Editorial policy

This page describes our ethics policies in regard to our editorial content at Monetize.info. It was last updated on July 05, 2020.


We strive to be accurate, but we make mistakes. If you think we’ve made a mistake in one of our articles, please contact us.


We strive to be objective and fair in our reviews of products, services, and companies. We do not accept compensation of any type in exchange for a favorable review.

Content from contributors

We post content from our contributors. Here is our writing guidelines policy for contributors.

Affiliate links

We will disclose when we link to a product or company with an affiliate link.

Private investments

We will disclose when a Monetize.info (MediaDigi Ltd) admin owns equity in a private business that’s being mentioned in our editorial content.

Business relationships with companies and products being covered

Please note, that the authors and other writers at Monetize.Info often do have business relationships with the companies and products that we cover. For instance, some of us own other Web businesses.

We believe these business relationships inform our perspective and ultimately increase the value of our editorial content, but note that these relationships do exist, and we will not necessarily disclose them in an individual article.