AdNow Review -Native Ads Network for Publishers
AdNow Review -Native Ads Network for Publishers

AdNow Review – Native Ads Network

Today, we are going to review the AdNow native ads advertising network. AdNow has been in operation since 2014, and according to their figures, they deal with 160,000 publishers and 1700 advertisers and serve 1 billion impressions daily.

In this review, you will learn what native ads are, what the AdNow native advertising network is, their PROs and CONs, how to start, and how to monetize your traffic better using this native advertising network.

What are Native Ads?

Due to ad blindness, the advertising process has changed over time. Thus, it would help to look for what works now rather than doing what worked two or three years ago.

Banner advertising is dying daily due to ad blindness, and PPC advertisements are getting more expensive. Thus, high-minded advertisers are moving toward Native Ads.

Native Advertising Beginners Guide

This is why Native ads are the next goldmine to make money online. If you have surfed several web pages in the past weeks, I am sure you have seen Native ads on various sites (maybe you didn’t realize).

Check out some live examples of Native ads from the world’s renowned sites like FoxNews:

Example of native ads placement on FoxNews
Example of native ads placement on FoxNews
Native ads on CNN
Native ads on CNN

Native ads on

From the above screenshots, it’s clear that big brands are fans of Native ads due to their friendliness, high revenue, and supernatural appearance on the site. Thus, you can also use Native ads on your site/blog to reach your next income milestone.

Users are more likely to click on native ads than traditional banners, and thus, you can enjoy around 300% revenue boosts from the same traffic your site/blog has right now.

All right, so far, you have gotten the initial idea about Native ads and their benefits that you will enjoy as a publisher. Several Natives ad networks pay much better than traditional banner ads, and AdNow is one of them.

What is AdNow Native Ads Network?

AdNow is one of the top-grossing Native ad networks, serving 4.2 billion+ ad impressions monthly with the help of 190,000+ publishers worldwide.

Adnow - Native Advertising Network
-> Join Adnow – Native Advertising Network

AdNow Company Stats

The best part about this network is that it’s super beginner-friendly. You will receive step-by-step instructions for setting up the ad on your blog.

Here are some key benefits that you will enjoy as the publisher of the AdNow network:

  • Get your payment every week via PayPal, Wire, or Payoneer.
  • Check the preview of the ad and easily customize the ad appearance.
  • It supports non-English sites; the dashboard can be customized for other languages.
  • Real-time CTR, Revenue, and overall performance monitoring capability.
  • Lifetime earnings via a referral system.

AdNow PROs and CONs

To make this AdNow review unbiased and crystal clear, I wrote the pros and cons side by side so that you can compare the benefits and drawbacks of an AdNow network at a glance.

AdNow PROs

  • Friendly customization tool Weekly payments for publishers
  • Works through all the platforms
  • Fast and helpful support system
  • Approves non-English sites
  • The low minimum deposit for advertisers
  • Easy Approval compared to other Native ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, Etc.

AdNow CONs

  • Less ability to filter ads
  • Slightly low CPC for non-English sites

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AdNow FAQ’s

Here are the most frequent  questions we get regarding AdNow:

What are the AdNow publisher requirements?

AdNow does not have a traffic minimum. However, each publisher must be manually reviewed and accepted for content and quality according to their terms and conditions. They review publisher requests within 24 hours.

How Much Does Adnow pay per click?

Many publishers have asked this question because they want to try using Adnow to monetize their websites. The amount you get per click depends on the advertiser’s offers. Only serve searched-for targeted ads. The more attractive and valuable your website is for advertisers to compete for your ad space, the more you earn.

What is the AdNow Minimum payment threshold?

AdNow offers its publishers weekly payments with a minimum threshold of $20.

What are the AdNow payment methods?

AdNow issues payments to its publishers through PayPal, bank/wire transfer, ePayments, or Webmoney.

Who is Adnow Best For?

Adnow is one of the decent ad networks that you can try, and it is best for:

  • Starting or small Website but still gets lots of traffic
  • The website that has lots of traffic but gets rejected by the Google Adsense program
  • The website that wants to increase ad revenue by combining Adnow with other ad networks

How to Get Started with AdNow?

To start with AdNow Publisher, you can visit the site and sign up using the necessary information. After successfully signing up, you need to log in to get access to your dashboard, from which you will manage your sites, create ad widgets, and monitor overall performance. Here is a clean and user-friendly dashboard you will see after logging in.

AdNow Review: How the Dashboard looks like
AdNow Review: How the Dashboard looks like

AdNow Review: How the Dashboard looks like

You can easily add your existing sites/blogs to the dashboard using the “Add site” button. After adding your site, go to the WIDGETS tab to create a new widget. You can change the appearance, background color, text color, etc. so that the widget better suits your site/blog.

AdNow Review: How the Dashboard looks like
AdNow Review: How the Dashboard looks like

After creating your widget, copy the HTML code and paste it on your blog to show Native ads. It’s that SIMPLE! Now, it’s time to monitor the earnings and performance, which can be done quickly from the STATISTICS tab.

If your blog is created on WordPress (as I’ve instructed you in our How to Start a Blog Complete Guide), instead of copying/pasting the code, you can use the WordPress plugin developed by Adnow.

How to install the AdNow WordPress plugin
How to install the AdNow WordPress plugin

AdNow Referral Program

The AdNow referral program allows affiliates to earn 5% of the publisher’s earnings for a lifetime from the signup date. So, if you refer a publisher making $100 per day from Adnow, you will receive a commission of $5 per day. This can be lucrative if you refer 2-3 such publishers monthly. However, the problem with Adnow is the low retention rate. This means publishers tend to leave Adnow after a while, resulting in decreased referral commissions.

If you know little about affiliate marketing, check out our complete guide for beginners. We also have a list of 65+ high-paying affiliate marketing programs that can inspire you. Now, you should know enough about affiliate marketing, so check out the best 21 affiliate marketing networks you can sign up for.

AdNow Review Conclusion

To conclude this AdNow review, I must say that this is an ad network that every blogger interested in increasing their blog’s revenue via Native ads must try.

It costs nothing and takes less than 5 minutes to get a publisher account on AdNow, so I recommend you try it. Who knows, maybe this is your next goldmine. If you have already tried this network, I appreciate your honest review in the comment section and your questions and confusion (if you have any).

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