Affiliate Marketing for Food Bloggers
Affiliate Marketing for Food Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing for Food Bloggers [Complete Guide]

Affiliate marketing for food bloggers helps them make money while enjoying all sorts of food and producing content. It’s the best way to monetize it and make a scalable income. Also, you can expand your network through food.

If you wonder how food bloggers make thousands of dollars and you want to earn it too, then affiliate marketing is the perfect way to chase your dream.

This article covers everything from scratch if you’re looking forward to earning a scalable income from your food blogs.

It provides a complete guide to affiliate marketing, from the basics of affiliate marketing to the best affiliate marketing programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote or sell other company’s products or brands while earning a commission. It’s performance-based marketing. It works in a simpler manner: you get paid when someone buys any product from your referral link.

You can find any product or service through any affiliate marketing platform or any individual website.

Once you get the product or service, you have to sign up to generate an affiliate referral link.

You will receive a unique ID. Thereafter, you can start promoting the service or product and will earn a commission every time someone buys it.

How Many Affiliate Programs Should I Join?

It’s totally subjective.

The underlying concept behind promoting different affiliates at times is that if one product or affiliate doesn’t work out, you still have the other to make money.

There are odds that while you’re promoting any product, if the product goes bankrupt, then your entire commission will go in vain and you may land in financial trouble.

Promoting many at a time will put you on the safe side, as if one source doesn’t work out, you’re left with the others, and this ensures that you’re constantly generating cash flow.

In my opinion, joining as many affiliate programs as possible is the best way to enjoy the undisrupted cash flow.

How Should You Promote Affiliate Programs?

I know that earning money from food blogs sounds exciting!

However, there’s a big difference between earning money by promoting a product and being thrilled about it.

Most of us want to post links everywhere on our blogs and get stoked about the possibility of making money from them. Remember, anything in excess is poison. If you post the links and banners everywhere, it may turn many visitors away.

There has to be a solid promotion strategy to promote the affiliate products. You can use paid ads, social media, blogging forums.

It’s highly recommended to keep the ads at the bottom of the page when you’re new to food blogging.

Too many ads can make the page look clumsy. Remember to add them to the sidebar. You can also keep track of sales whenever you earn money. Try to find the links or products whenever you get a sudden spike in income.

Once you get to know the drill and the links and posts that make you earn the highest amount of money, you can repeat the process throughout.

When Should I Start Advertising and Selling Stuff?

How about now? You don’t have to wait for a few months until you get the banners or posts or links for your blog.

Why not start making a few bucks today? There’s no perfect day, and it makes no sense to wait for a few months.

You don’t have to sell stuff as a seasoned blogger.

You can make your blog grow by posting relevant and unique content.

In fact, you can also incorporate several other ways to reach out to more audiences while advertising and selling.

Best Affiliate Programs For Food Bloggers

Affiliate marketing programs for food bloggers are one of the best ways to earn a passive income. Most of the time, it gets frustrating for food bloggers when they’re solely engaged in food blogging without earning any pennies.

Joining different affiliate marketing programs is a way to kickstart the journey.

There are tons of affiliate marketing programs for food bloggers.

Before choosing an affiliate marketing program, make sure you review their commission rate once. Earlier, Amazon Associates was quite a popular affiliate marketing platform due to its broad cookie and loyalty. Recently, its commission rate has been reduced in different categories, hence it’s not the best platform to go with.

Besides, there are other affiliate marketing programs that offer good commission rates to food bloggers. Hence, don’t limit yourself to just a few.

Explore the diverse multiple affiliate programs to ensure that you’re generating uninterrupted cash flow and it’s always good to have a little money on the table.

Here I list the best affiliate marketing programs that offer a decent commission rate.

You don’t have to sign up with all of them. Choose the one that goes along with your content and interests.

1. Food and Drink Affiliate Program

1. Home Chef

The company offers a meal delivery service, so if you don’t have enough time or are not interested in cooking, you can use this app. You just simply have to select the recipes and, based on that, they will send you pre-portioned ingredients. There will also be guided instructions. You can offer this option to your readers.

The best part is that the program is free. You don’t have to pay anything to join.

You will earn $10 for each sale. Also, you will get paid whenever a new customer joins and places an order within 30 days. The affiliate cookie works for 30 days, and if you’re one of the top affiliates, then you will earn some bonuses too.

2. Snake River Farms

It’s famous for providing quality Kurobuta, American Wagyu, and Northwest-certified pork. They also offer premium dry-aged beef cuts.

It’s an established food service that often gets featured by BBQ teams and menus from around the world. It’s pretty simple to use as customers can directly place their orders on their website.

This affiliate marketing program is completely free, and you can easily sign up for it.

You earn up to a 7% commission on each sale. Sales generally spike during the holiday season, summer, and at the end of the year. The affiliate cookies are available for up to 60 days.


The company was established a hundred years ago and has been popular for selling a variety of nuts, snacks, coffee, superfoods, and baking items. Their products are top-tier and have sold more than 3000 products in the last few years.

They send a monthly newsletter for updates, videos, images, and blogs.

The program is completely free of charge. You can easily join it. Whenever a new customer joins in, you will earn an 8% commission and2% commission on existing customers. Also, the affiliate cookies will stay for up to 30 days.

4. Vital Choice

It’s a store that offers organic products and premium seafood. The products are quite healthy and beneficial for the body. They have a great variety of products, from fresh and beyond canned seafood, bone broths, organic beef, shellfish, and chicken.

They do offer supplements and frozen food.

Your readers would love to order these products as they are quite healthy for the body.

Besides, fitness freaks, athletes, bodybuilders, and health nuts would enjoy their subscriptions.

Their subscription is overloaded with premium products. Also, the company believes in donating some amount of profit to environmental protection programs.

It serves a good cause and is worth the money.

This program is completely free to join. You will receive a commission of 4% whenever a new customer purchases any product from your affiliate link. You will receive a 1% commission on existing customers. The affiliate cookies will last up to 7 days.

Moreover, $25 commission on subscription sales. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

5. California Wine Club

The company sells wine made from family-owned vineyards.

If you’re a food blogger, and your recipes are sometimes incomplete without wine, then this is a good product to promote. You can also recommend this to your readers or other food bloggers through this affiliate program. You can also suggest artisan wine pairings to join in.

The company does offer a monthly subscription program. It also claims that it’s one of the highest-paying wine club affiliate programs. If you have got any queries, they have a great affiliate marketing team to resolve it.

You can join for free. You will earn a good 15% commission on each sale, which is incredible. Huge bonuses and VIP commissions are also offered. Besides, the affiliate cookie will last up to 90 days.

2. Home Goods Affiliate Programs

1. Target

Target has something to offer for everyone, from home decor to kitchen tools and sporting goods. You can let your readers know where you have got your kitchen tools and recipes.

You can join the program for free. You will receive a 5% commission on each sale from a popular category. They do have a dedicated affiliate marketing team for guidance. There are tons of contests. The affiliate cookie will last up to 7 days.

2. Caraway Cookware

They provide the best cookware. If you enjoy cooking with high-quality, well-designed cookware, this will be a perfect fit for you. Or if you’re a fan of caraway products, then look no further!

You can use these non-toxic ceramic cookware items for your recipes while promoting the products with affiliate links. Your readers would love to know about your high-end cookware.

This affiliate program is free and you can easily join it. You get a commission of up to 8% on each sale. The affiliate cookies will last up to 14 days.

3. Blogging Resources Affiliate Programs

1. Food Bloggers Pro

Most of your readers might be interested in starting their own food blog but don’t have any insights or guidance. Or they would be interested in growing their food blogs but haven’t got any ideas.

This website offers membership and covers more than 3000 videos on how to start and grow a food blog. They have also built an efficient community for resolving all the queries. Also, they do offer certain discounts on services and tools that are specifically designed for food bloggers.

You can definitely take advantage of this food blogging affiliate program.

It’s great affiliate marketing for food bloggers who want to diversify their affiliate revenue.

It’s completely free to join, and you can earn up to a 30% commission on enrolled referrals. The silver lining is that the affiliate cookie will last up to 180 days. This is a wholesome affiliate marketing program to promote and earn a decent amount of revenue.

2. Canva

It’s a fact that not everyone’s well-versed in customizing designs for their websites. The canva tool is a great multi-purpose tool to make use of the free templates and for creating awesome graphics. You can use it to create Pinterest pins, ebooks, cookbooks, and Instagram stories.

It does offer free plans and templates. However, you will only receive affiliate commissions for signing up for paid plans, which is Canva Pro.

You can join the program for free.

Whenever a new subscriber joins in through your affiliate link, you will get a commission of up to $36.

The affiliate cooking will last up to 30 days.

3. Adobe

Adobe is a renowned company that is famous for providing multimedia and creativity software products. You will come across tons of bloggers who don’t know much about photo editing, design, and photo development.

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of creative apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator.

If you want to build a creative blog and desire an aesthetic-looking blog or social media channel. Then, Adobe is it! They offer a huge and wide range of commissions. You can decide the plan based on the category of readers.

Exclusive promotions are there for affiliates. It comes with a 30-day cookie.

Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing for Food Bloggers

Here are some practices that you should follow in affiliate marketing and some pitfalls that should be avoided.

1. Do work with the brands in which you’re interested

Whatever you’re promoting, make sure your product is synchronized with the brand.

It will not only help you generate affiliate revenue but also ensure that your blog is growing and you’re reaching out to more audiences.

Adhere to the values and stay true to your readers, as they will be purchasing the product that you’re promoting.

2. Don’t accept offers that aren’t worth

Affiliate marketing for food bloggers is more like a give-and-take situation. You either promote an advertiser’s product that is relevant to your content or you promote any product without giving it a second thought.

It’s a two-way street. Avoid promoting products that are irrelevant or don’t go in resonance with your content or with the audience.

Instead, find other affiliate programs that are a good fit and will go in resonance with your blog and audience.

3. Do always create a high-quality and relevant content

If you really want to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign, make sure you increase your reach and visitors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing product reviews or sharing recipes, the main intent is to increase the website’s traffic.

Affiliating marketing for food bloggers is more than promoting the product.

To attract high-end brands, you need to have a decent audience.

To grow an audience, it’s important to write high-quality content.

It covers doing extensive research, providing valuable insights, writing in-depth product reviews, and many more.

Try to be consistent in producing unique content to update your audience. Be a little creative!

4. Don’t settle for poor compensation

Never settle for poor compensation. It’s not worth the time and effort that you’re putting in.

If the advertiser is not paying you commission fairly and regularly or is keeping the commission too low, discard it.

Find some other affiliate marketing programs.

Consider as if affiliate marketing for food bloggers is for you.

What kind of affiliate programs are worth your efforts and the kind of content you’re producing?

The Takeaway

In the era of digitalization, affiliate marketing for food bloggers is a great way to earn a passive income while growing your blog. It’s a great way to produce high-quality, engaging content to woo your readers. It will also increase the traffic on your website.

By accepting offers from relevant marketing programs, you can promote and advertise their products and monetize your website.

Consistency is the key to growing as a successful affiliate marketer.

Keep producing relevant content. Join in multiple affiliate programs to ensure that your income doesn’t stop.

If you’re a newbie, then it will take some time for your website to monetize better. However, if you work with dedication and consistency, your website will grow exponentially and you’ll start earning more and more.

Do extensive research, prepare a solid strategy and marketing plan, and you will observe drastic changes in your content in a short span of time.

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