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MAC Affiliate Conference , 30-31 May, Yerevan, Armenia

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Face to face with the market leaders at MAC'24 🔥
The largest affiliate marketing conference in Eastern Europe, MAC'24, will be held in Yerevan! For two days, you'll be surrounded by colleagues, industry experts, and thought leaders!
👉🏻 At the MAC conference, there'll be not only useful reports on current topics but also live discussions with speakers off stage and open interviews in the media area.
You will be able to get to know the best of the best personally in the field of affiliate marketing 👇🏻
And the biggest afterparty of 2024 is gonna happen after 2 days of networking. All night long until morning:
Unlimited bar, hookahs and snacks
A crazy atmosphere on the dancefloor with the headliner everyone knows for sure
Private communication with product partners and CPA networks (your future partners).
To get a ticket at a discounted rate of up to 30%, click on the link below!
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  dats-team   leadbit   partnerkin
What will happen at MAC’24? Spoiler alert: it's gonna be a party and an absolution! 😎
It's not just any old letter, it's a time machine into the past, you know? We're going to show you what our legendary parties were like and tell you all about what's in store for you at MAC'24!
So, here's the lowdown on what's happening at MAC’24 ⬇️
⚠️We warn you: our parties are getting more and more out of this world, and after MAC, regular hangouts just don't cut it (that's for sure).
What awaits you at MAC'24 on May 30-31 in Yerevan?
The main rule about our parties is their huge scale! If it's an after party, it will be a massive event with over 1,500 participants. If it's a headliner, then that will be the person recognized by GQ as the "Man of the Year", who has been at the top of the charts for many years. 😉
🔥 And there are all sorts of surprises at the event. For example, there's a real monk who is going to be at the conference to absolve affiliate marketing sins.
An unlimited bar and hookah, plus a whole bunch of snacks, are waiting for you at our networking event with market leaders from all over the world. And, of course, there are two dance floors - one for techno fans. 🔊
Don't forget about our preparty the day before the conference (May 29th at 8pm). Meet the people before anyone else! 🔥
And, of course, there'll be a ton of private parties from friends and sponsors. One of those parties is a private gathering with the legendary figure from affiliate marketing world, Zhenya Ivanov, for anyone who's been in the game for a long time.
We're going to increase ticket prices soon, so get yours now at the lowest rate with a discount up to 30%!
See you at the Conference!
Best, MAC Team.
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  dats-team   leadbit   partnerkin
Ready, set, MAC!
There are 14 days left until the conference!
It's time to think about where your suitcase is because in exactly two weeks, the largest affiliate conference in Eastern Europe - MAC will be held on May 30-31!
2500+ participants.
100+ companies in the exhibition.
30 reports.
Pre и Afterparty and different parties from friends of the conference.
For sure, there are about 10 events from friends and sponsors of the conference, for example, by ZM, Wintevents, Exness Affiliates, TikTok MEETUP, etc.
Registration for the events is available to all MAC participants 😉
Traditionally, many representatives of different verticals come to MAC:
It's hard to reach them online, but they go to MAC to find partners! You can see this for yourself and look at the booths of the companies on our official website:
⏲ You have the last opportunity to get a ticket at the best price. And our team gives you a discount promo code 25% – “MAC24”.
See you at the Conference!
Best, MAC Team.
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