Case Study – WPRiders

Read our case study with WPRiders to learn how we designed, created, implemented, and promoted an affiliate program for a leading WordPress development agency.. This helped them enable a new marketing channel and increase their revenue and brand exposure in the WordPress space.

Case Study WPRiders – Creating and Promoting an Affiliate Program for a Digital Services Agency

WPRiders Affiliate Program - Main Presentation Page
WPRiders Affiliate Program – Main Presentation Page

The Client: WPRiders is a world-recognized top WordPress development agency offering secure, scalable, custom web design and development solutions. They wanted a reliable affiliate program that would help them reward their partners for sending qualified leads.

The Challenges: The client uses WordPress for their presentation website and a custom-built solution to track leads and referral sources.

They also had existing partners in the system that had to be imported into the new system. We also had to ensure the forms and legal terms followed GDPR legislation.

WPRiders Affiliate Program - Main Features
WPRiders Affiliate Program – Main Features

The Objectives: Our main objective was to prove to our customers quickly that affiliate marketing is a lucrative channel if done right. We can spot affiliates breaking the rules and voiding commissions with the right terms and conditions and monitoring tools.

The second objective was to find a software solution to track affiliate links between the presentation website and the custom app and sales and payments made via Stripe integration.

The Solutions:  After reviewing multiple affiliate software solutions, we decided to work with FastPromoter, which did everything we needed and is specially designed to work with SaaS.

By analyzing affiliate fraud behavior in previous programs, we wrote terms and conditions that forbid malicious actions and established rules to catch them.

The affiliate marketing presentation pages, along with technical pages and legal pages, were done on the leading site, and we used FastPromoter for the affiliate main areas.

The Results: In two weeks, we created the affiliate marketing presentation pages, the technical and legislation pages, and the creatives, configured the program, and integrated it with the website and the app. For another week, we performed multiple tests to ensure everything worked smoothly.

The next step was to promote the affiliate program to the bloggers and affiliate marketers community. We managed to attract over 30 high-quality affiliates who started promoting the product and generating commissions.

Summary: has designed, created, implemented, and promoted the affiliate program for Linguise, enabling them to use a new marketing channel and increase their revenue and exposure in the automatic translation services market.

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