ProfitPixels Review – Crypto, Nutra, Dating Affiliate Network
ProfitPixels Review – Crypto, Nutra, Dating Affiliate Network

ProfitPixels Review – Crypto, Nutra, Dating Affiliate Network

Today, we are going to review the Profit Pixels Affiliate network. You will see how to make money with the Profit Pixels network, its PROs and CONs, and how to optimize your earnings, etc.

In a previous tutorial, we’ve already explained, step by step, how to get approved in CPA networks and how to promote and make money with CPA offers. If you don’t know this, I suggest you check it before reading this review of Profit Pixels so you can maximize your potential earnings.

If you are into one of the following verticals: crypto, dating, nutra, or finances, this is the place to make good money from your traffic, as ProfitPixels provides lucrative deals and offers.

Let’s start the Profit Pixels review:

Profit Pixels Affiliate Network

As I’ve previously mentioned, Profit Pixels is a CPA marketing network. One particularity of this network is that it focuses on a couple of verticals only—Financials, Crypto, Dating, Nutra, and Astrology. Being niched, they can negotiate better commissions and get access to exclusive offers, which means, in the end, more money and better service for you.

The team is dedicated to ensuring the affiliates’ success and helps you at any step of the process. Payments are processed fast, using various methods like Wire Transfer, BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20 and TRC20), Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, or ePayments, ensuring a fast turnaround that will help you scale your profits.

When writing this review, the ProfitPixels affiliate network has around 15,000 affiliates who made more than 600,000 conversions in the last 30 days. This is impressive, considering it’s a niche network.

-> Join Profit Pixels & Start Earning
-> Join Profit Pixels & Start Earning

Profit Pixels Features [5/5]

Now that you know what ProfitPixels is, let’s advance by checking their main features and what makes them unique and competitive:

Real-time Optimization by AI

Their system will send your traffic to the highest converting call centers based on GEO, language, time, and traffic source. The more traffic flows through their algorithmic system, the better your results and conversion are.

Attractive Offers

The offers are tested and optimized on their side, connecting the traffic with reliable and performing offers from all around the globe. Available offer model types are CPA, CPL, IVR, and Revenue Share.

Choose the affiliate commission model alongside the vertical and find deals in the following verticals: Nutra, Dating, Astrology, Finance, and more. Most of their offers have no restricted types of traffic or geos. They accept all traffic: media buying, email distribution, SEO, mobile apps, and more.

Attractive Payouts

A high payment frequency is a big plus for any affiliate network. Profit Pixels pay a commission on each offer as promptly as possible. In a nutshell, this network can offer multiple conversion models with handsome payouts.

Real-time Tracking System

Their tracking system enables affiliates to monitor real-time traffic flow, transactions, and conversion. In addition to the usual traffic filters, their tracking system can also capture highly relevant information, including the active users who signed up through your link and other pertinent information.

Dashboard of Profit Pixels

This is the main page you will see inside your member’s panel every time you log in. From here, you can access any section you need: the offers available on the platform, profile settings, reports  OneLink and Prelands, and so on.

Screenshot of the ProfitPixels Dashboard
Screenshot of the ProfitPixels Dashboard

The interface looks stylish, is black and green, and is user-friendly.

Profit Pixels Verticals & Offers [4/5]

When writing this review, there were more than 250 active offers. You can choose based on the vertical, payment amount, location, traffic, and audience.

Crypto & Forex CPA Offers

Crypto and Forex offer one of the highest CPA rates in affiliate marketing. Their partners can earn up to $1200 CPA with their in-house CPA deals (CPA rates depend on the GEO and traffic quality).

Profit Pixels Review: Crypto Offers
Profit Pixels Review: Crypto Offers

Loans, Financial & Insurance Offers

Financial affiliate programs include many subcategories, from insurance loans to other services. Financial services are in demand worldwide so that everyone can find a finance affiliate program for traffic monetization.

ProfitPixels Review: Financial Offers
ProfitPixels Review: Financial Offers

Nutra Offers

Health and Beauty is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing, as people worldwide strive to be a better version of themselves. Monetize your traffic with one of the best Nutra affiliate programs from around the globe, carefully collected for you at Profit Pixels.

ProfitPixels Review - Nutra Offers
ProfitPixels Review – Nutra Offers

Dating Offers

Dating affiliate programs are among the oldest in the history of affiliate marketing. Millions of people are looking for ways to escape their loneliness online. Profit Pixels offers CPA and CPL—the best dating affiliate programs, including smart links.

Dating Offers available on Profit Pixels
Dating Offers available on Profit Pixels

Astrology Offers

Just because you have yet to hear of this niche doesn’t mean it’s not worth your attention. The astrological services market has exceeded two billion dollars in the United States alone. Interested? Check the CPA and IVR astrology affiliate programs at Profit Pixels.

Profit Pixels Support [4.5/5]

After signing up for the Profit Pixels affiliate network, you must confirm your email address. Then, an affiliate manager will contact you and guide you through every step of the affiliate approval process.

After getting approved, you will get access to your personal account manager details. You can message him via email, Skype, Telegram, or Live Chat. You also get access to a live chat that you can use to contact management and get help as soon as possible. I will list the support details here so you can easily access them:

  • Email: info{@}
  • Instagram profile: Link
  • Telegram Group: Link
  • Twitter profile: Link
  • Facebook profile: Link

In addition, Profit Pixels recently launched a blog with articles, guides, and news so you can learn new things to maximize your earnings:

Profit Pixels Payments [4.5/5]

Payments are made weekly through one of the following payment methods: Wire Transfer, BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20 and TRC20), Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, or ePayments. To add a new payout method, go to Profile Settings and choose Payout Details. And voila, you’re all set.

Payment Methods available on Profit Pixels
Payment Methods available on Profit Pixels

There is no hold whatsoever, and the minimum payment is only $50, so you can get paid almost instantly after your leads are validated.

Profit Pixels Referral Program

If you manage a community of affiliates or web admins, you can make more money by promoting Profit Pixels. The referral program of Profit Pixels gives you 3% of the revenue of your associated affiliates.

The amount earned by your referrals only becomes visible to you once approved and paid for by the advertisers. This is a one-level system program. So that you know, the referrals of your associated affiliates do not bring you additional income. The payout is made monthly for the previous period.

PROs & CONs of Profit Pixels [4.5/5]

Here are the PROs and CONs of the Profit Pixels Affiliate network:

Profit Pixels PROs

  • Trust and professionalism—One thing that stands out about Profit Pixels is the professional way they filter, search offers, and track payments.
  • A plethora of offers – As previously said, Profit Pixels focuses on Crypto, Financial, Dating, Astrology, and Nutra offers. Hence, you can promote many attractive offers in a single place.
  • High-tech platform – Besides the AI used to match traffic with the best offers automatically, you get access to an API, trackers, domain parking, postback integration, and traffic backlinks.
  • Easy and fast payments—You can receive your payment via crypto and other popular payment options in no more than two days. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is just $1.
  • Comprehensive statistics—As an affiliate, you will get access to a members panel with detailed statistics, which helps you evaluate your performance and optimize it to obtain maximum productivity.
  • Help & Support—Your dedicated affiliate manager can provide fast support via Skype, Telegram, and email. You can also use the contact form in your dashboard.

Profit Pixels CONs

  • More educative content for affiliates would help.

-> Join Profit Pixels & Start Earning

What others are saying about ProfitPixels [5/5]

  • From the outstanding support they provide to their timely payments and extensive range of offers. Profit Pixels has proven to be a true gem in the affiliate marketing industry <3” — Nick on
  • “Thank you, Profit Pixels, for the quality of your offers. It helps me to earn a lot of money with high conversions. Also, I would like to thank my AM Andrew; he’s an expert and really helpful.” — Dan on
  • The most trusted CPA Network ever! An amazing affiliate management team runs it. Nothing to complain about.” — Kareem on
  • Powerful network in the crypto vertical! Highly professional team! From my experience, they deserve five stars for sure!

Profit Pixels Review Conclusion

Profit Pixels affiliate network allows everyone to monetize their traffic and earn money online. From Crypto and Forex to Nutra and Astrology, their mission is to offer the best CPA offers. The Profit Pixels team welcomes new affiliates and does all it can to uplift the platform’s users.

The affiliate managers are there to help with anything related to the program and to assist the marketers in conquering new heights. I hope I’ve covered the most important questions. If you still have questions, you may email me, and I will gladly answer them. Also, you can check the Profit Pixels support and updates forum topic.

Check Profit Pixels and let us know what offers appeal most to you!

Join ProfitPixel to monetize your traffic

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