Affiliate World Asia Presentation
Affiliate World Asia Presentation

Affiliate World Asia 2023 Presentation

Affiliate World is a leading performance marketing & e-commerce conference in Dubai, Europe, and Asia. Get a ticket to Affiliate World Asia 2023, held in Bangkok on December 7-8, 2023, and you will meet with 5,500+ attendees, 35+ key speakers, 120+ advertisers, and 170+ affiliate networks. It is a must-attend event to get top knowledge and network with the best in the industry.

What is Affiliate World Asia?

Affiliate World Asia (AWA) is one of the best global conferences that brings together professionals and enthusiasts from various industries like digital marketing, e-commerce, advertising, and affiliate marketing.

The conference typically features a range of sessions, including keynote presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.

These sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as affiliate strategies, traffic optimization, e-commerce trends, and the latest advancements in digital marketing technology.

The dates for AW Asia 2023 are 7th to 8th December, when the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center will transform into a unique in-person meeting space for innovative and eCommerce marketers, one million per month advertisers, lead-gen experts in multiple sectors, and everyone in between.

AWA is a hub for affiliates, advertisers, e-commerce merchants, and technology providers that will help you foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking within the affiliate marketing industry.

Why Should You Attend AWA 2023?

I think networking is the main reason to attend the Affiliate World Asia 2023 conference. The opportunities to meet great people and connect with them are tremendous. To put it bluntly, most of the people and companies that matter in the industry are present there. Or at least they sent a representative.

My social media feeds are full of company announcements that confirm their presence at AWA 2023 and want to meet with people wanting to do business.

You can connect with industry experts, potential business partners, and like-minded individuals through structured networking events and informal gatherings. This collaborative environment helps you forge valuable connections, share insights, and explore potential collaborations to drive profit.

Use the button below to order the tickets with a $50 discount we negotiated for our community members.

Get Your AWA 2023 Ticket Now

On top of that, AWA often includes an exhibition area where companies showcase their products and services. You will get hands-on access to the latest tools and technologies to enhance your affiliate marketing game.


Affiliate World Asia 2023 - Speakers
Affiliate World Asia 2023 – Speakers

The conference will feature diverse speakers, including Roman Khan, Marisha Lakhiani, Jess Vassallo, Vipul Garg, Lawrence Tope, Francis Wolff, Carl Weische, and over 40 other top experts. These industry leaders will share their expertise and insights, offering valuable knowledge and strategies so you can level up your digital marketing game.

Access the speakers’ page to see all the speakers, their tracks, and a short description of the speech so you can plan which one you will attend. It is worth mentioning that AW Aworld is a top conference, and the speakers are willing to offer top knowledge to elevate their name and their performance. You can also chat with them at the conference, in the app, or at side events.

Below, you can see a speech by Ana Gita from MaxWeb [Our MaxWeb review] about native ads. You will immediately notice the level of information shared is top-notch.

The organizing team constantly looks for interesting speakers and talks for their line-up. If you want to nominate a suggestion for speaking or introduce yourself, you can do it by filling out our application form.

Conference Agenda

Main Topics

Attendees can participate in sessions split into six tracks. These tracks are META Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, TikTok Ads, Search Arbitrage, and Affiliate Marketing. Besides these main topics, there are speeches covering Entrepreneurship, Email, SEO, AI, and Crypto.

Affiliate World Asia 2023 - Tracks
Affiliate World Asia 2023 – Tracks

Registration day – 06 Dec, 2023

The registration day will occur on December 6, 2023, at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre. It will be open between 15:00 and 20:00, so ensure you collect your badge and everything else and avoid extra queues. The expo area is also open from 16:00 to 20:00, so why not explore a little bit to salute the people from companies you work with or may be planning to?

First time at AWA 2023?

Join the First-Timers’ Affiliate Meetup, which is open exclusively for AW Affiliate first-time attendees to help you maximize your experience at the event and ensure you make new connections before the conference begins.

The organizers facilitate networking to open up your circles with other first-timers and get to know others in the same boat as you.

Day 1: December 7, 2023

If you haven’t taken your badge the previous day, as I suggested you should, you can still do it anytime between 08:00 and 17:30.

The first day of the conference will kick off at 11:00 with a session on “Highlights from AW Europe 2023”. It will continue with the first speech titled “5 Simple Tests That Will 10X Your VSL Revenue: Creative Hooks, Sales Page Optimization, and Pricing Tactics” by Marisha Lakhiani from Mindvalley.

The day will also have networking events like Meta Ads Mixer, Search arbitrage mixer, and a Happy Hour for networking.

Day 2: December 8, 2023

The second day of the conference will start at 11:30 with a “Power Your Business With Google Insights on Full-Funnel Performance Marketing” session by Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal from Google. A series of presentations by Andi Neunhäuserer, Nadim Kuttab, and Roman Khan will follow this. The day will also feature key speeches about TikTok advertising.

In addition to all that, affiliates can also have access to networking events such as Native Ads Mixer, Google Ads Mixer, TikTok Ads Mixer, and Happy Hour.

Networking events

In addition to the conference, attendees can look forward to social activities and networking events, including happy hours, rooftop sunsets, and an irresistible industry nightlife.  The conference will also host a series of parties, allowing attendees to network and relax after a full day of learning and networking.

Get Your AWA 2023 Ticket Now

Exhibitors & Partners

Hundreds of companies send company representatives or entire teams to the conference. For AWA 2023, the official main partners of the conference are 360 Affiliates, MonetizeAd,, and Optimus. Besides those, there are a couple more sponsors and exhibitors you can bump into, like Algo Affiliates, Pin-up Partners, Advidi, Chili Partners (TGF Link), Ads Empire (TGF Link), CickAdu, DrCash (TGF Link), Evadav (TGF Link), iMonetizeIt (TGF Link), Lgaming (TGF Link), TickMill (TGF Thread), YouHodler and other hundred company representatives.

Affiliate World Asia 2023 - Sponsors & Exhibitors
Affiliate World Asia 2023 – Sponsors & Exhibitors

Besides those, there are a lot of representatives of companies that you can get in touch with and briefly discuss collaboration opportunities. Here is the complete list of Affiliate World Asia 2023 exhibitors.

Networking opportunities

As mentioned previously, networking opportunities greatly benefit the AWA conference. Besides the expo area and the conference tracks, you can connect with others through the Networking Events, AW Networking app, or the Affiliate After Hours party.

Networking Events

Affiliate World will host an official AW networking event. During the day, there are targeted Networking Mixers on both days of AW. All networking events will be held at locations within the conference venue. The events are open to all attendees. It will be available on the official app and the schedule.

AW Networking App

The official AW networking app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to connect and chat with over 5,000 attendees before, during, and after the conference. Aside from having the list of speakers, exhibitors, and venue maps, you can also plan meetings, ask for more details about them, present your services, etc.

Affiliate After Hours

You can hang with the industry’s biggest affiliates for the evening, reunite with your friends and connections, and make new ones. After the conference, from 8:00 pm until midnight, you should participate in the party and have a drink or more.

Get Your AWA 2023 Ticket Now

Tickets Pricing

You can choose from two conference access tickets: Affiliate and Company.

Here are the details and differences of each ticket option available for Affiliate World Asia 2023:

  • Affiliate – This is the general admission ticket that is best suited for solo marketers. It gives you access to all critical parts of the conference, like the marketplace, speeches, panels, and networking sessions.
  • Company – This general admission ticket is especially for affiliate managers or representatives of an affiliate network, advertiser, traffic source, or agency. It gives you to access similar to an affiliate ticket. On top of that, you will be identified as a company, your company name, logo & description will be added on the Featured Companies page, and your logo will be printed directly on your badge.

Check below the main features of the tickets and select the ones that fit your needs better. You can purchase them from this page.

Affiliate World Asia 2023 - Tickets
Affiliate World Asia 2023 – Tickets. Purchase them here.

Remember that all our tickets are packaged for a two-day conference. You can order tickets now and assign the names later through the attendee or company portal. Also, you may re-assign your ticket up to 48 hours before the show.

You can apply in your corresponding portal for an invitation letter to confirm your attendance at AW Asia if needed. However, they require you to have paid for your tickets to generate an invitation letter.

Use the button below to order the tickets with a $50 discount we negotiated for our community members. There is no need to add any code, as the discount is auto-applied if you press the button that goes through our tracking link:

Get Your AWA 2023 Ticket Now

Guide: How to make the most of your presence

Here are five tips I learned by going to many digital marketing conferences. I suggest checking them and applying if you want to make the most of your presence at Affiliate World Asia 2023:

  1. Set the goals you want to reach. Do you want to network, learn, establish new partnerships, or meet existing partners? Ensure you have a goal or two to focus on reaching them.
  2. Plan your important meetings in advance. Use the app to see the list of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors and contact them to plan an appointment. Sometimes, things can get chaotic during the conference, so you will miss a lot if you don’t arrange the meetings.
  3. Be cheerful and willing to learn. Attitude is always critical and can make a vast difference between the outcomes. I recommend you be cheerful, glad to meet new people, and ready to find out more and learn new things.
  4. Select which tracks are essential, and you dont want to miss. As the list of tracks is available, select the ones you don’t want to miss, especially those events happening in parallel. If more people are on your team, you can select which goes where to cover as much as possible.
  5. Follow up soon. It’s essential to start the follow-ups a few days after the event. Otherwise, people will forget who you are or will engage in other partnerships. Ensure you start follow-up early to maximize outcomes.


Overall, Affiliate World Asia stands as a cornerstone event in the affiliate marketing calendar, fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the industry while reflecting the dynamic landscape of digital marketing in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

The bottom line is that since its launch in 2015, Affiliate World has become the largest conference on affiliate marketing. As I said, there are hundreds of companies and thousands of attendees, key experts, and speakers, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and earn.

Get Your AWA 2023 Ticket Now
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