Review of BongaCash - BongaCams Affiliate Program
Review of BongaCash - BongaCams Affiliate Program

BongaCash Review – How to make money with CAM traffic

Today, we will review BongaCash, the affiliate program of BongaCams, a leading website in the CAM world. You will see how to make money with BongaCash, the PROs and CONs, optimize your earnings, etc.

You should know that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of earning money. In affiliate marketing, you promote other merchants’ products and services and earn a commission in return.

BongaCash Affiliate Program

BongaCash is the affiliate program behind It has been around since 2012 and has gained considerable traction in the adult niche, yet it remains one of the fast-growing webcam sites with some of the world’s most beautiful models.

BongaCams lets members watch and interact with thousands of webcam girls worldwide. With the best online converting models, BongaCash provides affiliates with the most competitive affiliate options.

--> Join BongaCash now and start making money
–> Join BongaCash now and start making money

BongaCash Earning Plans [4.5/5]

There are four program options for making money promoting BongаCams. You should choose the one that matches your traffic type and goals.

-> Join BongaCash & monetize your CAM traffic
-> Join BongaCash & monetize your CAM traffic

Revenue Share

The most popular plan is Revenue Share, where you get up to 25% of all purchases of the users you referred for life! In a nutshell, you send sales to Bonga Cams and get paid as the members you referred spend more. You should select this plan if you have quality traffic that spends money on the website for the long haul.

BongaCams stands out among other cam platforms by providing users with cost-effective token packages and an extensive range of payment options. This unique advantage accelerates users’ initial purchases and encourages more frequent rebills. This distinguishing feature enhances affiliates’ earning potential through higher conversion rates and customer retention.

PPS + Revshare

A variation of the first plan is PayPerSale + RevShare, where you get $40 for the first purchase of each user you refer and 15% of all their purchases on the site once they spend $375! Funds under the PPS + RevShare Program are credited for purchases made by users from any country except Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

If you want to monetize traffic from the above-listed countries, please choose another program: PayPerSignup or RevShare.

Pay Per Signup

Another popular earning plan is Pay Per Signup / Pay Per Email, where you can earn up to $4.50 for every free confirmed signup. BongaCash is paying for every member who registers for FREE membership. You won’t need a credit card.

You should know that earnings depend heavily on the countries and the device from which you send traffic.

For instance, you will receive $4.5 for desktop traffic from Norway or Switzerland ($3 for mobile traffic), $4 for people from the USA ($2 on mobile), Sweden, or the UK, and $2 for social traffic from mobile and desktop devices. Social traffic from mobile and desktop devices is rewarded less, with $2.25 for Norway and Switzerland and $2 for the USA, Sweden, and the UK.

Referral Program

If you have affiliates and webmasters traffic, you can get paid 5.00% of what the affiliates you referred make. You don’t need any special link codes. You will be credited for the sales of any webmaster signing up under any link code.

Model Referral Program

Inviting new models is a perfect way to increase your income! Just provide new models with a campaign link from your BongaCash account and get 5.00% of all the referred models’ earnings for one year. The more models you refer, the higher your profit!’
Become a BongaCash affiliate & start earning
Become a BongaCash affiliate & start earning.

BongaCash Promo Tools [5/5]

Another area where BongaCash excels is the variety of promo tools. Over 20 different methods, including banners, are available.

White label

White Label by BongaCash allows you to run a webcam site on your domain! You can fill your logo, customizable color scheme, and banner spots with your banners for additional earnings!

Google indexes White Labels. You can write SEO in almost all languages and on all site pages. Because of that, affiliates can start generating organic traffic and earn without having their source. Despite this, you can put your banners on your White Label.

Direct link

You can configure This affiliate link to redirect to the homepage, popular chat, and model chat and get credit when someone clicks it.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a popular marketing tool that informs users through popup messages. Promos are only displayed to users with authorized notifications from your site, even if the browser is closed. Automated push notifications are among the most effective promotional tools for increasing earnings.

Dynamic banners

These banners, which you can easily customize and show on your website, will display dynamic content like the latest models, top-performing ones of a specific category, etc., in the visitors’ language and using the branding colors and fonts you selected.

GEO Banners

Get the attention your ads deserve with our animated banners, which are available in various sizes and offer geo-targeting. These banners update their content based on the country of the person who sees them. You can preselect the language, or it will be selected automatically based on the visitor’s GEO information.

Instant Messenger Ads

With dynamic or static content, you can show live models you can interact with. It comes with literally a ton of customization options.

Text Ads

These are some of the simplest yet effective ways to place ads on your website and get clicks.

Affiliate Banners

Using these animated banners to drive affiliates and earn based on how much money they would be best.

Model Referral Banners

Here are the banners to advertise the model referral program, which pays you for model signups.

Video Content Export

Get a feed of videos based on the categories you select. Use these videos to populate your sites, drive traffic to the BongaCams website, and make money when people sign up.

Background skin

Website owners can use these promo tools to place an excellent background on their websites or landing pages about Bonga Cams, which are optimized to drive clicks and conversions.

Popunder & Mobile popunder

A popunder ad is a nonintrusive popup on the full screen behind an active browser window. When a user clicks a link on your site, a BongaCams popup will appear in the background. BongaCash offers a variety of popunders and mobile popunders that you can use, and you can keep the ones that fit your niche and convert best for you.

Embed Cam and chat room.

You can integrate a live chat room directly into your website and configure its appearance, including category, models, and language.

Category widget

This widget allows you to configure a category list on your site based on a few parameters. When a user clicks on a category, a page with active models opens.

Footer bar

It displays a bar or window in the website’s footer that advertises accurate BongaCams models, encouraging visitors to click and register.


Use a short in-stream video ad (up to 20 seconds) that plays automatically before the main video—and get guaranteed views for your video ad, leading to high CTR!


One of the most effective promotional tools to date! The postitial appears between two pages of main content, ensuring high CTR. You can choose from different design options using adaptive, mobile, and desktop layouts. The auto-close timer is available.

Chat head

Chat Head is a unique promo tool that imitates messages from the Messenger app. A window with the model’s live stream pops up when clicking the icon. The tool can be adapted to any device and has two versions.

Sticky banners

Place animated sticky banners with models on your website! Please choose the most suitable size and design for the promo and its placement on the web page. The banner adapts to all devices and displays to users even when the page is scrolled.

Video slider

Video Slider is an efficient video ad format that runs the ads in the bottom right corner immediately after loading the web page, attracting enhanced users’ attention. The promos are adapted to desktop and mobile versions, and promotional videos in FULL HD+ format provide guaranteed views and a high eCRM score!


Out-stream is a popular video ad format that places the video clip in a specific position on a web page. When the video hits more than 50% of the viewing area, the clip is automatically played in silent mode. If desired, the user can turn the sound on with a single click on the page or scroll, in which case the video will be temporarily paused.

Vast banners

The video player displays VAST banners while the video is playing, practically not covering the main content while drawing increased attention to your ads. Various design options and adaptive, mobile, and desktop versions are available.

–> Join BongaCash now and start making money

PROs & CONs of BongaCash [4.75/5]

BongaCash PROs

  • Reasonable payment rates up to $4.5 per free registration and 25% rev-share;
  • A variety of payment methods, including crypto;
  • More than 20 promotion tools with tons of customizations;
  • Fast support through email, tickets, Skype, and Telegram;
  • You can meet the team at various conferences and meetups;
  • Personal Account Manager: Each affiliate will have a manager who will gladly guide you and provide the necessary assistance.

BongaCash CONs

  • A smaller minimum payment threshold ($100 or $50) would be better for new affiliates;
  • More educative content for affiliates would help;
  • A live-chat option may be considered for even faster support.
Join BongaCash now and start making money
–> Join BongaCash now and start making money

BongaCash Support [4.5/5]

After your accounts are approved, you will receive a personal account manager that you can message anytime you need help. You may also Skype them, contact them on Telegram, or email them. Inside your member’s area, you also get access to a ticket app that you can use to contact management and get help.

Remember when I said you could contact an account representative and other staff from BongaCash at different conferences around the world? On top of that, they sign up on various topics where they answer people’s questions regarding their affiliate program.

If there is one thing I want to see, it is a live chat option for visitors and members to get even faster support.

BongaCash Payments [4.5/5]

You should configure the payment details to receive the earnings using your preferred method. First, you should select the currency, USD or EUR.

Payment Methods:

Another good thing about BongaCash is the many payment methods you can choose from.

How you can get paid on Bonga Cash:

  • WebMoney—WebMoney is the preferred payment method in CIS countries. There is a 3% fee to process payments through WebMoney.
  • Paxum is one of the most used payment methods by advertising networks, affiliate programs, live-streaming networks, and webcam studios.
  • ePayService—This multifunctional payment solution for individual businesses and IT professionals has gained considerable traction in the affiliate world.
  • WireTransfer – This payment method is available only for SEPA countries, and the fee starts from $6
  • Crypto—Bitcoin, ETH, and USDT on ERC20 and TRC20. The fee for all crypto methods is 1.5% + a fixed amount in that given cryptocurrency.

Min. payment and payment date

You can select a minimum threshold before receiving a payment from BongaCash from the following options: 200,300, 500, 1000, and 1500 USD or EUR, depending on your preferred payment currency. A minimum of $200 must be earned during the period, or the money earned will be paid out when the minimum amount has been reached. Payments for the previous week are made every Friday.

Your Payment account:

The final step is to enter your payment account. Please ensure everything is correct; otherwise, you won’t get the payment. You can change these sensitive matters only by contacting the BongaCash support department.

How To Make Money With BongaCash

What most people would want to know by reading this BongaCash review is how to make money. As this is the affiliate program of the BongaCams website, you can make money by promoting BongaCams and earning using PPL, Revshare, PPS + Revshare, or the referral program for web admins and models.

As long as you have the right traffic, you can make quite a lot of money. If you check the stats of the top affiliates, you will see that some make more than $10K daily and some over $250K monthly.

Of course, these are top affiliates who worked for years to diversify traffic and optimize conversions, but it’s common for beginners to make anywhere between $100 and $300 per day.

Top Affiliates of Bonga Cash
Top Affiliates of Bonga Cash

BongaCash – What others are saying

  • I have been working with this network for a while. I got a positive ROI and fabulous support. Thank you a lot for your great Job and evergreen offers!
  • I was working with the same offer at a network, and then I signed up for this. I cut the middleman, and now I get better rates. It’s awesome, and it converts very well.

BongaCash Awards [5/5]

Here is a selection of the prizes BongaCash received in the last couple of years. If you check their website, you will see even more, but I’ve chosen only the most relevant ones:

Recent Awards Received by BongaCash

  • Best Webcam Site in Latin America at Bucharest Awards 2023
  • The Best European Webcam Site at LiveCam Awards 2023
  • Best Cam Site of the year 2022 at Enut
  • CAM Company of the Year 2019 XBiz Awards
  • Best Cam Platform (Europe) at YNot Awards 2022
  • Best Live Cam Revenue Program at YNot Awards 2022
  • Best Marketing Campaign at YNot Awards 2021

BongaCash Review Conclusion

BongaCash is an affiliate program that stands out in the adult and cam world. I hope more companies will watch them because they always develop new things and want to improve everything.

The BongaCash team welcomes new affiliates and does all it can to uplift users. The affiliate managers are there to help with anything related to the program and to assist the marketers in conquering new heights.

I hope I’ve answered the most critical questions. If you still have some, you may email me, and I will gladly answer. You can also check the BongaCash topic in our community.

--> Join BongaCash now and start making money
–> Join BongaCash now and start making money

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