Boost your Conversion Rate Optimization Today [10 Smart Hacks]
Boost your Conversion Rate Optimization Today [10 Smart Hacks]

Boost your Conversion Rate Optimization Today [10 Smart Hacks]

Conversion rate optimization is one of today’s digital marketers’ primary concerns and affiliate marketing to convert maximum visitors into potential leads.

According to a survey, 68.5% of companies give conversion rate optimization a higher priority than the previous year. 

But why conversion rate optimization is so important for companies?

Well, it is a lot better to boost your conversion than boost traffic. 

The definition of conversion rate optimization is straightforward – To make the website visitors take an action that you want them to take. 

The conversion rate depends on the nature of the website. 

If it’s an eCommerce store, then the conversion rate must be sales.  If it is some online tool like, then the conversion rate must be free trial sign-up.

The target is the same that is to make the visitor click on your call-to-action. To make your job easier, I have come up with some tips that would surely help you substantially boost the conversion rate.

How The Placement Of CTA Buttons Can Increase Your Conversions
How The Placement Of CTA Buttons Can Increase Your Conversions

Here are 10 conversion rate optimization tips to boost your acquisition instantly

1. Information Summary in The First Fold

Optimize the visitor’s decision making.

The user will not spend more than 3 seconds if he/she does not find the relevant information in the first fold.

If you want your visitors to make a quick decision on your website, then you need to provide the maximum information in the first part of your content.

business name generator information

Like here in this business name generator, all the information is summarized in the article’s first fold.

Providing the information in the first fold actually helps in the decision-making process of your customer. It gives an overall idea of your post in just a matter of seconds.

2. Use Loss Aversion (Urgency)

Loss aversion is a psychological theory that triggers the fear of losing something. In marketing, this technique is quite productive in generating leads.

The practice is a proven marketing strategy to optimize conversion rates. 

The best way to leverage this technique is by adding urgency to your CTA. Such as start a countdown that triggers the fear of losing.

Check out the Voox video ad that aced this practice to entice their customers to take instant action.

This strategy helps them increase their view-through rate by up to 37%, 23% more than average video ads as per eCommerce conversion rate. 

3. Show Your Authority (Bandwagon effect)

If you have some email subscribers or social media followers, you must use them as bait in your CTA.

To make someone act, you need to gain his or her trust first. A person only provides their information online when they are satisfied with the website’s authority.

websites authority

Many factors count here, such as website presentation and content. However, the best way to do that is by showing numbers in the CTA. 

In Psychology, it is called the bandwagon effect – where you can entice the users by showing the number of people who have already come on board.

4. Mediated Experience

A good landing page works as a good salesperson. You need to understand human-computer psychology. Human emotion generates a positive response from a good landing page.

A rude landing page works as a rude salesperson. Human emotion generates from such interaction.

Consider the landing page as a face-to-face communication where the right sets of words are extremely crucial at the right time.

Effective copywriting and illustration are extremely important to make a successful call-to-action, use human images, and gifs in CTAs to boost your customer rate.

5. Optimize White Space (Easy Navigation)

Multiple studies have shown that an average attention span is only 6-8 seconds. It is very little time to convince a user to perform any action. To make the most use of this time, you need to make the best use of your white space.

The website’s visitors need complete guidance; you need to treat them like a child to navigate him/her to follow the right action.

Use a clear and simple approach to make the user click on your CTA.

To highlight the CTA effectively, whitespace is the most crucial aspect to make navigation easier for the user. It helps your user to focus on your call-to-action easily.

Just look at this Best VPN. Co’s article uses white space perfectly and places their CTA in striking green contrast for easy navigation for the user to act. 

The bright CTA color in the white background would easily grab the user’s attention.

6- Use the F-Shape Pattern

According to Eyetracking Research, most internet users scan web pages and mobile screens in the pattern of the ‘F’ letter.

All the other elements are equally essential for conversion, but if your mix it up with the perfect layout (F-pattern), then all your conversion rate optimization strategies will fall in the right place.

This F-shape layout will help you strategize your viewers’ flow and focus on your CTA. If you successfully make a flow that you want the viewers to follow, it would not be hard for you to convert them.

7. Know Your User’s Intent

According to a Google study, 51% of smartphone users have bought from a different company than they initially intended because they found useful information from a competitor.

That is all about the intent of the user. You need to understand why the user is on your website, whether they product information, suggestion, or actually coming for buying.

You need to drive the customer to your desired action and offer what your visitors expect, not what you want to sell.

Like here on this website describes the benefits of posture corrector. In the post, they recommend a posture corrector and drive the customer to its review.

In the first part of their review, they offer discounted prices of the recommended corrector posture. That’s how you need to drive the user by knowing his/her intent. 

Understand the intent of your customer and make him go through your website to create a sales funnel.

Tips to Optimize Your Abandon Cart Conversion Rate 

8.  Mention Delivery Estimation on Checkout

 According to Bayard, 21% of online US shoppers abandon their carts because they could not see the order’s total estimated shipping cost. 

This study clearly suggests that most of the audience wants a clear answer to the shipping time and cost.

 So, it would help if you mentioned the shipping estimated time and cost of different shipping options.

9. Add a Thumbnail Image in the Cart

When a customer sees a thumbnail of the items he/she has added to the shopping cart, it gives an overview of the items added to the cart.

If a customer adds a blue phone case to the cart, the thumbnail in the shopping cart will display the item in the same texture. This practice makes the items in the cart more tangible for the customer.

How To Track And Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment [Ultimate Guide]
How To Track And Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment [Ultimate Guide]

10. Customized Retargeting

Email campaigns and Facebook ads are some of the best options to retarget the audience who has abandoned their carts on your websites. Make a custom audience and target those people who have not completed the checkout action. 

Retargeting Strategies to Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment
Retargeting Strategies to Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment

Offer some discounts and bonuses in retargeting to entice them to complete the checkout process.

Go Daddy’s retargeting approach is worth mentioning here. When I tried to buy a domain name for my personal name and abandoned the cart, that’s the retargeting email I received from GoDaddy.

 It was so customized, subtle, and effective that I ended up buying a domain name right away. Retargeting works amazingly well if you use the right ad copy.

Bonus: Mobile check of your webpage

An average visitor leaves the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. So, you’d better check how long your website is taking in loading.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 9 Easy Steps
How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 9 Easy Steps in 2020

In 2019, the mobile phone user penetration was 63.4%, which is expected to grow in the coming years.

Google offers its free tool Page Speed Insights to check the webpage speed on mobile and desktop. Analyze your page and minimize the errors to speed up the load time of your page.

Wrapping up

I hope you would learn something new today. Now, you only need to keep these 10 CRO hacks in mind whenever you are making a conversion rate optimization strategy. If you are doing CPA marketing for your e-commerce store, then you should make sure your pages have the best converting rates possible. Otherwise, you leave money on the table and the affiliates will stop promoting your offer.

It is up to you to try it one by one or all at once but make sure to share your experience in the comments so others can take inspiration.

Questions? Write them in the comments below, and I would gladly answer them.

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