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How to manage your finances well is a key aspect of a frugal life. Find some great tips on improving your money management strategy or new ways to save money and spend less.

How to tokenize your business? 

How to tokenize your business? 

The term “tokenization” is getting increasingly popular nowadays, especially among entrepreneurs. Growing inflation caused by the post-pandemic crisis forces entities to avoid such institutions as banks or investment funds as they slowly lose their trust. Companies are searching for another solution. One is tokenization, a form of digitization based on …

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What is FinTech and Why Does it Matter?


FinTech as a financial term has got into the mainstream news and vocabulary in 2017, and it should come as no surprise. Short for ‘financial technology’, the way we as individuals and large multinational corporations manage our finances is set to change for the better due to the natural evolution …

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Digital payment trends in business

Digital payment trends in business for 2020

In this day and age, thanks to the ever-increasing power and presence of the internet, everything is digitized. This includes entertainment, news, socialization and everything else. With the advancements in software and app development, every industry as we know it is undergoing huge changes. Payments are no exception to this …

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