How to Get Powerful Backlinks with Blog Commenting
How to Get Powerful Backlinks with Blog Commenting

How to Get Powerful Backlinks with Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can help you rank better in Google as it is an efficient approach for link building and the simplest off-page technique. If you are growing an authority blog you absolutely need to go out there and build backlinks and relations with other bloggers.

So, let’s move on before wasting a single second.

1. What is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is a relationship development process of bloggers with other bloggers, blogs, and of course, their lovely audience. It’s an awesome way to get linked, share your opinions and ideas about a specific blog topic.

Blog comments give you targeted traffic and a better social appearance. It is a way to get comments from another site to your site, just by inserting a comment as people do on Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s still an essential part of Off-Page SEO.

1.1 Blog Comment Types

One thing to remember here is that we are talking about blog commenting to benefit our SEO. We will get linked to other sites either in the form of a backlink or a relational link.

It means you’ll get noticed by the owner of the site you are commenting on, and maybe someday, he’d like to take a look at your website.

By the way, let’s look at its different types:

  • Normal Comment Backlink
  • KeywordLuv/CommentLuv Backlinks
  • Anchor Text Backlink

Now let us see what’s inside each type:

Normal Comment Backlink

You can say it is the most common and simplest form of a comment backlink. You can get types, which means do-follow or no-follow. And it’s in the hands of the webmaster of the blog you are commenting on.

Almost all sites keep this enabled in their settings. You can get a backlink to your name.

Here is a picture giving you a view of the Normal Comment Backlink.

CommentLuv Backlinks

It’s a little different from the previous type. CommentLuv is a premium WordPress plugin, and bloggers use it to attract readers to their site.

By default, the backlinks you’ll get from this are no-follow. But the blog owner can change these to do-follow in the settings. Not only commenter but the site owner with Commentluv enabled also gets a huge benefit from this. He gets good traffic as well as excellent comments.

Comments with Anchor Text Backlinks

This type of comment backlink is often spammy! So not much recommended. Why? Because people often use these to give lots of outbound links to their sites for multiple backlinks with a single comment.

Some bloggers allow you to comment on their sites with your anchor.


These sites are allowing us to use some HTML tags in the comment box. You can create a link with an HTML Hyperlink tag, and you’ll get a backlink on your Anchor text. Again these can be of both types, mean Dofollow and No-follow.

2. How do blog comments affect SEO for a website?

People have many a reason to leave blog comments. Some want to share valuable knowledge or interesting stories, some intend to increase Alexa rank, and apart from those, the majority of people are creating backlinks for an SEO perspective.

In addition, blog commenting is not only done for backlinks but much more than that, so let’s talk about it:

2.1 Backlinks

This is one of the key determinants of why people are doing blog commenting. As far as top search engines like Google and Bing are concerned, a backlink is fierce competition. When users enter the keywords, those engines always seek the websites providing the most valuable result.

Since the higher–valued website is the website that has more links when it sends a link to another website, SE algorithms automatically give that link more authority.

If you feel that your website is not getting enough traffic, it probably because your site is not getting authority from search engines. When you comment on other’s blogs, you are creating a backlink for yourself which is indirectly gaining traffic for your website.

2.2 Traffic

Anyone commenting on the blog means leaving a backlink. In other words, a backlink has the ability to drive traffic. Also, you need to bear in mind one important rule: Leave relevant comments.

2.3 Relationships

By sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, there will be commitment and connection between bloggers and viewers.

Blog commenting is an amazing way to build relationships with bloggers and even administrators. In the first place, this might take time, thus, be patient and flexible, and you will be noticed.

2.4 Brand recognition

When you are blogging in the post belonging to your niche, you will get the attention of potential users. Even if they don’t link to your website or reply to your comment, your brand name at least made an impression on them, and the chances are they will consider you if they want to buy a product.

3. How to find the best blogs to comment

Now that you know how blog comments help you, it’s time to find blogs to leave some comments and secure a backlink.

Here are four methods I recommend to find the best blogs to add your comment.

3.1 Use Google Search Operators

To leave a comment on related Niche Blogs, you can use the following Search Engine Footprint for finding blogs.

NICHE + “Leave a reply”

Replace NICHE with your niche. For example, if I am searching for blogs relevant to monetizing, then I would use a search term as monetize + “Leave a reply”

This would show you the results to easily comment on your relevant niche blogs without any limitation.

Google Search Footprints and Operators
Google Search Footprints and Operators

As you can see in the picture above, I’ve also added a filter of time. Depending on your niche and the number of blogs found, you should select a year or a month. If you put more, there is a high chance not to comment on that blog post because the admin closes the commentaries to avoid SPAM.

3.2 Spy on your competitors

Another good method to find blogs to comment on is to spy a little bit on your competitors. If they could get a backlink through a comment on a blog, you can too. To spy on your competitors’ backlinks, you need a backlink discovering tool like SEO SpyGlass from SEO Power Suite [review here][discount here], SemRush [review here][discount here], CognitiveSEO, LinkMiner from Mangools.

For this example, I’m going to use SemRush to inspect a competitor’s backlinks –

Semrush Backlinks Competitor
Semrush Backlinks of a Competitor

Now that you have a list of your competitor’s backlinks, you may export it and go through it manually or using software like GSA Platform Inspector to identify WordPress websites and other platforms that accept comments.

GSA Platform Identifier
GSA Platform Identifier

If comments are not open for WordPress websites, you can still get a backlink through guest posting. So don’t hesitate to check the website and look for a write for us page.

3.3 Use Google Alerts

Does anyone tell you how to be the first person to comment on a popular blog/video/FB post or anything else? Why should I be the first one to comment?

It’s pretty straightforward; the first comment with a link will receive a lot more clicks than the 25th (or later) comment with a link in it. Imagine the amount of traffic you can generate if you were the first one to submit a comment, with a link pointing to your website.

But how do you get there? Google Alerts is again the answer. Use keywords such as the name of the website you want to comment on, keyword phrase you want to rank high for (like weight loss), name of the product, the niche it is in, any competing products, or anything relevant. Add as many as you can think of.

Example Alerts: “weight loss” “” Now play the waiting game. In just a few hours, you should start finding all kinds of content, i.e., articles, videos, news, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc., related to your alert keyword/phrase. Now click on the links you receive inside the emails. It would help if you were looking for pages that allow you to leave comments.

3.4 Subscribe to blogs from your nice

As you could see from the previous point, if you comment the first to a news article, you have a higher chance to get your comment live and secure a backlink. Besides Google Alerts, there are more ways to get notifications of new posts.

This does not involve any tools, just plain old-school methods. You make a list of bloggers you would like to follow from your niche and then subscribe to their blogs to receive notification of new content. You can subscribe via your email address, instant browser notification, or social media profiles (if they post updates of new content there)

Every time a new article is posted, you have the chance to leave a relevant comment pointing to your website.

4. How To Make An Effective Comment?

It’s like whenever you comment on a post, you are on a stage to develop a relationship with the author. If you keep your comments to “Wow Awesome Post,” “Great article,” you may get noticed by the author, but you’ll never be remembered.

But if you’ll take a little more time to analyze the post and then tend to start a discussion in the comment section, you have better chances for your comments to get approved anywhere.

State your personal review of any specific point in the article. For example, consider this article. Now let’s assume that you know another way to find blog commenting sites, which haven’t been mentioned in this article.

You can comment on that, and it will surely attract the author. Now, think if you have something to attract me.

Ask a question.  You may ask anything related to the topic in which you think that the author hasn’t answered. Even if you think that the article covers everything, you can ask a question about an aspect of a specific point.

For example, you can ask me something like…. “Why anchor text backlinks should be used in event blogging while you are not recommending these in general?

Share your experience on a strategy mentioned in the article you are already using.

Make sure to keep your comments clean and impressive.

And don’t forget to comment on your competitor’s blog. It will give you a brand’s look, and also, you’ll have better chances of comment approval.

5. Blog Commenting Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

5.1 Over Optimizing Your Keyword in Name Section

You may have seen this on many websites… many people are creating backlinks on their anchor text instead of creating on their names. This looks spammy.

5.2 Avoid Short Names of the Bloggers

So, try taking the time to type the full name of the author. You’ll surely have better chances to get a response.

5.3 Fake Email Usage

It’s deadly as no one would ever approve your comment with a fake email. It’s a big communication hindrance.

5.4 Not using Gravatar with your email.

Once again, it’s a sign of better trust if you have Gravatar attached to your email and have your photo with your smiley face. The more you comment carelessly, the more are the chances for you to be ignored. You should better show that you care what you are saying.

5.5 Off-Topic Discussion.

Just as the relevancy of your backlinks in SEO is worthy, staying on the topic which is under discussion is critical. So, try to be on-topic always.

5.6 Writing a spammy comment

Don’t make your comment look like spam. If you don’t like spammy comments for your site, no one ever would for theirs. So, here is how you can make your comment look real, as you are a human. Try asking a question or stating your opinion on any point of the discussion.

6. Blog commenting SEO Tips

To help you optimize your blog commenting strategy and avoid disappointing results, follow the next tips:

6.1 Use your Real Identity and Name

Some bloggers don’t think too much about whether you are a real person or a brand trying to make its way through. But using your real identity while appreciating others’ work or promoting your own brand, or doing both simultaneously is vital.

You will be surprised to see how much people value a real person. Using a real identity can separate you from being a spammer and a respected member of the discussion group.

Even if you are someone new to a particular place, people will trust and rely on you more if you use your real name and other credentials.

Using Your Keywords or any other term instead of your real name will ruin your reputation, and the efforts will be a waste of time as webmasters generally reject such comments.

6.2 Learn About The Site You Are Commenting

Read the previous posts made by the author on the same website. The more you read, the closer you get to the author’s psyche. You will understand the interests, ways of thinking, and the author’s writing style that will prompt you to comment on his post in an impactful way.

6.3 Study the Comments that People Make

Well, this is another basic of a good blog commenter. An Expert Blog Commenter will read the popular posts of a blog with good comments. If you are new to a certain community, it is a must for you.

By reading other people’s comments, you will get to know their tone, their interests, and above all, how they present themselves in the community. You can just replica other people’s comments adding something unique and using your own tone!

6.4 Always Add Some Value

The topic you have selected to comment on is appealing, no doubt. You know the field you are commenting on; great! You have read about the author and the topic, even better!

It has been quite some time for you in this community. Perfect! However, there is still something you need to check. That is, “Has your point already been made?” It is no use bringing up the same issue that one has already brought up. So, pay close attention to that.

The only way to know for sure if your point has already been made by someone is to go through all the comments beneath a certain blog post.

6.5 Lengthier than Tweet, Shorter than Blog

Generally, blog commenter fixes their own length of comments. But ideal length is between a long tweet (which is 140 characters) and a short blog post (generally 200 – 300 words). The length should be enough to make a substantial point about the post, which improves its quality.

You may express your own opinion and drop a reference link. If you feel the topic needs further elaboration, you are welcome to write about it in your own blog.

Who knows?

The author of the blog you are commenting on might edit his post and include your bit of the information along with your blog as a reference link! In any case, refrain from simply dropping links randomly.

6.6 Avoid Generic Comments

Thinking of writing, “Oh! What a great post this is, and I am glad I found your post on the topic that I was looking for?” Drop the idea. Writing such a sentence would pose you as a spammer in the eyes of the community members. Even if you are not a spammer, you will be treated as one.

It will do you a world of good if you can contribute to the post in an actual manner rather than posting general messages like the one I’ve shown you.

6.7 Get Involved in Conversations

When participating in other people’s discussions through comments, nothing beats the strategy of being a good listener. Be interactive. Discuss the issue with others through comments. Take their points into consideration and make your Point Clear to them.

6.8 Avoid Excessive Links

If You Decide to Link Your Own Post Into the Comment, Make Sure You Do It only Once! You read it right. If you are commenting on an important issue, you can support your argument or point via reference links.

People go for one, two, or even three links inside their comments. But they should actually have one link in the comment section. That link can be any website you are using as a reference, even your own.

6.9 Promote The Post You Commented On

This is another great strategy to get your comment noticed. You found a post interesting and commented on it. So why not promote the post publicly through your social media accounts?

This way, more people will know about your post and the comment you made on it. You can also tag the original blog authors on the social media post; you will surely get some natural links from the site next time!

7. Conclusion

You can do many things with this, but if you do this in a spammy way, it is harmful to your site…

If you are running Long Term blog, always comment on relevant sites, but if you are doing Event Blogging like promoting Black Friday / CyberMonday deals, you can use Anchor Text backlink but don’t use anchor text backlinks for long term blogs.

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