LinkWhisper Review [Internal links on AutoPilot]
LinkWhisper Review [Internal links on AutoPilot]

LinkWhisper Review [Internal links on AutoPilot]

In this article, I’m going to review the LinkWhisper WordPress plugin, which we are using for a couple of months already with great results in creating internal links to our content.

As you could may know, here at MediaDigi we administrate a network of 10 content sites (Monetize.info is one of them) so we were looking for a good solution to interlink related articles. As these articles are written in a time span of 2-3 years and the content is created by multiple authors it was a pain to find and link related content.

Not anymore 🙂 but first let’s discuss the importance of internal links:

#1. Internal links are mandatory for SEO and traffic

There is a certain type of links that Google actually encourages you to build that can help you rank better. What type of links are those?

Well, we’ve said it already, Internal Links!

Google has very clearly stated in their SEO guide that you should be building internal links. And using keyword descriptive anchor text is a good idea.

Building these internal links does 2 things:

  1. First, it helps human readers of your site find other relevant content.
  2. Second, the hyperlinks help Google fully crawl and better understand what your site is about.

Overall, internal links can have a huge impact on your site, not only from Google’s perspective but also from your visitors.

How Adding internal links  helps your website:

  • They can help you to inform Google which pages or posts are the most important (since they will likely have more internal links)
  • People spend longer on your site as they navigate between related content instead of ending the visit on the first article
  • Reduce the bounce rate as the longer people spend on your site the more chance they will convert to your offer. It will also increase the users dwell time, which might be a factor if the user has come from a Google search before visiting your site.
  • You can also inform Google of the context of each hyperlink destination by optimizing the anchor text (Mentioned above)
  • This is how you create content clusters (a series of related articles that are all interlinked) and this is a great way to build your topical relevance on a subject in the eyes of Google.
Internal links of Monetize.info report from Google Search Console
Internal links of Monetize.info report from Google Search Console

So take a look at your site and see if you could do a better job of building some internal links.

Google says it’s a good idea to build these types of links, so don’t hold back!

AuthorityHacker even went as far as analyzing 1,000,000 internal links and proved there is a correlation between these types of links and pages ranking higher.

So if you want to rank higher in Google you should pay attention to your site’s internal linking.

You can do this manually, spending many hours looking for related articles or you can do it the smart way, using the link whisper WordPress plugin.

#2. Creating internal links manually (ugly way)

To fully understand the power of LinkWhisper or you can’t afford it’s price yet you can still create internal links manually. Unfortunately, the process is very time consuming and may result in some errors (ie keyword cannibalization)

#2.1 Creating outbound internal links manually

Outbound internal links are the links from your post to other posts on your blog. After you wrote a post look for keywords and topics that you know you’ve written about in the past and press the link button in WordPress toolbar and type the keyword. WordPress will return the links (posts) containing the keyword.

Check in the picture below how I do a search for the keyword “backlinks“.

Create outbound internal links manually
Create outbound internal links manually in WordPress

Select the most appropriate article worth linking. Of course, this works if you have enough related articles, usually when your blog is already established.

#2.2 Creating inbound internal links manually

Inbound internal links are links from other posts to your current post. These are important to get traffic and link juice to your new post. Also, it helps Google to crawl it faster.

After you publish a post go in the Posts section of WordPress and using the Search function look for articles where you can introduce through a paragraph your new published post.

Create inbound internal links manually
Create inbound internal links manually in WordPress

As you can see from the picture above we’ve identified several posts where we can link this new post using internal links anchor that is already present in articles. Repeat this for all the keywords you want to link.

Pretty time consuming huh?

Let me introduce LinkWhisper.

#3. What is LinkWhisper Plugin?

Linkwhisper is a popular link management WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to analyze an entire WordPress website and recommend the possibility of creating new internal links. It also helps in fixing the keyword cannibalization which may have happened due to improper anchor text linking.

This plugin is developed by Spencer Haws who is also the mind behind Longtailpro. New features are being added on this plugin at a rapid rate, and based on my interaction with Spencer, he is aiming to make it the best WordPress internal linking plugin.

There are many more features, and benefits of using Linkwhisper WordPress plugin, which you, and I will explore in the further section of this article.

3.1. Automatic Link suggestions as you type

Here is how link-whisper suggested link works:

When you are writing or editing an article, the plugin automatically suggests which article you should link to on your website.

You have complete control over which anchor text should be used for linking, and the process is super smooth. Another important thing to pay attention here is, you can select the option to show backlinks suggestions within the category. I prefer using this most of the time, to make the linking more contextually related.

In the picture below you can see several posts that LinkWhisper suggest us to link to:

If you are not completely happy with the link suggested you can edit the sentence and the links. I use this function pretty often as I tend to link phrases and not keywords.

3.2. Internal Link Dashboard

Linkwhisper offers you a dashboard where you could analyze the internal links and external links of any article on your website. This is the best place to start using Linkwhisper for improving the internal links, and also adding external links.

Here is a tip:

  1. Find the pages with zero incoming internal links
  2. Click on + icon, and add internal links to such orphan pages

This is perhaps the best way to start improving internal links structure.

LinkWhisper dashboard
LinkWhisper dashboard on Monetize.info

Here you have a complete feature of your website:

  • Posts Crawled – How many posts Link Whisper crawled
  • Links Found – How many links are on your blog (both internal and external)
  • Internal links – Well, this is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Orphaned Posts – Posts that do not have any links from your other posts and pages. 
  • Broken Links – Links that are not working and you should fix ASAP.
  • 404 Errors – Pages that return a 404 error.

3.3. Link Whisper Link Report

In the LinkWhisper Link report, you have an overview of the posts and links. If you click on the Orphaned posts in the dashboard you will see a link report with the pages that do not have any incoming links.

As you can see in the picture below, the InfoLinks Review and the Best Sales Funnel Builders do not have any incoming backlinks from other articles.

LinkWhisper - Link Report
LinkWhisper – Link Report

Let’s build some! So I clicked Add button and LinkWhisper found 29 link suggestions I can add to this post.

LinkWhisper - Internal Link Suggestion
LinkWhisper – Internal Link Suggestion

From their 29 suggestions, I selected only 10 that are more appropriate for this post and also don’t cannibalize other posts.

As you can easily see in the picture below I’ve easily added 9 internal links to this review using LinkWhisper:

Internal links added to this post using LInkWhisper
Internal links added to this post using LInkWhisper

More on Keyword Cannibalization bellow:

3.4. Fix Keyword Cannibalization:

This is an indirect benefit of the LinkWhisper plugin, and if done right, it could help you get out of Google SEO penalty.

While creating more internal links helps in boosting overall SEO, using wrong anchor text can sometimes do more harm than any good.

Especially, if your website is penalized due to “keyword cannibalization“, Linkwhisper could help you see which anchor text is used to link to a particular post, and you can quickly fix wrong anchor text to improve anchor text SEO.

3.5. Domain Report

In the domain report tab, you can easily see the domain you are linking to. This is useful when you want to replace normal links with affiliate links or diversify backlinks.

LinkWhisper - Domain Report
LinkWhisper – Domain Report

3.6. Link Whisper Settings Dashboard

Link Whisper also offers an easy to use configuration option that let you configure a few options such as:

  • Include/exclude certain post type
  • Open links in a new tab
  • Exclude numbers and specified words from link suggestions

3.7. Link Whisper Auto-Linking

Here we have another really useful feature, especially for affiliate marketers. You can specify keywords and links that are automatically added by LinkWhisper.

You can add all your affiliates links here so the brand names and keywords will be replaced with your links automatically. In my case, I’ve written several articles regarding SEMrush that I want to drive traffic to SEMrush website using my affiliate link so I can get commissions.

LinkWhisper - Auto-linking
LinkWhisper – Auto-linking

#4. LinkWhisper Review: PROs and CONs

Here you can see in a nutshell what are the PROs and CONs of LinkWhisper plugin.

LinkWhisper Advantages

  • Automatic link creation to any keyword you choose
  • Anchor text creation using Artificial Intelligence
  • Quick addition of links to new and existing articles
  • Reports that show how many links you have
  • Reports regarding broken links
  • Compatible with WordPress Page Builders
  • Helps Pass link Juice to Orphan pages
  • Huge Time Saver

LinkWhisper Disadvantages

  • Only available for WordPress websites
  • Can not add no-follow attributes to links
  • Suggestions can be inaccurate sometimes
  • Pretty expensive for beginners

One thing that I like about LinkWhisper is that is continuously developed making it better and better. Of course, I hardly believe it can create accurate internal links on autopilot, without any manual work involved but definitely it saves a lot of time.

#5. Link Whisper Price: Is it worth it?

Linkwhisper is fairly priced and costs about $77 for a single site license. They offer 3 plans, 3 site license costs $117 and 10 site license costs about $167, which is idle for any agency offering SEO services to their client. You should pick the Linkwhisper license based on the number of websites you have.

Below you can see the picture of the prices during a LinkWhisper discount campaign:

LinkWhisper Pricing Plans
LinkWhisper Pricing Plans

If you’re looking to save some money on your LinkWhisper purchase, check our Link Whisper discount coupon we have listed for our readers here. This coupon changes pretty often that’s why we don’t post it in this article.

LinkWhisper can be purchased using a credit card or with PayPal. Another nice thing is that if you decide that Link Whisper is not for you, they will refund your purchase up to 30 days after your purchase. 

#6. Link Whisper Support

LinkWhisper support is very active and you will get an answer to any problem you may encounter.

First, you have the tutorials section which really impressed. At the moment of writing, there are 17 video tutorials that explain how to use most of the LinkWhisper feature.

Second, there is a support desk available here. You will get an answer to your request in max 48 hours.

Thirdly is the email newsletter where Link Whisper creators send weekly tips and new features they develop so you can make the most of Link Whisper.

#7. LinkWhisper – What others are saying

Here’s just a few testimonials from existing customers of Link Whisper:

“Link Whisper has allowed us to easily link our content together, which makes the articles and topics on our site easier to navigate for our readers, plus we can pass SEO value to our older content. It’s really helped us grow our organic traffic over the last year!”

Daniel Cody – Editor-in-Chief, NoMajesty.com

“I had mistakenly thought a related post plugin was helping my internal links out before but realized I need to add them in the actual content to over 200 pages! Link Whisper made this super easy. A few weeks after I finished, my traffic started climbing and in April we more than doubled our traffic without posting too many new articles!”

Jeremy Hood, Ktchndad.com

“Link Whisper is an absolute must for any content marketer. […] Link Whisper makes internal link building a hands-off, hassle-free way to build your internal links within your website. It’s favourably priced and updated often. The Link Whisper plugin is a must for bloggers and content marketers who use WordPress, I won’t create content without it.”

Beau Brewer, BeauBrewerDigital.com

#8. LinkWhisper Review Conclusion

Link Whisper (discount here) is a handy tool that will find a lot of relevant and sometimes not so relevant internal link suggestions. It works with the major page builders, doesn’t slow down your site and overall helps you rank better for a fair price.

Get LinkWhisper here. Check the LinkWhisper exclusive discount.

I am using LinkWhisper on live sites (Monetize.info included) and also I’m an affiliate for Link Whisper so I get a commission if you buy it. Obviously, my results are fantastic so I’m happy to recommend the plugin.

Thanks in advance!

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