Review of MyLead Affiliate Network
Review of MyLead Affiliate Network

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of earning and is gaining popularity with time. This is primarily a passive income source where you really “act once and earn forever.” It is very famous as a part-time business among those still studying. In affiliate marketing, you promote the products and services of other merchants and earn a commission in return.

In doing so, you do not need to invest your time, money, or effort in manufacturing, stocking, shipping, and other processes. You advertise the products of other marketers on your websites or various social platforms and other places once and receive some percentage of the sales money every time anyone uses your link to visit the product (or service) website and makes a successful purchase.

This way, using just a laptop, internet, and a willingness to earn easy money, you can create your affiliate marketing profile and start earning in a few hours. However, affiliate marketing would have been a tedious and time-consuming chore without some excellent affiliate networks like the MyLead affiliate network.

-> Join MyLead and take their money
-> Join MyLead and take their money

MyLead Review

MyLead is an exhaustive affiliate network with its head office in Poland. It fulfills all the needs of emerging affiliates at one platform and pays you solely based on your performance.

The company has been operating from there since 2014 and, in roughly four years, has evolved into one of the most innovative affiliate networks in Poland. Around 15,000 affiliates and advertisers work for over 600 affiliate programs.

Here, you can coordinate with the world’s top publishers, which leads to very high commission rates.

One of the most fascinating factors of affiliate networks like MyLead is their genuineness and trustworthiness. The industry is full of fraudulent affiliate networks and affiliate marketers who get their work done but still don’t pay you your share of the commission.

Screenshot of MyLead Affiliate Network Homepage
Screenshot of MyLead Affiliate Network Homepage

Of course, nothing can be more frustrating and discouraging than this for publishers, especially those new to the affiliate marketing world.

The MyLead affiliate network, however, believes in maintaining genuineness and transparency with its fellow affiliates. They pay you the money you deserve in the most convenient way for you.

Their strategies and work records suggest that the company is run by a group of highly passionate publishers who are highly dedicated and passionate about what they do. That works to help virtuous affiliates worldwide find the most suitable affiliate programs for them. They go out of their way to teach their affiliates the skills related to affiliate marketing, making money online, etc.

Also, is a trustworthy network; check its ratings on other sites or proof of payment. They provide a range of training programs throughout their user panels, which have successfully trained thousands of affiliates, providing them with up-to-the-mark knowledge and strategies to aid them in their venture for affiliate marketing.

Due to these reasons (and many more), the MyLead network has been appreciated by its clients in many blogs and review websites.

Making money at the MyLead affiliate network

MyLead collaborates with advertisers and commission-based publishers as an affiliate network to work on affiliate projects. Affiliates promote a merchant’s products and services and refer them to people in their network.

The affiliate will receive a commission if a person visits the required website and decides to purchase or take other desired actions, like clicking or subscribing. Businesses want publishers with ample traffic to their websites so that they can promote their products. Still, they can’t afford to track such publishers instead of focusing on improving their services.

Similarly, publishers want to promote the best-selling products to ensure more significant and more certain commissions. However, searching for new offers, negotiating with businesses, and tracking the payment becomes complicated and time-consuming for publishers. Affiliate networks play an essential role by acting as a third-party intermediary. This way, both parties can focus their efforts and time on their work only.

Types of MyLead affiliate network

The 600 affiliate programs include offers of many categories, including loans, business resources, dating, game downloads, video streaming, courses, etc. The conditions for payment vary from one business campaign to another.

For example, e-commerce companies pay you only for actions that convert into a sale. This differs from most mortgage or loan companies, which require you to fetch the contacts (name, email, telephone, etc.) of people they can later convert into customers. So, choosing the right affiliate program offers is essential to achieve maximum commission.

The various MyLead partner programs are:

  1. Cost Per Lead (CPL): In this pricing model, you get paid when a person signs up or subscribes to the merchant’s website or service.
  2. Cost Per Action (CPA) – In this pricing method, the customer must accomplish a specific action, such as making a transaction with a credit card or creating an account, to receive payment. Check out our ultimate CPA marketing guide.
  3. Pay-per-install (PPI) – This pricing model is prevalent in mobile apps or desktop software. In this case, the customer should successfully install the software on their device.
  4. Cost-per-sale (CPS) programs are the most common, especially in e-commerce services. In this method, the customer should visit the merchant’s website and make a purchase. For more information, check out our affiliate marketing guide.
  5. SMS—goo offering lucrative prizes.

Click and Start Making Money with MyLead

How do you can promote MyLead offers?

Relevance and targeting the right audience are the primary requisites for effectively promoting offers. You are responsible for conveying only genuine and valuable offers to your audience; otherwise, it may negatively impact the affiliate program and your website traffic.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners [Complete Guide]

Also, it would be best if you were very particular while targeting the audience, as the possibility of them following your reference varies with various factors like age group, gender, region, occupation, etc. You can share your referral links on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or upload demo videos on YouTube.

CPA Marketing for Beginners

It can be very advantageous if you have a WordPress blog, preferably related to the product or service you are promoting. If you have trouble with configuration or have questions, ask MyLead support. They are ready to help.

PROs & CONs of MyLead affiliate network

PROs of MyLead

  • Trust and professionalism—The best aspect of the MyLead platform is the professional way it performs tasks such as searching offers, making negotiations, managing databases, and tracking payments.
  • Mentors and closed forums—As soon as you make a MyLead account, you will receive guides and closed forums to get you started. The MyLead team consists of mentors who will help you explore the world of online earnings. You can contact them for any knowledge you seek; it is free.
  • Easy and fast payments—Modern online payment methods like PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Webmoney, and ePayments allow you to receive your payment within 48 hours. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is just 20 USD for affiliates outside Poland.
  • Comprehensive statistics—MyLead affiliate networking provides its publishers with detailed statistics that help them evaluate their effectiveness in the recent past and optimize them to obtain maximum productivity. All these statistics are available on their user panel and show information like your conversions, the number of leads sent, and the number of visits to a given subpage on which you’ve posted a referral link. You can also download a PDF report.

CONs of MyLead

  • Performance-based—Although this has a positive side, being a performance-based affiliate network generally means you get paid only when a conversion is achieved through your referral link. The number of leads achieved is unpredictable since it largely depends on the customer’s response. But sometimes, a one-time commission can be worth more than $400$.

MyLead affiliate network overview

Since its establishment in 2014, the MyLead affiliate network has been one of the most popular innovative networks among publishers. It provides professional assistance to its publishers throughout their online earning process. Now, you can start earning money without investing and without any prerequisite skills or experience.

The exhaustive performance statistic provided by the company allows you to track your progress easily. The payments are fast and convenient. You’ll receive expert advice from mentors on every step as you pursue the goal of earning online.

Though there are a few shortcomings in the MyLead affiliate network, they will also be present in almost any other affiliate network. So, MyLead could be an ideal affiliate network for practically all affiliates, and everyone can find a suitable affiliate program for himself, irrespective of whether they are beginners or professionals.

-> Join MyLead and take their money
-> Join MyLead and take their money
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