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EVADAV is the industry leader in delivering engaging and premium ads across various formats via CPC and CPM pricing models. What sets EVADAV apart is in-house-built technology and round-the-clock partner care with professional account managers.

How you benefit from partnering with EVADAV, Leading Ads:
- Premium and direct traffic sources
- Certified by AdSecure
- Complete transparency & budget control
- 40+ payment systems
- MultiTag extra monetization solution to generate +30% from your landing page
- 25k+ quality direct advertisers
- Instant weekly payouts

Top performing ad formats:
- Native Ads
- Push Notifications
- Inpage Messages
- Popunders

Join the leader to become one!


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Hey, Evadavers! 

The hot summer is about to end. Now is the time for holidays, relaxation, and incredible profits. The Evadav team always stands with you and already has a suitable activity for you.  
Are you expecting some prizes or bonuses, aren't you? There you will be absolutely right! Welcome our Hot Summer Time Giveaway. Now you’ve got the chance not only to increase your profits but to get bonuses! 

We are launching a promotion for our advertisers - Hot Summer with EVADAV

All advertisers can participate in this activity, both new accounts and those whose advertising campaigns are active now or were launched earlier.

How to get bonuses?
The flow is easy as pie:


- Create new ad campaigns and build up your spend.
- Make sure your August spend exceeds your spend for July by $2000, $5000, or more.
- Get your $25, $100 or $250 bonus.

Take your bonus:  
- $100 if your spend exceeds your spend for July by over $2000
- $250 if the spend exceeds your spend for July by $5000

New customers get $25 to test traffic with a promo code hotsummer25.


An extra point: Cashback up to 6% is ready. Ask your manager about it.

The promo will run to August, 31 . 

Increase your spend and get bonuses from Evadav

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Hi, Evadavers!

We have added new features and options to our product.
Thus, going to share our latest updates with you!

For whom is it available?
To all advertisers

What's added?
- Archiving of advertising campaigns
- Google Search App Targeting
- GIF format in creatives

Let’s go deeper inside each feature

Archiving advertising campaigns


Previously, Archived and Completed campaigns were placed in the same section. For your convenience, we have added the tab “Archived” on the /advertiser/campaigns page in your personal profile.


Now, archived campaigns will be displayed in the Archived tab. Also, at the top, you will see a notification that the campaigns will be deleted in three months from the moment they were moved to the archive.

Google Search App Targeting


We’ve added a browser for Google Search App targeting to campaign settings.


Now you can find ‘Google Search App’ browser in the "Browser" filter in your profile and in the admin panel.

GIF format in creatives


You can now add *.gif format creatives to your In page Push and Nativ campaigns.


Conditions for adding:

Max size: 1MB

Corresponds to the resolution specified when creating a Personal Area Ad Campaign.

Formats: Native Ads, InPage.


According to Evadav's testing results, ads when using GIFs can potentially increase CTR by up to 150%

Test new features directly in your ad campaigns.

Sign in to your Evadav account

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Hello, Evadavers!

This month, we expanded the list of available placements and added more than 1000 new sites and applications that have passed the full review.
According to the results of tests from our traffic buying team, we share with you the most effective verticals:

- Dating
- Gambling
- Utility
- Software
- Smartlink
- Push notification
- Betting
- Trading
- Sweepstakes

We recommend testing such countries as USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and Canada.

- Choose the offers and countries that suit you from the list.
- Create an advertising campaign.
- Write to your manager and replenish your balance until September 30 with a bonus from Evadav.

- $100 bonus - for deposits from $2000
- $50 bonus - for deposits over $500
- $25 bonus - for deposits over $100

Go to your personal account


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New Features From Evadav: Filter Campaign Group and IOS 16 Targeting

We have added new features and options to our product. Sharing the latest updates with you!

Hello, Evadavers!

We have added new features for advertisers and options in your profile. Sharing the latest updates with you!

What's new in the Evadav profile?
- Filter Campaign Group
- IOS 16 Targeting.

We’ll take an in-depth look at both new features.

Campaign Group Filter
In Evadav profile, you can gather campaigns into campaign groups. We've now added the ability to filter campaign groups in statistics.


The Campaign Group filter has been added to all cabinet tabs except the Group, Source, and Zone tabs.

Targeting by iOS 16
In Evadav profile, you can set up targeting when you create a campaign. We have added the ability to specify targeting for iOS 16 (which is the latest operating system from Apple at this time).

iOS 16 displays when you create a campaign in the OS version field


Launch campaigns with Evadav

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Hello, Evadavers!
No time to fall into the blues, because the Evadav team has prepared an incredibly profitable promo for you.

Coupons for $100, $200, $300, $500, $750 and even $1,000 are waiting to be picked up. Multiplying your profit and getting bonuses has never been so easy!

We are launching an autumn level-up marathon for our advertisers - with bonuses of up to $1,000.

All Evadav advertisers can participate, both new accounts and existing ones with active advertising campaigns.

How to unlock bonuses?
It’s as simple as possible:

- Create new advertising campaigns or scale existing ones.
- Increase spending and go through the loyalty system levels from Evadav
- Get your fall bonus every time you level up.


Bonus system:
-v$100 - when achieving the Bronze level, deposit $500, spending from $301 to $1000
- $200 – achieving the Silver level, deposit $1000, spending from $1001 to $3000
- $300 – achieving the Gold level, deposit $2000, spending from $3001 to $8000
- $500 – achieving the Platinum level, deposit $4000, spending from $8001 to $25000
- $750 – achieving the Diamond level, deposit $5000, spending from $25001+
- $1000 – achieving the Diamond+ level, deposit $8000, spending from $100000


Advice from the Evadav team: recommend launching campaigns on:

Formats inpage, push, and pops, this month they are especially good and profitable;
 Top-10 verticals for faster level progression:
- dating adult
- utility
- software
- smartlink
- push notification
- betting
- trading
- sweeps
 Top geo:
- United States of America
- Brazil
- India
- Indonesia
- Vietnam
- Australia
- Canada
- Italy
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- France

The marathon will last until October 31, so don’t miss your chance to multiply profits.

Create new campaigns, scale existing ones and get wow bonuses when you level up

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Hello, Evadavers!
Long-awaited news for our publishers.

Due to your numerous requests, payments will be made on Tuesdays.

- Payout times will remain the same.
- Payout day is moved from Monday to Tuesday.
- An individual payment schedule is still available to you - contact your manager to find out more.

Don't forget to check your payment details.

Increase the number of widgets, connect new sites, applications, traffic flows, and earn with Evadav

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Hello, advertisers!

Inpage format, presented by ad networks a few years ago, stirred up the market, arousing the interest of advertisers. The format is attractive because:
- it is not subject to regulation by browsers;
- it increases traffic and ROI.

Evadav tip:
If you’re looking for new traffic sources, look at the inpage! It is a forward-looking format that immediately became a hit among advertisers, allowing successful campaigns on any device, including MAC and iOS.

The Evadav team has developed a detailed step-by-step guide for learning how to work with the inpage format in which we:
- give all the features of the format in detail;
- talk about new custom styles that will increase conversions cosmically;
- teach to run and optimize advertising campaigns;
- and share life hacks and tips to maximize profit while reducing costs.

Start pumping knowledge and skills for the most effective use of inpage from Evadav!

Specs and features of the inpage format

In-Page is a pop-up banner ad that works in any browser and on all iOS and macOS devices. The block is placed inside the page without any user activity. Due to it, the ad covers a wide range of potential customers.

Before launching an ad campaign, the advertiser can choose Standard or Premium traffic.

Premium Inpage is a traffic source that can bring high results with minimal advertiser involvement. You do not need to work with white and black lists and select the sources manually.

Inpage also has the following advantages:
- CR immediately grows several times;
- Due to the careful selection of sites, sources are as consistent as possible with the vertical;
- No need for optimization: resources can be directed to other areas that require your attention.

Inpage is a practical format that reaches the widest audience. It covers platforms Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, which favors them from the classic push notification.

It is adaptive: it targets all devices, providing maximum coverage and achieving high CTR, covering almost 100% of users.

Top geo

The most significant traffic volumes in these countries:
- India
- Brasil
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- Japan
- Great Britain
- Saudi Arabia
- France
- Brasil

New custom styles

The updated inpage format from Evadav has changed in appearance; the mechanics remain the same.  After the upgrade, users can choose styles with templates:

- Classic allows you to form different ads with a button where you set the desired text.
- System is a format that mimics the OS notification. It increases the CR with the same impression amount.
-vSocial is a template that makes the pop-up window look like a social network notification.

After the updates, the customization of creatives for any verticals and pre-landings has been simplified for the user. Banners are as attractive and relevant as possible, which leads to an increase in CTR and CR indicators. As a result, ROI offer also grows.

The most popular styles for working with creative ads:

Classic with Dark and Light templates is versatile, the real win-win solution for:
- gambling
- betting
- finance
- nutra
- sweepstake
- e-commerce
- crypto


Social with LiveChat templates is perfect for:
- dating
- webcams

Original and attracts attention, which means a confident CTR build-up.


System with templates imitating system notifications is suitable for the following:
- software
- utility
- antivirus
- sweepstakes


Evadav tip:
To optimize the design of the ad campaign, the advertiser should choose the style that best suits the objectives and specifics of the vertical.

More about styles
The style specifies the appearance of the banner. The advertiser selects the option that will look native on the page.  

There are three styles:


The advertiser specifies the template corresponding to the selected banner format.

Examples of Classic style templates


Examples of System style templates


Examples of Social style templates


The description text must embody the semantic core: clear words and terms for your audience.
A button text should engage with a clear and understandable CTA (Call to Action). For example, register on the site, buy a product or get a bonus.
The button can be located inside, outside, or with alignment to the left edge.
You can add macros to optimize configuration. The minimum required set is {CLICKID} and {SOURCE_ID}.
As part of the advertising campaign, you need to test different creatives.
For example, we test images in a live chat template.


The more attractive images, the better, but you need to pay attention to your budget. Usually, the picture gives a +30% CTR. Also, test the button position – it affects CTR.


Evadav tip:
We recommend experimenting with creatives, without limiting imagination, in any amount. Next remains to watch the indicator CTR. You can turn them off at any time for those creatives that did not work, leaving everything that contributes to the increased clickability.

What is the result?

With the inpage format and new settings, you can quickly get these statistics:

Adult dating vertical – results before and after the use of new custom styles.


We can see how ROI and profit have grown enormously.


Inpage is a forward-looking format that has already proven its effectiveness in promoting the offer and profit of your dreams – still hesitating?

Then read the complete guide and see for yourself

Run inpage-campaigns and get cosmic profit

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😎Hello, Evadavers!

What are Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales?
Black Friday is the weekday following Thanksgiving in the US. (the fourth Thursday of November).

Most affiliate product creators, eCommerce shops, and software system developers provide large offers throughout Black Friday week. Typically customers are able to expect fifty to eighty percent off on nearly every product they're thinking of shopping for online.

That is why such Black Friday offers are promoted by almost all types of bloggers, affiliates, website owners, and marketers. With massive offers and discounts, they sell affiliate products like hotcakes.

Definitely, we recommend that you test yourself and run advertising campaigns, first of all, on such verticals as:

Promote offers from our partners with Push notifications, Inpage banners, Popunder, and Native ads. To make that alive, this year we at Evadav have prepared a profitable offer for all advertisers without exception.

🤑There we have a Black Friday deal:

Use promo code EvaBlackFriday22 and get 10% on top of your advertiser balance. Be aware and hurry up, promo codes are limited in time till the end of the day and be active only on 25th November.

You won’t wish to miss them!

🤑To help you we also collected the best deals from our partners.

Spy Tool Deal - Adplexity
Get a 50% discount for the spying service with up to 40% life discount and be whitelisted to the early access to the TikTok Ad spying tool for free. (the tool will be released in early 2023).

Promo code: evadav_bf22.

CPA Network – Adsempire
Get increased rates for exclusive dating offers with AdsEmpire:
Flirt - CA - web - 3.3$ mob - 2.8$
Benaughty AU - web 6.3$/mob - 5.8$
OneNightFriend - US - web - 2.8$ mob - 2.5$
together2night - NZ - web - 4.8$ mob - 4.3$
meetwild ES/GB - web/wap - 2.8$
Swipe-next US/UK/AU/NZ/CA - €2.5
GET A BUMP! and instant approval.
Promo code: evadavBF.

Tracker – Voluum
Get up to %30 discount and an additional BF deal.
Promo code: evadav.

Start Black Friday Ad Campaigns & Monetize Your Traffic With Evadav

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Hello, Evadavers!

Ho-ho-ho! Winter has come, which means we are officially entering the hottest commercial season of the year.

The sales frenzy is going online, and it’s time to dust off your most daring campaign strategies and ideas.

So, Evadav Team opens the season of festive bonuses and fabulously profitable campaigns. Ready, steady… We start our winter pro marathon!

All Evadav advertisers can participate, both new and existing accounts, with active advertising campaigns.

How to participate?
(spoiler alert: it’s easier than writing a letter to Santa)

- Create a new ad campaign or scale an existing one.
- Scale your ad campaigns by 10% in December (compared to November).
- Get up to 6% cashback on your monthly spend.

Bonuses level:

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get.

Promo will last until December 31. Do not miss your chance to get abundant wealth and great cashback on monthly spend.

Scale your campaigns and make a profit

Recommendations from the Evadav team

Winter means a festive season and, therefore, a lot of sales. We recommend launching campaigns:

1 with the best advertising formats from Evadav:
- Updated inpage is especially good due to new custom styles: more conversion and ROI;
- classic push does not lose its relevance;
- pops are very promising this month.

2 in optimal verticals from Evadav:
- dating
- sweepstakes
- betting
- gambling
- crypto
- utilities
- software

3 on Evadav’s top geo:
- The United States of America
- Canada
- Mexico
- Brazil
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- France
- Italy
- India
- Thailand

To get a cashback, send an email to [email protected] from 01 to 10 January with the subject: CASHBACK and the following info – your email (the account login) and the spent amount for December.

We’ll take it from here.

Start marathon
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Hey, Evadavers!

A few years ago, the world started switching to a remote format of life. People use desktop and mobile devices for earning, buying, selling, learning, studying, and communicating

You can and should offer boosters, cleaners, and other utilities. These programs protect gadgets and provide anonymity for users, optimize the operation of devices and allow you to use all their features. Advertisers should pay attention to this vertical!

Still, trying to drive traffic from Evadav to the Utilities vertical? Or maybe you don’t know how to deal with it? We will tell you how to work professionally with it and show you a successful case of one of our advertisers that will inspire you!

Ad format: in-page Evadav
Offer: install (mobile) / Utilities
Ad network: Evadav
Geo: US
Campaign period: 01.09.2022 – 13.09.2022
Total budget: $1 773
Total earned: $2,446
NET profit: $673
ROI: 38%

Our affiliate chose this offer because it had a CPI model for mobile devices along with a high payout. Driving traffic in states where competition was running high was risky. The advertiser contacted the personal manager at evadav.com and received comprehensive support and recommendations that worked.

That’s how the affiliate’s landing looked like:


The advertiser only bothered a little with creatives when adding Evadav in-page campaigns. You don’t need a lot of imagination to create a creative for utilities, but it is better to make several options for testing.

Creatives with warnings about hacking smartphones have shown their effectiveness when working with cleaners.
A tip from the Evadav team:
"ATTENTION", "WARNING", and exclamation marks still work well; however, the android icon should be minimally modified (due to the restriction on original logo usage).

Here is an example of failed creatives where the visual does not display the essence of the offer:


Generally, it is ideal for utilities when popup notifications look like system messages. They are usually hard to ignore. Therefore, our advertiser chose the Evadav inpage format.

And he focused on these creatives:


In the offer, you can choose whether to specify a limit according to the Android version or not. Clarify this point in the app store to avoid unauthorized traffic. The cleaner ad targets Android 6.0 and above. Devices are excluded, and the language is English.
That’s all for settings.

The landing triggered, but after the first week, the advertiser set up the automated rules and a postback, which gave their results.
The stats look good, accordingly:


Affiliate’s feedback: "The offer is working. Even after the standard optimization, I can drive traffic with a plus".

So what are Utilities?
Utilities is the category of software products promoted in the install-vertical. It includes various applications for mobile devices and browser extensions: cleaners, accelerators, and other solutions.

App installation is usually the target action in Utilities offers. But sometimes, there are offers where conversion counts only once the user uses it.

There are enough utilities available today, they are relatively easy to promote, and you can test and optimize as much as you like. Rumor has it that affiliate marketing virtuosos can raise from $2000 per day on utilities. While some believe the tools are obsolete, others successfully drive traffic from almost all channels and geo.

Tip from Team Evadav:
This niche has a place for beginners and experienced affiliates, so pay attention to this vertical, write to your manager any time of the day, and get the income of your dreams.

Offer types in Utilities vertical
The target audience of offers with utilities – is not programmers but ordinary users of desktop and mobile devices. These software products make the life of users easier: clean smartphones, get rid of "garbage", free memory, and remove malicious and residual files. In other words - optimize the device.

Utilities are:
- disk cleaner;
- backup application;
- device accelerators and boosters;
- scanners and software for system diagnostics;
- ad blockers;
- data recovery applications;
- disk defragmentation;
- text and media file viewers.

Choosing offer
In general, contact your manager to choose a good offer. He will tell you what and where will convert better today.

But for a successful drive in the install niche, you should also carefully study the conditions of cooperation. The advertiser is insured from shaving when working with an ad network instead of direct deals. But if the lead is not counted because of the KPI discrepancy, the support will not help. For instance, traffic sources can be strictly marked (Hard KPI); it doesn't count if the lead comes from any other channel.

Sometimes limits on the number of targeted actions per day are set in offers with cleaners. For instance, if there is a limit of 100 installs offline, the 101st conversion doesn't count, and the advertiser will lose part of the profit. We reject such offers or use trackers and automatic optimization in this case.

Among the Utilities offers that have shown promising results, evadav.com has:
- Repair System Phone;
- Booster cleaner;
- Phone Keeper;
- Clean Up.

Evadav tip:
Please write to your manager, who will help you choose an offer.

Choosing ad format
There are no unsuitable ad formats for the promotion with Utilities offers, but there are those that convert better or worse.

The Utilities offer work well with the pop-traffic. Evadav popunder format does not need a banner; the user immediately gets to the target page. Pre-lander will help not to provoke panic due to the cracking of the device or other threats.

Evadav inpage traffic is the best for the promotion of Utilities offers. It is similar to system messages; therefore, it is clicked more often. In addition, the inpage covers a solvent audience of iOS devices.

Classic push also shows an excellent conversion. If it needs to be clarified where to drive traffic on the selected offer, it is always better to contact the manager, who is in touch 24/7/365.

Today advertisers almost always have the opportunity to target the audience by the device type. Push format can obtain mobile traffic, and other sources like social networks, native ads, and banners can also do it.

dvice from the Evadav team:
We recommend running campaigns with Evadav push and inpage. They are inexpensive, excellent converters, and suitable for beginners. And don’t forget - people sign up voluntarily, which means you get a "warm" audience.

Choosing geo
In the Install vertical, which refers to the Utilities offers, you should focus more on geo, not payouts. You can get a 100% profit in the US, where the deal costs $15. But it is much more effective to farm in, say, Indonesia, where payouts are ten times lower, and downloads are thousands of times higher. But our partner decided to take the risk and did not fail.

The most convertible geo from Evadav today looks like this:
- Italy
- Turkey
- Great Britain
- France
- Spain
- Germany
- Brasil
- Mexico
- Canada

Note that this data is constantly updated. Our managers will help you to choose GEO, and formats, set up and launch a campaign, and optimize it for the best profit.

Setting ad campaign
Creatives should consist of such components:
- triggering header with a length of not more than 30 characters;
- the precise and concise description in 45 characters;
- icon with a resolution of 192*192 pixels;
- main image;
- link.

When developing creatives to promote a Utilities offer, consider its type first.

If it is a cleaner and booster, it is appropriate to use an image of the cleaning attributes in the banner: a brush, mop, or broom.


Creatives with prohibitory and stop signs are suitable for ad blockers: crosses and “stop” signals.


VPN creatives must contain images that are associated with security and privacy: lock or shield.


And here is the perfect image for the banner advertising application, which symbolizes the device's protection from threats. It clearly shows why you need to download this utility.


Working with landings and pre-landers
The pre-lander is useful when using creatives with shocking information or virus threat statistics, which can also scare the user. A pre-lander for offers with cleaners and boosters often includes a credible story about how someone lost money or personal files due to not installing this utility on time.

Advertisers also use more aggressive techniques when promoting utilities. For example, the device is reported to be hacked. But along with the information about the network threat, they immediately offer a quick way to solve the problem – install an application.

A countdown widget for disabling the device due to virus damage is an even more intimidating component. Make the pre-lander effective by placing the alert and a solution.
Scare tactics work great in pre-landers for push and pop campaigns. However, many networks prohibit it, which increases the likelihood of cancellations. To avoid risks, we recommend giving preference to push notifications in the style of system messages or classic push.



Evadav tip:
Buy a domain that contains a link something like "android cleaner." The clearer and shorter the domain, the higher the conversion. No one will click on a link that looks like a set of letters and numbers.

When creating a landing for cleaners, the following techniques showed good conversion:
- Post an article about new features where users can now watch movies without restrictions. Select a proper image and the CTA button.
- Create a website aggregator of popular utilities using large banners;
- Make a detailed and concise description of the application, the steps for its installation, and device specifications.
- Inform the user that his cleaner is outdated and needs to be updated.
- You can offer an annual subscription at a very favorable price on the landing.
- Explain briefly or via article why users need to install this application and what benefits they will get.

Evadav tip:
The call-to-action button is the main element of the landing page. There may be several, but all should lead to one action. The CTA button should be noticeable and clear. Users should understand what happens if clicked.

Our advertiser used a successful landing and did not change it in this Evadav advertising campaign.

Testing and optimization
It is not enough to create an advertising campaign for a good profit. Post-optimization is a mandatory stage in the advertiser’s work. It is essential to use all Evadav options available in the advertiser’s account to increase profit.

ROI often depends on them directly.

- Configure the postback to transfer data from the network to the tracker using macros (parameters) – we have more than ten of them.
- Use black- and whitelist and set automated rules to fill them up.
- When setting automated rules, ensure all data is transmitted via a postback. You can set several conditions at once and no longer do it manually.
- We recommend buying only some days of subscriptions as part of the same advertising campaign. It is better to test them from different campaigns and with other bids, giving an advantage to the newest and most expensive.
- Use micro bidding to customize bids for your campaign. Place your bets on different parameters and use your budget efficiently.

Novice advertisers working with utilities often make such mistakes:
- launching the latest subscription days at low bids;
- not using postback and automated rules to get the lead at the best price;
- choose the browser language, thus limiting traffic volume;
- Buying all traffic at minimum bids (due to non-convertible sources and large traffic volume, the rate will be high). It is better to start with high bids, gradually lowering and disabling non-converting sources;
- setting a minimum budget or click limits, making it impossible to use top sources and large amounts of traffic.

The Evadav team recommends using such lifehacks when configuring Evadav Ads for utilities:
- Run several creatives at once, then leave those that showed the best conversion and send the rest to the trash bin;
- Focus on the WinRate indicator (formally, in terms of an advertising campaign, less than 60% of this indicator should alert you. However, experienced affiliates still recommend considering WR separately for each source);
- send converting sources to whitelists and run with minimal targeting and high bid (don’t forget about limits).

We shared secrets and life hacks in the Utilities vertical. Now you know all about customizing and optimizing Utilities promotion campaigns for mobile devices. The niche is significant, and there is enough space for everyone, but do not relax – competition is often skyrocketing, and trends are changing rapidly.

Launch new campaigns, test, analyze, and earn with Evadav

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try to drive utilities traffic! You are in for a fiery profit with Evadav.

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Hello, Advertisers!

As 2022 runs out, it is time to take stock and make plans. Another valuable period has passed for you, dear partners, and for the Evadav team. We want to thank all those who stay with us year after year and those who have joined us recently.

Let’s remember what significant events have happened with our platform, how changes have affected the projects of our publishers and advertisers, and what heights we have achieved during this period. We have something to pat ourselves on the back and something to tackle. We are thrilled to share the results.

In figures and statistics we trust. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the highlights of the past year.

Maximum opportunities with Evadav’s innovative advertising tools

In 2022 you showed tsunami-like traffic volumes! We counted 200,000 advertising campaigns.

You’ve done a great job, and thousands of our partners have been getting potential leads and conversion growth, while you - a decent reward. We stayed in touch with you 24/7/365, helped with offers selection, settings, and optimization, and saved your time and budget.

The most profitable verticals in 2022

We can’t help talking about the most relevant verticals in 2022. You are always interested in TOP niches, so keep the final ranking of the most profitable verticals:
- gambling
- dating
- utilities
- nutra
- gaming
- betting
- e-commerce
- crypto
- software
- sweepstakes
- finance

Crypto is one of the most promising verticals today. It is not yet in the first place of our rating, but compared to last year, offers related to cryptocurrency show higher conversion.

Online casinos, dating, utilities, and betting have been working hard and profitable in 2022. And something tells us they’ll remain trendy next year as well.

If you work with Evadav, you know well that any vertical can bring a golden income with the right approach. This year we have developed for you even more guides, from which you learned about:

- The possibilities of custom styles for inpage format
- Prospects of Astrology as a vertical and specifics of making money with astro-offers
- The features of working with Crypto vertical

We continue to do our best so that you can professionally work with any offer and advertising format.

Advertising formats with unique options = fantastic ROI

As for the advertising formats, which consistently showed high clickability and conversion, the rating was distributed as follows:


Popunder remains in the first place, and it will unlikely give way to other formats.

Even though push traffic has long been called dead, push still shows excellent CR and is not going anywhere.

Inpage traffic is the most promising in 2022. If you have not yet tried the inpage new styles by Evadav, we strongly recommend doing so. Since the update, the format has shown rapid growth.

New custom styles allowed advertisers to reach excellent ROI at no extra cost. Statistics in cases speak for themselves.


The best creatives of 2022
In 2022, we tried to give you more opportunities for quality traffic. We know that you appreciated the advertising formats from Evadav and tried very hard to create advertisements for all formats!

In total, you’ve created more than 1 000 000 creatives in a year with an incredible number of impressions and more than 1,000 clicks in that period. Moreover, 5 of them had an average conversion rate of 50%.

This year the following creatives have gathered an enormous amount of clicks:




The most profitable regions of 2022
Stereotypes about individual countries remain in the past! It is clear when it comes to the Top Geo that gave you the most traffic in 2022.

While others still consider the tier-2 and tier-3 countries insolvent and hopeless, our advertisers in 2022 worked successfully with this audience and shared their inspiring cases.

The following regions (with the bids accordingly) brought the most conversions to our advertisers in 2022:


And Top Geo list for publishers in 2022 is the following:


In Tier 3, India confidently occupies the first place, while Indonesia rocks in Tier 2. The most prosperous country from Tier-1 for our publishers this year is the USA. It’s no surprise; however, stability is also good.

What have we done within a year in numbers?

We have the most friendly and super-fast support, which continues to grow and improve!

We are interested in your income and know that time is money for you! Therefore, we are in touch with you 24 hours a day so that you do not waste a minute on the launch and quickly start earning.

Interesting fact:
There were 750 billion impressions, 40 billion clicks, and 456 million conversions in 12 months! We have received 90,000 requests from you and helped you solve the difficulties and improve the profit.


CTR of your campaigns with Evadav has tripled this year. It’s all thanks to the convenient format of the internal auction, possibilities of advertising formats, automatic optimization, and other options!

We still follow the course: better traffic, high-efficiency advertising formats, and more profit!


More than 10,000 advertisers became our partners in 2022. Thank you for choosing Evadav!

New large traffic sources

2022 was a generous year for the new major sites added to the Evadav system, which helped our partners to earn.

These platforms became the best at the end of the year due to the following:
- large volumes of organic traffic;
- high enough daily attendance;
- high quality of traffic (primarily mobile), which shows excellent CR on the top verticals;
- loyalty to users regarding the integration of non-aggressive and native advertising;
- frequently updated content.


Interesting fact:
This year, the amount of high-quality traffic sources has become enormous: 18,000 new publishers joined us during this period.

Everything is possible with Evadav referral programs

You don’t have to be our partner to make money with us. We welcome new users and pay a pretty dollar for them.

It’s simple: you bring a new partner and increase your income quickly and without investment:
- get 5% of the future earnings of each new publisher;
- $50 for you and your referral-advertiser for reaching $500 spend!

The more active the partner (brought by you), the higher profit you have!

It’s not a surprise, in 2022, the Evadav referral program had enormous popularity. The most accurate about your activity is your income.


Interesting fact:
In total, we paid more than $100,000 to publishers and advertisers via the referral system in 2022.

Evadav has long been said to be the most profitableand stable platform. Still, this year the prospect has become even more apparent - compared to last year, revenue from the referral system of publishers doubled!

In addition, partners received more than $160,000 in cashback and bonuses.

Faster, higher, stronger (c)

You have noticed every improvement on our platform that has taken place this year. Everything we have implemented or improved for our partners has affected their income in one way or another.

Let’s see what helps you save resources and earn more with Evadav:
8. We have improved the usability of the Personal Account to make you feel as comfortable as possible here.
9. Set up automatic integration with popular trackers. For instance, the latest automatization with Voluum']EvaDav - Voluum – Ad Tracker for Media Buyers.
10. Optimized prices - now they are among the most optimal in the market.
11. We have implemented an automatic campaign optimization system. By connecting automated rules, you save your budget and time.
12. The tracking of advertising campaign statistics in the Personal Account was simplified, and the statistics were made even more functional.
13. We continue to take care of our users and always try to help. A friendly support team is always available to you 24/7/365!
14. The payment options have become even more, you will definitely find the most convenient among them.

Useful system updates

With the expansion of our technological capabilities, your marketing strategies have become more effective. Evadav is not just a provider of quality traffic. We are now a multi-functional, multi-channel platform with exclusive advertising tools and round-the-clock support. We continue to implement unique high-tech solutions to achieve your goals.

Improved traffic verification technology and antifraud systems

In 2022 we paid special attention to the quality of traffic. You might have noticed that two types of Standard and Premium traffic are now available in your account.

Thanks to innovative technologies and algorithms, we can filter low-quality clicks and sell to advertisers live and active traffic.

Publishers are guaranteed the reliability of advertisers.

More possibilities of Inpage Format

While in the past inpage was seen as a derivative of push, it is now a separate format. With the 2022 updates, inpage gives plenty of opportunities to create truly profitable campaigns.

Now you can customize the visual of creatives for any offer. Even the most tough verticals are much easier to work with, thanks to the ability to stylize ads.

This update has allowed the publishers to place more quality and diverse advertising on their resources.

Displaying Winrate indicator in advertising campaigns

This is one of the most important technological solutions that we have pleased advertisers with this year.

This metric allows you to adjust the bid under any parameters and geo. Reaching the key Winrate indicator became easier under any strategies.

Improved personal account design

Sky's the limit! And the creativity of our talented designers has no borders.

The personal account has become more functional and user-friendly. The workspace has a stylish and organic visual interface for both publishers and advertisers.

Growth and development philosophy

In 2022, our team grew in every sense of the word. We never stop at what we have achieved and move forward no matter what.


We bet you don’t know it:
During these 12 months 7 team members have been promoted to higher positions. 30 talented and proactive experts have joined us, and they have become part of the unified mechanism of our platform. Now the number of employees in the Evadav team has passed the three-digit figure - 115!

The swellest specialists from ten countries are working on the development of our project.


We try to be independent of circumstances. Despite the difficult times associated with war and the unstable electricity supply, each of us keeps working to push our goals forward.

By the way, we successfully launched the academy for our employees twice this year, where we "raised" new mentors and teamleads.

What to expect the next year

The Evadav team is sincerely grateful to all who have chosen our platform to earn money and implement their marketing strategies.

In the new year, we will continue to do our best to convert your efforts into decent financial returns. Our priorities remain: platform usability, tool efficiency, high-quality traffic available to everyone.

Till then we’ll keep the secret, but rest assured, we are ready for updates. In the New Year, you will have even more opportunities to scale your campaigns, access relevant audiences, and maximize outreach.

We thank everyone who chooses Evadav advertising platform, appreciates our improvements and stays with us. Whatever you are - advertisers, publishers, forum, SSP and DSP-platforms owners, payment service representatives, conference coordinators, webmasters, media buyers, advertising agencies or networks. We are glad that you are with us

We promise that our high standards and excellent traffic quality for which you choose us will remain the same in the new year.

If you’ve got any suggestions or you just want to congratulate us, send an email with the subject "HAPPY NEW 2023 YEAR". We will do our best to make your incomes even higher in 2023!

Write us

See you in the New Year,
Evadav team!

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Hello, Advertisers!

Henry Ford said: “Anything can always be done better than it is being done.” And we share this idea. After all, making money is not limited to traffic monetization and advertising. There are still many additional profit sources when you can work less and earn so freaking good.

The Evadav referral program for publishers and advertisers is a striking example. It enables all partners to earn extra money.

If you are already one of our publishers or advertisers or will join our network, you need to read this article, which will surely motivate you.

Referral program: terms and conditions

Evadav partners can increase their income by bringing in new members, whether a publisher or an advertiser and get a reward for each.

If new publishers join Evadav via your referral link, you will receive a commission of 5% of their earnings.

If you bring a new advertiser to Evadav and he buys advertising worth $500 or more, you will receive $50 on your balance. By the way, all advertisers you bring will also receive $50 when they reach $500.

The algorithm is simple:
The more people follow your referral link, the more they get in return, and in the end, you make more money.

Our referral system works for a lifetime commission. After all, each referral partner has a chance to scale campaigns or platforms and increase revenue, so it is fair that partners who attract new ones are rewarded based on their success at all times.

Steps for getting referral bonuses

Each of you can become a member of the Evadav referral system: a currently working publisher or advertiser or someone who only planned to join us but has not done it yet.

If you have been with us for a long time and have already used this effective way to gain additional profit - you have the opportunity to pump this source even stronger so that it becomes truly a gold mine.

You need to go through several stages, and a clean profit is all yours.

Step 1

Sign up or log in to an existing account on our platform.

Step 2

Open the "Referral Program" section, find your referral link on this page, copy it, and share it with your candidates, thus inviting new partners.

New partners must follow your referral link for the algorithm to work correctly. You must clearly explain to the new partners that they must sign up by the link you provide.

Step 3

You will see your referral partners in real-time statistics as soon as they sign up in Evadav.

In addition, the system is so transparent that you can easily see the statistics of your referrals for the selected period.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of your partners. The key to a great result is their activity and success.

Start making money with Evadav right away!

Attracting referrals effectively: tips and life hacks

Getting a referral link is only the first step. You need to develop a strategy to attract and find the best way to convince other publishers and advertisers to sign up using your link.

Evadav tip:
Explore the needs of your potential partners - always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and emphasize the benefits of working with Evadav, which are not only your personal favorite but also will be of interest to others. Be honest; the more you tell about your experience with Evadav, the more likely your referral will be proactive and satisfied with a choice.

Ensure that the partners you are trying to attract have not yet registered with Evadav. Otherwise, the algorithm will not work, and you will waste your time.

What do you need to do to make the referral program become a powerful tool for you to earn money?

Top 5 recommendations from the Evadav team:

1 Create a working strategy to promote Evadav among acquaintances and in a professional niche.

2 Become a true brand ambassador whom people will trust:
- add your referral link to your traffic sources and banners;
work with social networks, tell about your successful experience - with Evadav, and share your referral link;
- go to forums and online groups. They are an excellent source of quality recommendations;
- write a case study with actual data; profitable statistics attract better than words.

3 Choose not only beginners in the industry, but also experienced players. Remember, you need active partners. It will increase the chances of getting significant commissions.

4 Create tutorials, checklists, and instructions. The better potential partners understand getting started with the new network, the higher the chance to attract new publishers and advertisers and interest them in work and profit.

5 Create groups and chat rooms with your referral partners; help them, and they will help you. If you create a like-minded society, your income from the referral program can equal the revenue from the primary source of profit.

Payouts: how, when, and how much

We pay a commission for each active partner. Our program works as follows:
- Initially, referral commissions go to the “Hold” balance. They are paid once a month and are equal to 5% of the earnings of attracted publishers and $50 for each attracted advertiser who has reached $500 spending;
- To withdraw your commission, transfer it to the publisher balance for the payout or advertiser one - to use it for offers promotion; it’s up to you;
- All referral commissions are paid in USD.

We hope that our tips will help you to attract new active partners and increase your earnings with Evadav.

If you have any questions, contact a personal manager, who will be happy to assist yo

Follow the enormous referral profit
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Hello, Evadavers!

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we have created an exclusive forecast for advertisers and publishers from Evadav experts, in which we will tell you about the trends in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

In this digest, you will learn:
- the most promising traffic sources;
- potentially profitable geo;
- actual vertices;
- the best advertising formats for high CR and CTR;
- the most effective approachesto making creatives;
- major 2023 trends and anti-trends in affiliate marketing.

If you want to feel confident in 2023, start testing current trends and follow the tips from Evadav experts today.

Read the digest

Launch advertising campaigns in 2023 with fire profit
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  • MonetizeInfo VIP
On 2/1/2023 at 11:46 AM, EvaDav said:
Hello, Evadavers!

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we have created an exclusive forecast for advertisers and publishers from Evadav experts, in which we will tell you about the trends in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

In this digest, you will learn:
- the most promising traffic sources;
- potentially profitable geo;
- actual vertices;
- the best advertising formats for high CR and CTR;
- the most effective approachesto making creatives;
- major 2023 trends and anti-trends in affiliate marketing.

If you want to feel confident in 2023, start testing current trends and follow the tips from Evadav experts today.

Read the digest

Launch advertising campaigns in 2023 with fire profit

Thank you for the research paper. I've read it from top to bottom and found it helpful for any affiliate that wants to succeed in 2023. The only thing I do not particularly agree with is voice search optimization for 23 as an affiliate trend.

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Hello, Evadavers!

The winter magic does not end with the holidays. At least the Evadav team believes in it. So we decided to extend this fabulous season with another profitable promo for advertisers with bonuses up to $100 and cashback up to 5%. We are sure it will help you to maximize profit using February’s top geo and verticals.

Best geo at the moment:
- United States of America
- India
- Indonesia

Top results by the vertical:
- Dating
- Gambling
- Goods
- Nutrition
- Gaming

All you need to do to prolong the profit season and get maximum benefits is to participate in our promo. Are you ready?

So, what does it take to make magic happen?

Terms and Conditions:
- Top up the advertiser’s balance and get a guaranteed bonus.
- Create new advertising campaigns on the top geo of this month: US, IN, ID.
- Send a request to [email protected] with the subject: EVADAV FEBRUARY BONUS.
- Increase spending by 10% in the second half of February, 15.02-28.02 (compared to the first one, 01.02-14.02).
- Get your wow cashback up to 5%.

All Evadav advertisers can participate: both new accounts and those who have long been with us, but only with newly launched campaigns on selected geo.

Bonus system:

Each advertiser will receive a top-up bonus of:

The bonus is valid for one replenishment of each advertiser.

After adding and creating an advertising campaign, be sure to write to the support team so that your manager can give you a bonus and help with the targeting settings and all the necessary options for a successful campaign.

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get:

Remember, you create the magic. And the Evadav team will support and help you to make it happen as often as possible.

Go for bonuses and cashback
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