Guest Blogging Outreach Strategies
Guest Blogging Outreach Strategies

7 Smart Guest Blogging Outreach Strategies That Actually Work

As a blogger, you’ve probably been told that one of the smartest ways to get traffic to your blog and boost your reputation and authority is to guest post on other people’s blogs.

Similarly accepting guest posts from agencies like is good practice too. But finding bloggers (especially influential ones) that will be willing to allow you to guest post on their website isn’t particularly easy.

That’s not to mention the fact that you have to convince them that you are good enough to be featured on their blog.

Getting the attention of an influential blogger isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible. It’s all about following the right strategies. The first step is to identify blogs that are more likely to let you post as a guest blogger.

How Guest Blogging can Boost SEO
How Guest Blogging Can Boost SEO

This will require some research on your part. Once that is done, you can narrow down your options, zero in on some targets and follow these simple strategies to get their attention.

#1. Follow and Comment on posts or questions.

This strategy works in multiple ways.

First reading their articles will get you familiar with the bloggers, their passion, writing style and other details that will come in handy if you eventually get the opportunity to guest post on their website.

At the same time, it is also a strategy for connecting to them and getting familiar or for simply demonstrating how much you know about the subject being discussed.

After reading every post, be sure to leave insightful comments. Typically, a lot of bloggers ask questions asking for feedback from their audience; that’s your chance to make an impact.

You can also respond to questions from other readers in the comment section. This will endear you to the blogger and may come in handy if you finally send in a pitch to guest post.

Learn how to make guest blogging a key marketing strategy for your small business here.


#2. Share their content

everyone enjoys being appreciated. You might know this, but some bloggers with thousands of followers still try to track how many people share their content.

Doing this might be the ice-breaker you need when the conversation comes up.

#3. Point out broken links and offer to help

This is one of the most creative and very effective strategies for getting a blogger’s attention. No serious blogger likes broken links on their site. If you have identified you wish to guest post for, you can search the site to identify broken lists as a result of updated URLs among other reasons.

You can then send the blogger a mail pointing out these broken links and offer to assist with it. This is a strategy that works most of the time.

Read for tips for identifying broken links.

#4. Identify articles you can add value to

This is similar to finding broken links. In this case, you comb through the posts on the website for articles you can add value to. You can offer to polish up an article structure or construction, offer additional insights, a different perspective or in-depth technical knowledge to the subject being discussed.

If the blogger feels confident in your ability to deliver truly, you will most likely get an opportunity to write your own


#5. Share one of your own related blogs.

This is another smart move you can try.

While reading through the target website, you might find a subject or idea which you have also discussed on your own blog or a contrasting idea about the same subject you can bring this to the blogger‘s attention by sharing a link to it. This is a smart way to introduce yourself and leave an impression.

#6. Just ask for a spot

While all of these strategies are great ways to get a blogger’s attention, you can also go through the old fashioned route of simply pitching your interest in the guest blogging.

Once you have identified the blog you would like to guest post on, you can send a simple email introducing yourself, signifying your interest and suggesting a topic they might be interested in.

Although taking the time to get familiar is great, you can grab the bull by the horn and ask for a spot. Be sure to find out more about writing the perfect guest posting outreach pitch before you send a mail.

#7. Build your relationship

Even though the ultimate aim is to be given an opportunity to guest post an article, there is nothing bad in initiating a relationship with the blogger first.

As a possibly more successful colleague in your niche, you can learn some great insights about being a better blogger by simply being friends.


To get an opportunity to guest post on any blog, you will have to be confident in your own ability to deliver quality articles. Thus, you should also pay attention to your own skill as a writer and strive to get better.

This way, you will be able to take full advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.

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