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iMonetizeIt - CPA Marketplace, Smartlink and FREE tracker that allows to monetize all (100%) available WORLDWIDE traffic. 

You have access to vertical-specific Smartlinks: Dating (SubVerticals for Instagram, FB), Sweepstakes, Cams, Games, Pills, Mainstream, Diet & Weightloss.

We work with all types of traffic: app, social, search, native, banner, email, push.

Advantages you will get working with  iMonetizeIt:

- Opportunity to get high payouts and exclusive offers;
- The highest eCPM/EPC attainable for your traffic;
- Global offer coverage - we accept 200+ GEOs, all devices and platforms;
- Reliable payments ON TIME (Weeklies available) via Wire/Paxum/ePayments/Webmoney/BTC/Capitalist;
- Access to accurate real-time stats and converting creatives/pre-tested funnels;
- Personal Account Manager who is professional, helpful and responsive;
- Free Tracker

Questions? [email protected]

It will be our pleasure to do business with each of you guys!

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Fresh Top eCPM on Gay Dating vertical

Take any Geo tier 1 and your traffic brings unbelievable conversions and huge payouts, without doubts  🙂

Let’s create Smartlink right now!


Country  eCPM 

New Zealand    $129   

Switzerland      $128  

Italy                  $110  

Canada             $104    

United Kingdom    $98

France                $78

United States    $73

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Useful update on iMonetizeit platform!

Meet Telegram bot - new personal assistant for every affiliate.
Our team keeps abreast of trends and tries to make your work with the platform more comfortable!

So what notifications will send the bot?

  • account login;
  • payment method addition/change/request creation;
  • offer activation;
  • offer cap change, payout change and offer stop;
  • inform about balance change, earning stats and more things;

More information you can find in FAQs.spacer.png

Just activate the Telegram bot following the guide and all your necessary dates will be available in messenger right now!

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Austria and New Zealand have taken the leading positions and give tasty payouts 😉

Your task is simple, just run all the traffic on any Geo and our Dating Smartlink takes care for the best convert for you!


Country eCPM

Austria    $133

New Zealand    $108   

Canada    $72    

Czech Republic    $72   

Hungary    $64

Slovenia    $61

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.

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Are you ready for a new competition?

Then hurry up to join new Sweepstakes Hunting Season.

Autumn is the best time to work with Sweepstakes, because Black Friday, Halloween and New Year holidays are ahead - it’s the right season for growing your income!

And we can help you to make this month even more profitable!

From October 19th to November 20th, run traffic on Sweepstakes Smartlink or CPA offers, earn from $5000 and get a 10% bonus from your income for this period. 

from 5000$ - $500 bonus
7500$ -  $750 bonus
10 000$ - $1000 bonus
15 000$ -  $1500 bonus
20 000$ -  $2000$ bonus


Create new promo, pick up Geo and start working with Sweepstakes. Don’t forget to write to your account manager that you have joined Sweepstakes Hunting Season.

  1. Promotion is available from Nov the 19th until Nov 20th

  2. Active and new partners who work with Smartlink and CPA offers and run traffic on Sweepstakes can join the bonus program.

  3. Min income to get 10% bonus - $5000

  4. Fraud and motivated traffic is not allowed

  5. Income from multiple accounts is not accumulated

  6. Bonus will be paid after the end of the contest

  7. Bonus will be paid 1-time for the income earned during the contest period.

Good luck to all partners!

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Sweepstakes Hunting Season has been extended for one month!

We appreciated the excellent results of our partners and decided to extend the challenge on Sweepstakes vertical until December 22!

The first 16 lucky partners have already got their bonuses for $20K and they will continue to take part in the race! Congratulations, keep it up!

Remember that you have a whole month to increase your income 😉

Take a chance and run traffic on Sweepstakes Smartlink or CPA offers, earn from $5000 and get a 10% bonus from your income for this period.

from 5000$ - $500 bonus

7500$ - $750 bonus

10 000$ - $1000 bonus

15 000$ - $1500 bonus

20 000$ - $2000$ bonus

The record bonus is now $1500, but maybe you are ready to beat it? Show us what you are capable of!

Good luck!

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Fresh TOP eCPM on Dating vertical!

Pay attention to Australia, it gives the most tasty payouts today!

All that’s left is to create Smartlink and run the traffic 😉


Country eCPM

Australia    $104

New Zealand    $81

France    $54

Germany    $52    

Japan    $51

Canada    $47    

Slovenia    $38

Estonia    $28

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HOT rates on Dating vertical are already here!

It’s the right time to create your profitable Smartlink!

Australia    $104
New Zealand    $100
United States    $65
Canada    $52
Germany    $51
Japan    $50
Singapore $49

iMonetizeIt Smartlink Technology (IST) - first technology of Auto Targeting that allows to get maximum profit from traffic monetization.

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US GEO is here! Be ready to work with Dating offers!



Do you know that affiliates who work with trendy Geo USA on Dating vertical feel happier and more successful than others?

Take NEW offers to tests and make sure that it really works!

Let’s check our facts right now!

8508  WAP WEB CasualDating 25+ SOI  US - €1,36

8048  WAP Flirt 21+ /SOI   US - $1,60

9423  WEB+WAP EZ-Ho**** SOI   US UK AU NZ CA   - $1,60

9288  WEB ****Finder (High Maturity) 25+ SOI / US  US  - €1,92

6376  WEB+WAP ****Seek SOI  US/AU/UK/CA/NZ - $2,00

9622  WEB+WAP ****Tinder SOI  US - €2,00

4248  WAP MaturesFor**** 21+ / US @ 50 Cap  US - $1,60

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MORE leads with in-house EXCLUSIVE Dating offers!


Happy first day of autumn! Let’s start September with TOP update on vertical!

We’ve got in-house Exclusive Dating offers - FlirtMyDream from direct advertiser!

Just choose profitable Geo and go for high CR!

Be first! Create NEW campaign right now!



10633 WAP + WEB Flirtmydream DOI DE - $2,40

10632 WAP + WEB Flirtmydream DOI AU - $3,60

10631 WAP + WEB Flirtmydream DOI CA - $2,40

10630 WAP + WEB Flirtmydream DOI UK - $3,60

10629 WAP + WEB Flirtmydream DOI USA - $3,20

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Don't miss fresh TOP eCPM on Niche Dating!


Hello, October! It’s high time to warm your audience with hot list of TOP eCPM!
A wide range of GEOs is available for everyone!
Increase your income together with IMI Smartlink on Niche Dating!

Country eCPM

Australia    $105.57
New Zealand    $92.05
Finland    $88.07   
Switzerland    $78.44
Canada    $72.01
Austria    $71.90
United States    $70.64
France    $67.98
Czech Republic    $57.27   
United Kingdom    $54.88
Italy    $53.02

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IMI mailout-3.png

Australia and New Zealand is not only a paradise with flora and fauna and the Great Barrier Reef, but also GEOs which can surprise you with the highest payouts on Dating! 
Use only effective Dating Smartlink in your work and multiply your profit! 

Country eCPM
New Zealand $65.11
Australia $60.99
Austria $57.69
France $49.97    
Belgium $47.69    
United Kingdom $46.31    
Japan $45.81    
Switzerland $43.97    

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different. 

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Halloween Sale on IMI Game - 15% discount on tickets! 
Happy Halloween everyone!💀 Spooky bonus is coming! 👻
Just for 3 days, you have a chance to buy tickets on IMI Game with 15% discount! 🏷
We cross out the prices on 3 levels! It’s high time to join the sale and win one of 60 cool prizes! 🎁
HOT 15% SALE on the most popular levels! 
 Level 3 - 1 ticket  = 85 p (10 х Apple Watch 6, 10 х PlayStation 5)
Level 4 - 1 ticket  = 170 p (5 х iPhone 12 Pro, 5 х MacBook Air)
Level 5 -  1 ticket = 425 p (Extreme trip to Dubai)

Stock up the tickets and increase your chances to win!
P.S. You have only 72 hours, so better to wait with pumpkin 🎃 😉
Start: Oct 26,  9.00 a.m. (UTC +03:00)
Finish: Oct 28,  11.59 p.m. (UTC +03:00)

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Sweepstakes Bonus: get up to $2000 bonus from iMonetizeIt 😎


Join iMonetizeIt, send traffic on Sweepstakes and earn up to $2000 cash payout!💰
Even Caesar would envy such a bonus!🔥

From May 11 and for 1 month you have a chance to grab your piece of profit and start to work with our exclusive offers and Smartlink!🔥 

🎁Choose your bonus: 
2 500$ - 250$ 
5 000$ - 500$ 
$10,000 - $1,000 
15 000$ - 1500$ 
20 000$ - 2000$ 

How to get bonus?
1️⃣ Register to iMonetizeIt; 
2️⃣ Send traffic to Sweepstake Smartlink or offers;
3️⃣Earn from $2500 and more for 1 month; 
4️⃣Get YOUR bonus! 

The rules of the contest:
1. Promotion starts from May 11th and runs until June 11th;
2. Sweepstakes bonus is available for all iMonetizeit partners, who work with Sweepstakes offers or Smartlink;
3. Terms for getting a bonus:
For new partners – The minimum amount of income, on which a bonus can be credited is $2500;
For current partners – the bonus will be available in case of an increase of income by at least $2500 compared with the previous month;
4. Motivated and fraudulent traffic is prohibited;
5. Income from multiple accounts is not cumulative;
6. The bonus will be credited after the end of the promotion for the amount earned during the promotion period.
To take part in Sweepstakes bonus, you need to sign up here!

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A new season of Case Study Contest has already started!😍
This time we’ll give you even more $$$ bonuses for your case studies😉

iMonetizeIt turns your knowledge, methods of running traffic and all experience in affiliate marketing into a reward:

$300 – for cases on Dating vertical and others

$400 – for cases on Sweepstakes and XGames verticals

$500 – for a video format of case (any vertical)

additional $$$ for unique approaches and traffic sources

Now pay level of the bonus directly depends on the choice of vertical💲
Test a new video case format and earn even more cash😎 

Remember that all our participants are already winners🔥
*The number of cases is unlimited!

You can send cases to [email protected] or to your manager.

Rules of the contest

Have a nice day💚

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Have you heard that new XGames Smartlink has become a favorite vertical among our partners and can even compete with Dating? 🙂

All the partners can achieve more profit with Exclusive offers which are integrated in our Smartlink!

These products are available in over 160 countries worldwide!


NEW XGames landings easily adapt to each user’s browser language, so you can cover almost all popular countries!

Available languages: ES, FR, DE, IT, CZ, FI, NO, PL, UA, SE, JP, PT, DK, NL, Arabian, AZ, TR, RO, CH, HR, HU, VN, RS, GR, TW, Persian, ID.

But that’s not all! The most tasty we left for the last 🙂

IMI team launched a hybrid payout system with 3 options for Exclusive XGames offers:

FA – when a user makes a full sale, the payout goes up to $100;

OL – when the user has only $1 on his card, the payout reaches $25;

DL – if the user tries to make a sale with a card with a zero (0) balance, the payout is up to $2.

Do you want to see examples, split tests and results? Follow the link and read the full guide

Start campaign right now

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Do you know that IMI XGames Smartlink has a hidden superpower?
And it's not just exclusive offers image.gif.28082b9b4aac5a72e8dbd31a10c5f29e.gif
This time, we'll show you how to increase your conversions using our new native funnel!
IMI team has developed a logical funnel for each offer that allows you to create the most seamless transition between the prelanding and landing page of the offer for user’s comfort!

Also, it’s worth noting our prelands with unique thematic designs, HD backgrounds, original texts, where we’ve added the following features: sound, timer, locator, comments of users, security of logo and much more!

Do you want to see examples, split tests and results? Follow the link and read the full guide
Start campaign right now
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Get your popcorn ready and take a seat 😉

In-house VOD offers on Sweepstakes are available on our platform with bi-weekly payments for FB and Google traffic!

You can get your payments quickly and then reinvest it in traffic again! In other words, raise even more 💲💲💲

P.S. A release of new series and films, streaming platforms are increasingly taking top positions, catch the wave of popularity of the offers and earn money right now😎

14072    WEB WAP Streaming movie - Prime Video CC submit / CA [IMI] 20.00 EUR

14018    WEB WAP Streaming Prime Video CC submit/ DE [IMI] 32.00 EUR



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Where to draw inspiration this spring?

iMonetizeIt knows how to  set trends at any time of the year, but if we’re talking about this season, it’s better to try our special offers that will definitely show good results😉

As you know, our platform is multi-vertical and focuses on several verticals at once, which allows you to test your favorite Dating and iGaming, in-house Sweepstakes or choose XGames with a unique flow!

So to become even more effective pay attention on our new guide with offers and advices from our managers😊

Follow the link to read the full guide💚




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Get Betting offers with the perfect newsbreak😉


A new season of the Indian Premier League on cricket has already started!

Cricket is a key sport in India, so your audience is actively betting throughout April!

Create a campaign with our top offers and high CR will not keep you waiting😎

15000  WEB WAP PariMatch Betting FB FTD baseline LP1 / IN

15035  WEB WAP Pin-Up Betting Cricket FTD mindep Hard KPI PPC Brand /IN

15034  WAP 4Rabet IPL FTD mindep FB apps / IN

15044  WEB WAP FavBet Betting Cricket FTD mindep FB / IN

According to the financial forecast of Moneycontrol, this year the online audience is expected to increase from 220 (2022) to 550 million people, not to mention crowd at stadiums and sold outs in the first hours of sales. 

Come in to IPL with IMI - there is enough traffic for everyone 🙂

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