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What are your wishes for 2024?


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  • Root Admin

Hello dear friends, colleagues, and members of TopGoldForum!!

There are literally only a couple of hours till we will step in 2024!

I would like to wish you to be safe, healthy, prosperous, and happy!

Myself I have quite a lot on my plate in the next year. I would like to 1) continue being a media partner with the most important events in marketing 2) expand the TGF Awards 3) help TGF get 35K members or more

I invite you to add here what are your wishes for 2024!

Happy 2024 folks!


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35 minutes ago, WebGoldMiner said:

A very Happy New Year to each and everyone! Wishing the best of 2024! Peace, good health, happiness and more moneymaking opportunities to us all!

Happy New Year @WebGoldMiner 

Have an awesome '24 and thank you for being a regular here on TGF

33 minutes ago, XtraProfit said:

I wish you all a new year full of health and prosperity, may all your goals be met and the same for your loved ones.

Happy New Year @XtraProfit

Let's hope we will all meet our goals. Thank you too for being a regular here on TGF!

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57 minutes ago, lehofen said:

i wish 2024 would be the year that all countries would start acepting bitcoin for payments and everyday use. i mean is this too much to ask ?

Happy new year @lehofen!

Yeah it is a little too much for ask for just an year but the good news are that crypto acceptance increased a lot in the latest years and there is no sign that this increase will stop anytime soon!

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