enthusiasts. In the community, company owners share their experience working offshore and diversifying their assets.

Banking professionals discuss details and regulations regarding banking systems from tax heavens and the procedures to open accounts. At the same time, business consultants and insurance agents aim to provide more diversified services to those in need. Accountants and financial planners offer multiple services and share their knowledge.

The main areas of the forum are offshore company incorporation, bank accounts, and offshore business development.

The Offshore Corp Talk discussion boards boost around 200,000 messages, close to 34,000 threads on offshore topics, and more than 20,500 members gaining information or sharing their knowledge.

Offshore Corp Talk PROs

  • Many experts in the forum offer quality guidance;
  • The information is well categorized so you can find what you need;
  • Scams are quickly spotted and deleted by admin and moderators.

Offshore CorpTalk CONs

  • There are only discussion topics, no guides, news, or articles;
  • The mentoring group premium area is quite expensive for what it offers.

Membership cost: Free, $75/year, or up to $95/month for the mentor private group.

Visit Offshore Corp Talk


Affiliate Marketing Forum - afflift
Affiliate Marketing Forum – affLift

AffLift Forum Review

The AffLIFT community prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing forums, with over 75,000 unique users. Founded in 2018, it has gained much traction in the industry, attracting some of the biggest names and helping marketers answer their questions.

The founder, a renowned affiliate marketer, Luke King, created the forum to fill the market gap.

In his opinion, he noticed that there were free forums with outdated or spam information and others charging too much. So then, he created affLIFT with a $20 per month membership.

AffLIFT runs campaigns and provides exclusive affiliate marketing tips and practical tutorials to members while leaving room to ask questions from senior affiliate marketers on the forum.

When writing this affLift review, the community has around 75,000 members who have created over 100,000 posts and almost 10K threads.

PROs of AffLIFT Forum

  • Affordable for beginner affiliate marketers.
  • The admin team is very active in answering members’ questions.
  • Gives access to many discounts and deals from the companies.

Cons of AffLift Forum

  • Not very active, especially during weekends.
  • They could have categorized the information a little bit better.

Membership cost: Free, $20/mo, $100/6mo, $350/lifetime

Visit AffLIFT Forum


DigitalPoint - Digital Marketing Forum
DigitalPoint – Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Point Forum Review

Another top money-making forum worth mentioning is DigitalPoint. It is a community of online money makers that offer advice on monetization, search engines, design, development, trade, business, and marketing.

Aside from the various categories with educative content and unique rooms to ask questions and receive answers, DigitalPoint also has the Digital Point Marketplace, which allows its members to buy or sell digital products like scripts, websites, advertising, etc.

Digital Point Forum PROs

  • The community is still active so that you will get an answer quickly.
  • You can get help with collateral things like SEO, Social Media, etc

Digital Point Forum CONs

  • Most of the members are newbies.
  • Being a free membership forum, you may get together with untrusted people. Pay attention.

Membership cost: Free

Visit Digital Point Forum

Webmaster Sun Forum

Webmaster Sun Forum
SEO & Digital Marketing Forum – Webmaster Sun

Webmaster Sun Forum Review

On the Webmaster Sun forum, you’ll find in-depth discussions and resources to help you succeed on the web, whether you’re experienced. Topics include internet marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, making money online, web hosting, affiliate marketing, and more.

When writing this Webmaster Sun review, the community has around 45,000 members, creating over 14,000 topics and almost 100K posts.

Webmaster Sun Forum PROs

  • The community is still active so that you will get an answer quickly.
  • You can get help with collateral things like SEO, Social Media, etc

Webmaster Sun Forum CONs

  • The money-making/earning category is not as active as it used to be;
  • You need to pay attention and avoid SCAMS.

Membership cost: Free

Visit Webmaster Sun Forum


PTC & GPT Forum - eMoneySpace Forum
PTC & GPT Forum – eMoneySpace Forum

eMoneySpace Review

eMoneySpace is your haven for learning more about online earning opportunities. This community was started in July 2008, and since then, it has surely become one of the main destinations of discussions about PTC and GPT (Get Paid To) online opportunities.

When writing the eMoneySpace Forum review, the community had around 150,000 members, creating almost 500,000 topics and over 4 million posts.

eMoneySpace Forum PROs

  • The community focuses on GPT and PTC websites;
  • You can easily register and get an account;

eMoneySpace Forum CONs

  • The forum software is quite old and needs updates;
  • You need to pay attention and avoid SCAMS.

Membership cost: Free

Visit eMoneySpace Forum

The Money Shed – UK

The Money Shed is one of the UK’s largest community websites dedicated to earning money online. The forum is friendly, and all new members are welcome as long as they are UK-based.

Unlike other forums, businesses can self-promote and post referral links.

When writing the Money Shed forum review, the community had over 11,000 members who created over 6,000 threads and made almost 200,000 posts since its launch in 2014.

UK Money Making Forum - The Money Shed
UK Money Making Forum – The Money Shed

The Money Shed PROs

  • The community is still active so you will get an answer quickly;
  • There is a blog attached to the forum with articles and guides about making money online;
  • You can find earning opportunities fast. Do your research first;
  • Many active members will answer your questions quite quickly.

The Money Shed CONs

  • The registration is restricted to UK members only;
  • The opportunities are not tested and vetted against SCAMS. Pay attention;
  • It isn’t easy to save, categorize, and find information.

Membership cost: Free

Visit Money Shed Forum

Make Money Online Forums FAQs

What is a make money online forum?

A make money online forum is a community type of website that posts, reviews, and opportunities for people interested in making money on the internet, including monetizing their websites or social media accounts. On top of that, you can chat and get in touch with people with the same aims. You can get your questions answered pretty fast and benefit from the mistakes of those who have sought support in the past.

What is the best make money online forum?

There is no correct or wrong answer to this question. That’s why I’ve presented 11 communities. Check their features, sign up, and find the best, considering your budget, expertise level, and goals. If I had to recommend some, I would tell you to try, Black Hat World, and BeerMoney Forum.

What are the differences between free and paid money-making forums?

The main difference between a paid money-making forum and a free one is that the 1st gives access to exclusive opportunities and methods, case studies inside, and tutorials.

Conclusion on Make Money Online Forums

So, these were the top 12 make-money online forums that the internet has to offer nowadays. These forums even help you get referrals from other websites and find information on new methods to make money online.

These mainly-making forums can help generate revenue if you use them wisely. Website owners can use these forums for discussions, which can help them get more traffic to their websites when valuable backlinks are used.

We hope that our review of the best forums for making money online can help you find the answers you need and identify the platforms that provide the most to their members.

Join one forum or more to learn how to earn money, find great business partners, or even make friends who share your interests.

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