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Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work?

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Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work?

Hello, Team MonRays here! What if we told you that even with stable profits and high ROI, you might not be maximizing the potential of your traffic flow and there's an opportunity to earn even more? No, you won't need to expand your team, increase budgets, or exert extra effort. Simply leverage our traffic monetization tools that can regularly boost your income by up to +20%. How does it work, which tools are involved, and how to set it up? Let's delve into it in the article.

What is traffic monetization and which users can be monetized?

Monetization is the process of optimizing residual traffic that simply 'leaves' and does not bring any benefit to the webmaster.

Let's consider a specific example: a user visited a page with an offer but was not interested in it. They are not ready to take the desired action and are about to leave the pre-landing page. If it weren't for monetization technologies, the user would have left the page without converting into a lead, and the webmaster would have lost potential revenue.
By not leveraging monetization opportunities, you are missing out on potential income.
Monetization technologies help retain traffic by redirecting it to a page with an offer.

Traffic redirection technologies.

How does it work?

  • The user is not interested in the offer and tries to leave the pre-landing page using the 'Back' button but ends up on another pre-landing page of yours.
  • The user sees new pre-landing pages, and there is a possibility that they might find them interesting, convert them into a lead, and generate profit for the webmaster.

Example of the page that the user lands on when using the 'Back' button:


Pay attention to the request for permission to send push notifications. They also help monetize traffic. You can also set up pushes on your pre-landers, creating a combo effect. The user, using the 'Back' button, lands on another pre-lander, and subscribes to pushes, which subsequently ensures additional monetization. Later, the user explores a vast number of offers from various categories, among which, most likely, they will find one that interests them and converts into a lead.

Push notifications.

The push database is collected, among other things, using a subscription widget, which is installed by a script on the pre-landing pages you use. You can also customize the subscription window to suit prelanding styles.


Detailed subscription analytics available:


Users who subscribe to push notifications will subsequently receive advertisements for various offers directly to their device from you.

And if they weren't interested in the initial offer from the pre-lander, they might find something appealing among the new offers in push notifications. This is how push notifications help monetize traffic that didn't convert into leads before.

Additionally, pushes allow you to earn even if the webmaster stops the traffic. Long-term monetization implies that push notifications will continue to generate profits for a long time. Income from the subscriber base can be sustained for at least 1 month and more after the traffic has been stopped.

Second Offer

What is a Second Offer?

Let's take a closer look at what the Second Offer is — it's a tool designed to optimize and increase your traffic revenue. The Second Offer seamlessly integrates into your website, providing a non-intrusive yet effective way to generate additional income. The concept involves presenting a secondary offer after users have interacted with your primary content.

After users engage with your primary content or perform a desired action (such as registration or form submission), another offer is revealed in a new browser tab, showcasing the second offer. This sequential interaction model allows users to engage with the second offer without disrupting their activity on the main site.

Example of a page on which the Second Offer is installed:


By introducing users to the second offer, webmasters create additional opportunities for revenue generation. Now, users have the option to explore not just one but two offers, increasing the chances of conversion and revenue generation.

Utilizing this tool involves presenting users with two offers on different topics. This approach significantly enhances the likelihood of user interaction, as the second offer may be more relevant to their interests. Diversification enhances the overall effectiveness of your monetization strategy.

Inactive offer

What is an Inactive offer?

Inactive Offer (Inactive Script, Inactive User, etc.)
When a user lands on the page and the tab with the target page becomes inactive, or they stop moving the cursor, this tool will activate. After a specified period of user inactivity, when the user becomes inactive, it redirects them to the offer link.

The essence of the Inactive Offer lies in a time-based redirection mechanism. Webmasters can set the duration of user inactivity required to initiate the offer redirection. Whether it's a matter of seconds or minutes, this feature ensures that redirection occurs at an optimal time, maximizing user engagement.
Thus, this monetization tool increases the chance of converting an inactive user, which is crucial for your monetization strategy.

PWA(Progressive Web Application)

What is PWA?

Applications for gambling and dating are well known to affiliates who act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers. Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a special technology that integrates a website into a mobile application template. It allows users to visit websites without opening a browser; in this case, the PWA itself acts as the browser. Users often don't even realize that they are accessing a convenient mobile application but are, in fact, on the website.

Additionally, PWAs can be added to the device's home screen, just like regular apps, without the need to install them through an app store.


Key advantages of using PWA:

  • Instant loading. PWAs are optimized for quick loading and respond to user requests instantly, reducing waiting time and increasing user satisfaction.
  • Fast access and installation. PWAs are immediately installed on the home screen, providing quick access without the need to download from app stores.
  • Push notifications. PWAs support push notifications, allowing apps to send messages to users even when they are not actively using the app, which can be used for reminders of important events.

Where can I create a PWA?

  • You can create your own PWA on the MonRays platform!
  • The platform also provides all of the above tools for traffic monetization!

A monetization is a crucial tool for webmasters to generate additional revenue from traffic. MonRays offers a variety of tools for traffic monetization. If you want to increase your profits from traffic, register with MonRays and boost your ROI by 20%.

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