Email Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce
Email Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce

14 Email Marketing Campaigns for e-Commerce (Proven to be Effective)

Email marketing is a crucial part of business operations. Customer-friendly email marketing strategies can inspire customer’s buying behavior. They can also influence their product choices. Email marketing campaigns keep your customers informed about your business and help you generate more sales.

When they know any important happenings in your business, the customers feel connected to your brand. They become engaged and loyal to your brand.

Ecommerce business marketers often get confused about what type of content is suitable for their customer base.

What will make these email campaigns effective for the customers?

This article explores some of the popular emails used for marketing campaigns in the eCommerce business. But before that, a little about what email marketing is and how it can help your business thrive.

1. What Is Email Marketing?

E-commerce email marketing is a marketing channel that allows you to notify your subscribers of new products, discounts, deals, and other promotions.

Emails are one of the best ways to reach out to your customers, new and existing alike. You can also use email to soft sell by educating your audience on the value of your brand and staying top of mind, keeping subscribers old and newly engaged between purchases.

But as a marketer, if you are only sending emails to your customers every week, do they remain as effective as you want them to be?

As a savvy marketer, wouldn’t you want to look for new and innovative ways to build stronger relationships with your customers?

And also enhance revenue?

What kind of email marketing campaigns work the best for you?

Should you opt for dedicated stand-alone emails with exclusive offers?

Or would you instead optimize your sales with email digests?

This post will tell you all about the different types of email marketing campaigns that you can use for your eCommerce business.

Segment your email campaigns to make an educated decision about which is the most suitable for your business. Learn how you can start using email marketing for your benefit.

2. Proven Benefits of Email Marketing

2.1. Enhance the Efficiency of Your Website and Boost Your Traffic Conversion

For your eCommerce store, your website is your best friend. Focus on creating excellent landing pages for your website that can promote specific products.

Create awesome landing pages that offer valuable information to the customers. Entice visitors to buy from your online store. It will not only expand your audience but also build brand awareness amongst your audience.

Email marketing campaigns are owned by you. Thus, the revenue that is generated from these campaigns is entirely your ownership. Create marketing campaigns that can provide your customers with a unique experience.

These little things can boost traffic to your website and enhance better conversion rates when taken care of.

2.2. Email Marketing Campaigns Are a Cost-effective Business Solution

All forms of advertising have their advantages.

Any form of advertising like social media and pay-per-click can be rather expensive. In comparison, however, email marketing campaigns are incredibly cost-effective and offer better ROI. But email marketing is an excellent option as it can be set up for free from some providers. All you need is a list of email subscribers, and you are ready to hit the market with your ad campaigns.

2.3. Get Started With Email Marketing Easily

To make a head start, choose a good marketing platform for your business. Start creating a database of email ids from your existing buyers. You can also start collecting emails via other methods like flyers, pop-ups, signup forms, surveys, and even quick quizzes.

Request your website visitors to fill up a subscription form. Offer them a one-time discount on any purchases made on your website. It kills two birds with a single stone. You earn an email subscriber, and you also push a sale on your website. So it is a win-win situation for you.

Choose a template from the email marketing platform to set up your campaign. Often such templates are available for free at some of the providers.

Once you start sending out email campaigns, expect a turnaround in your email subscribers list. Of course, you have to ensure that the campaigns hit the right chord with your audience.

2.4. Convert Your Leads to Revenue With Appropriate Email Marketing Campaigns

Always remember, your customers will sign up for emails because they are genuinely interested in your products. You need to understand your customer’s requirements so that you can engage them on your website. Only then will they become your loyal and valuable buyers and come back repeatedly.

Conversion rates with email marketing are three times higher than any social media channel. All you need is to send targeted and personalized content to your subscribers to raise their interest in your products.

2.5. Choose the Right Content for the Right People

In other words, make use of targeted content for your chosen audience. Start sending targeted emails to your customers depending on their categories and segments.

Message the right people at the most appropriate time. It will not only drive more conversions to your business but also enhance brand awareness. It will boost your sales and improve your email deliverability.

An average of 21% of email subscribers open email marketing emails. And only 2% of social media users choose to check the ad posts on social media platforms. The calculations are easy. With email marketing, you are likely to reach out to people at least ten times more than via social media channels.

2.6. Build Stronger Customer Relationship

Your email subscribers have already given you a coveted place in their lives within their digital inbox. Don’t miss this opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with them. It will help you in improving your customer lifetime value.

Build a solid first impression with your email campaigns. Never miss the chance to drop a hello to your customers. Welcome back the one-time customers so that they never go away again.

Improve brand recognition and keep popping up on the inboxes of your customers consistently. It will prepare them to buy the products right before the run-up to special occasions like Christmas and other holidays.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce

Email marketing targeted for the eCommerce business can be compared to navigating through a landmine field. You take one wrong step, and you stand to lose your revenue and subscribers.

That’s why it is vital to know which email marketing campaigns are practical for your business. What can bring your cash register to turn joyful?

3.1. Welcome Emails

The “Welcome Email” is the first-ever correspondence that you will do with your customers.

Welcome Email Example - Pandora Store
Welcome Email Example – Pandora Store

As soon as a user subscribes to your emailing list, he will receive a welcome email from you. It demonstrates how excited you are to have him on your list. It also shows your appreciation and gratitude for him as he accepted your email subscription.

These little gestures make your customers feel valued, and they feel impressed by your brand and business.

A few things to consider regarding welcome emails:

  • Aim for originality. If you want to rise above the noise in your audience’s inbox, you need to be original. And that means doing something that subscribers aren’t expecting. Offer a discount. Speak their language. Tell them to reply to your email. Give them everything they need to inform them that they’re in the right place.
  • Design for simplicity. If you have an extensive product range, remove barriers to making purchases. Whether by product category or something else, make it easy for new subscribers to browse what they’re looking for.

3.2. Profile Creation Emails

Sometimes, a customer might get busy elsewhere while completing their profile details on your website. Do not lose heart if that happens to you often.

Would you please make an effort to reach out to customers with incomplete profiles and remind them to do the needful? Adding an exciting incentive with the email will increase the chances of conversion from just a visitor to an email subscriber.

3.3. Reactivation Emails

These emails are sent to customers who have chosen to unsubscribe from your emailing list, citing various reasons. You can persuade a percentage of these users to revive their relationship with your business with the help of a reactivation email.

The reactivation email campaigns are designed to encourage inactive subscribers to rejoin. If done tactfully, you might be surprised by the number of subscribers that would join you back with this simple email campaign.

3.4. Abandonment Emails

These emails are great to encourage the customer to purchase a product if he intends to abandon the cart. There are times when a customer might browse through your website and not add anything to his cart. At such times, you can automate your email marketing campaigns to trigger a browser abandonment email.

Abandonment Emails Example
Abandonment Emails Example

It reminds your customer about what great offers he is missing if he doesn’t complete the purchase. It’s like giving your coveted customers a gentle nudge on the inbox to convert your business into revenue earning opportunity.

3.5. Confirmation Emails

The confirmation emails are those that are sent to the customers once they complete a purchase. It is to verify and acknowledge that you have received his orders and will ship them soon.

Within the category of confirmation emails also comes the shipment confirmation emails. These emails provide information like the shipping details mentioning the expected delivery date.

Confirmation Emails Example
Confirmation Emails Example

Add a delivery confirmation email for the products that get delivered to the doorsteps of your customer. It is just another level of customer service that is appreciated by the customers broadly.

3.6. Feedback Emails

Once an order is completed and a specific period has passed, you can trigger a feedback email requesting a review from your customers. It is also an excellent opportunity to garner important information about your product and the services offered.

Amazon Feedback Email Campain Example
Amazon Feedback Email Campain Example

Sending out such personalized emails makes your customers feel valued. It also shows that you give priority importance to customer satisfaction and user experience. These gestures most definitely help in strengthening the reputation of your brand.

3.7. Promotional Emails

Encourage your customers to buy from your website. Send them promotional emails offering a sale, a handsome discount, or a lucrative incentive. Since most customers now choose to shop online, the competition is stiff. Most customers like to look for ways to save a couple of bucks while buying online.

If you offer them good deals via promotional emails, they will make the purchases from you. And also run word-of-mouth publicity for your website. Now isn’t that exciting for your business?

3.8. Product Offer Emails

A product-based email lets the customer know about the different variety of products available at your website. If you introduce new products on your eCommerce store, you should nudge your customers to visit your website once to check the products out.

The same holds for the products that you have restocked recently. Encourage your customers to revisit your website and make their choices with the new and restocked products.

You can also send “cross-sell and upsell” emails to your customers. These are personalized email campaigns that are designed based on the past purchases of your customer. Depending on his past purchases, you can recommend products that can influence his future purchases from your website.

3.9. Information Emails

Information emails can be very relevant to your eCommerce business. They help your customers get educated about concepts outside of your products and offerings. For instance, you can choose to send out the company announcement emails too. These emails inform your customers about any noticeable change in your business or product expansion, etc.

You can also make an effort to send resource emails to your valued customers. Give them powerful insights about how they can utilize your products to the best ability.

3.10. Holiday Emails

How can you miss the holiday communication with your client? Is there a soul that does not long for holidays? Vacations are the time to let lose the purse strings. And as an eCommerce business, can you let go of such a revenue-earning opportunity?

Send your customers holiday emails and encourage them to celebrate in style. Entice them to buy gifts for their loved ones from your website. Inform them about how you have a bucket of great offers for them to choose from.

Adobe Holiday Email Example
Adobe Holiday Email Example

To make the most of the holiday season sales, you can offer a freebie with the emails. It can be free shipping or a token voucher, a discount coupon for the next purchase, or a lucky draw coupon to encourage more spending.

3.11. Birthday Emails

Everyone likes to feel special on their special days. Send personalized emails to your customers on their birthdays, offering them birthday discounts. Not only will they feel appreciated by this gesture, but they will make an effort to spend more time on your website and make purchases.

Apart from sending regular promotional emails, you can send birthday emails to your customers. These specialized birthday emails can generate handsome revenue for your business. The revenue is higher than any other form of a promotional email.

3.12. Engagement Emails

The competition in the field of eCommerce is exceptionally fierce. To thrive in this gruesome environment, you have to master the art of engagement.

With the average office worker receiving as many as 122 emails per day, you must invite subscribers to engage with your emails if you stay visible in their inbox.

Engage your customers in your business and make sure your brand is always on their minds.

3.13. Loyalty Emails

Everyone likes to be appreciated. And if you want to inspire your customers to stay with you for a longer time, you have to make them feel appreciated. In other words, you have to foster customer loyalty, and that can be done with occasional customer loyalty emails.

Upgrade Email Example
Upgrade Email Example

Reward your customers for being loyal to your brand. Thank them for their continuous support and show your appreciation. A simple note of appreciation along with a token gift voucher can increase their chances to buy more from you. It is imperative to say that you gain in both ways- loyalty and revenue.

3.14. Preferences Email

Many customers unsubscribe from emails because they get irritated with too many emails. The frequency of emails is also a spoiler for some customers. As a marketer, you have to deal with this issue tactfully yet effectively without losing many customers from your email marketing list.

The best way to handle this is to email the customers asking them to set their preferences. If they intend to receive emails frequently, they will. If they want the frequency to get curtailed, their mails can be customized accordingly.

Preferences Email Example
Preferences Email Example

The result of this exercise will be an increase in the engagement index with the customers. Also, expect enhanced customer satisfaction with these emails.

Another great advantage of such a preference email is that most customers will self-set their segments. In the process of setting their preferences, customers are segmenting their categories. As a result, you will have to put less effort into creating segments while sending out the marketing campaigns via emails.

So, if you see many inactive subscribers in your email listing, run a reactivation email campaign initially to remind them about your brand. Most often than not, many subscribers will come back to life in your email listings.


When it comes to business, it is a battlefield out there. And to succeed and thrive in business, you need to play the top-notch game to gain an edge over your rivals. Email marketing campaigns can be your most cost-effective arsenal.

Implement the best practices for strategizing and marketing your emails. Segment your customers and read their minds. You will learn what they need and what they deter.

One size doesn’t fit all in the email marketing strategies. With personalized emails as per your customers’ requirements, you can expect a loyal database of customers. Customers that are enthusiastic and engaged with your brand.

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